Here is an ultimate collection of the 200+ best Zig Ziglar quotes of all time.

Zig Ziglar was an American author, salesman, and motivational speaker.

Zig inspired thousands by urging you to be positive and goal-oriented in order to achieve success through focused work. He was one of the world’s most popular and motivational speakers.

Below are some motivational Zig Ziglar quotes that will inspire and empower your mind with his extraordinary quotes in sales and reaching your goals.

Best Zig Ziglar Quotes of All Time

“You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

“You don’t have to be great at something to start, but you have to start to be great at something.” – Zig Ziglar

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” – Zig Ziglar

“Remember that failure is an event, not a person.” – Zig Ziglar

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.” – Zig Ziglar

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” – Zig Ziglar

“Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.” – Zig Ziglar

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” – Zig Ziglar

“A goal properly set is halfway reached.” – Zig Ziglar

“Athletic skills are acquired over a long period of time and after countless hours of practice.” – Zig Ziglar 

“Authors by the hundreds can tell you stories by the thousands of those rejection slips before they found a publisher who was willing to ‘gamble’ on an unknown.” – Zig Ziglar

“To be candid, some people have given positive thinking a bad name. I can’t stand to hear some gung-ho individual say that with positive thinking you can just do ‘anything.’ If you think about that one for a moment, you recognize the absurdity of it.” – Zig Ziglar

“The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.” – Zig Ziglar

“Champions invariably have fervent philosophical beliefs. Philosophy, in its simplest terms, means ‘the love of wisdom.’” – Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar Motivational Quotes

“You cannot perform in a manner inconsistent with the way you see yourself.” – Zig Ziglar

“Building a better you is the first step to building a better America.” – Zig Ziglar

“When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that’s when passion is born.” – Zig Ziglar

“Dreams grow if you grow.” – Zig Ziglar

“Many people who want to be great aren’t willing to do the work to make it possible!” – Zig Ziglar

“I’ve got to confess I’m a pragmatic optimist myself.” – Zig Ziglar

“It might interest you to know that the 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary identifies the optimist in complimentary terms, but says nothing about the pessimist. The word ‘pessimist’ was not in our vocabulary at that time. It’s a modern ‘invention’ which I believe we should ‘dis-invent.’” – Zig Ziglar

“Since belief determines behavior, doesn’t it make sense that we should be teaching ethical, moral values in every home and in every school in America?” – Zig Ziglar

“I believe it’s important that we use names of endearment that reflect a special feeling for the individual involved.” – Zig Ziglar

“The first step in solving a problem is to recognize that it does exist.” – Zig Ziglar

“We need to understand the difference between discipline and punishment. Punishment is what you do to someone; discipline is what you do for someone.” – Zig Ziglar

“Confidence is going after Moby Dick in a rowboat and taking tartar sauce with you.” – Zig Ziglar

“There are no traffic jams on the extra mile.” – Zig Ziglar

“Reading has been the fuel of my motivation: it has changed the direction in which I have traveled, and it has enhanced my creative imagination more than any other activity I have ever pursued.” – Zig Ziglar

“I was in that part of the class that made the top half possible.” – Zig Ziglar

“Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining – it bores everybody else, does you no good, and doesn’t solve any problems.” – Zig Ziglar

“New information makes new and fresh ideas possible.” – Zig Ziglar

“The right quote can inspire people to change their ways.” – Zig Ziglar

“Honesty and integrity are by far the most important assets of an entrepreneur.” – Zig Ziglar

“We all prospect, and don’t even know we’re doing it. When you start the dating process, you are actually prospecting for the person you want to marry. When you’re interviewing employees, you are prospecting for someone who will best fit your needs.” – Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar Inspirational Quotes

“Send out a cheerful, positive greeting, and most of the time you will get back a cheerful, positive greeting. It’s also true that if you send out a negative greeting, you will, in most cases, get back a negative greeting.” – Zig Ziglar

“Take time to be kind and to say ‘thank you.” – Zig Ziglar

“Wally Amos is the classic example of a man who gets up again and again.” – Zig Ziglar

“It is true that integrity alone won’t make you a leader, but without integrity you will never be one.” – Zig Ziglar

“There is a certain amount of dissatisfaction that goes with knowing your time, talent and abilities are not being properly used.” – Zig Ziglar

“A productive employee who is kept busy working at his or her job is far more likely to be happy at that job and less likely to look for employment elsewhere.” – Zig Ziglar

“As youngsters, my mother taught her children that while we might not be the smartest people around, we could be courteous, polite and considerate of others.” – Zig Ziglar

“The problem is not getting rid of fear, but using it properly.” – Zig Ziglar

“My first professional job was to sell heavy-duty waterless cookware.” – Zig Ziglar

“Most people consider me an optimist because I laughingly state that I would take my last two dollars and buy a money belt.” – Zig Ziglar

“Being productive gives people a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that loafing never can.” – Zig Ziglar 

“Andy Andrews is the best speaker I have ever seen.” – Zig Ziglar

“Time well spent results in more money to spend, more money to save, and more time to vacation.” – Zig Ziglar

“It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through.” – Zig Ziglar

“Failure is a detour, not a dead-end street.” – Zig Ziglar

“It will be disastrous when a leader or manager shows up with one attitude one day and treats people with a different attitude the next day.” – Zig Ziglar

“The person who dumps garbage into your mind will do you considerably more harm than the person who dumps garbage on your floor, because each load of mind garbage negatively impacts your possibilities and lowers your expectations.” – Zig Ziglar

“Yesterday ended last night. Today is a brand-new day.” – Zig Ziglar

“You don’t drown by falling into water. You only drown if you stay there.” – Zig Ziglar

“I once dieted so religiously I quit eating in church.” – Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar Quotes on Success

“Try to look at your weakness and convert it into your strength. That’s success.” – Zig Ziglar

“Success must never be measured by how much money you have.” – Zig Ziglar

“Earl Nightingale has inspired more people toward success and fortune than any other motivational speaker on the planet.” – Zig Ziglar

“True success has more components than one sentence or idea can contain.” – Zig Ziglar

“I’ve always taught that a poor economy is the best opportunity for salespeople because the naysayers and grumblers have already given up, leaving more territory, more opportunities to be successful than in a good economy when virtually all salespeople are out there, giving it their best.” – Zig Ziglar

“Money won’t make you happy… but everybody wants to find out for themselves. Zig Ziglar You Money Happy Find You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure.” – Zig Ziglar

“Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful.” – Zig Ziglar

“You do not pay the price of success, you enjoy the price of success.” – Zig Ziglar

“Success is dependent upon the glands – sweat glands.” – Zig Ziglar

“You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.” – Zig Ziglar

“Results More A plan is always successful if the plan is good.” – Zig Ziglar

“Success is the maximum utilization of the ability that you have.” – Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar Quotes on Business

“If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” – Zig Ziglar

“I have always said that everyone is in sales. Maybe you don’t hold the title of salesperson, but if the business you are in requires you to deal with people, you, my friend, are in sales.” – Zig Ziglar

“I’m constantly amazed that owners and managers of all businesses don’t train their people to call the person who pays by credit card by name. It definitely makes the customer feel good and will be a factor in bringing them back to your place of business.” – Zig Ziglar

“The successful business executive can handle challenges and solve problems at a remarkable clip.” – Zig Ziglar

“It’s absolutely true that unless you can instill discipline upon yourself, you will never be able to lead others.” – Zig Ziglar

“Problem-solving becomes a very important part of our makeup as we grow into maturity or move up the corporate ladder.” – Zig Ziglar

“Profitability comes from loyalty, productivity, and having a character base from which to work.” – Zig Ziglar

“Do more than you are being paid to do, and you’ll eventually be paid more for what you do.” – Zig Ziglar

“It makes no difference where you go, there you are. And it makes no difference what you have, there’s always more to want. Until you are happy with who you are, you will never be happy because of what you have.” – Zig Ziglar

“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.” – Zig Ziglar

“When you do more than you’re paid for. Eventually, you’ll be paid for more than you do.” – Zig Ziglar

“Don’t be distracted by criticism. Remember – the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you.” – Zig Ziglar

“You already have every characteristic necessary for success if you recognize, claim, develop and use them.” – Zig Ziglar

“Don’t count the things you do, do the things that count.” – Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar Quotes on Goals

“When you set goals, something inside of you starts saying, ‘Let’s go, let’s go,’ and ceilings start to move up.” – Zig Ziglar

“When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.” – Zig Ziglar

“The great majority of people are “wandering generalities” rather than “meaningful specifics”. The fact is that you can’t hit a target that you can’t see. If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else. You have to have goals.” – Zig Ziglar

“Unless you have definite precise, clearly set goals, you are not going to realize the maximum potential that lies within you.” – Zig Ziglar

“If you want to reach a goal, you must ‘see the reaching’ in your own mind before you actually arrive at your goal.” – Zig Ziglar

“Time can be an ally or an enemy. What it becomes depends entirely upon you, your goals, and your determination to use every available minute.” – Zig Ziglar

“Goals enable you to do more for yourself and others, too.” – Zig Ziglar

“You are who you are and what you are because of what has gone into your mind. You can change who you are and what you are by changing what goes into your mind.” – Zig Ziglar

“He climbs highest who helps another up.” – Zig Ziglar

“Isn’t it amazing how much stuff we get done the day before vacation?” – Zig Ziglar

“At 25, I was in the audience of my first professional speaker, Bob Bales. His presentation got my attention. I had never seen anyone having so much fun ‘at work’ and getting paid for it!” – Zig Ziglar

“Positive thinking will let you use the ability which you have, and that is awesome.” – Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar Quotes on Sales & Marketing

“Timid salesmen have skinny kids.” – Zig Ziglar

“For every sale you miss because you’re too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you’re not enthusiastic enough.” – Zig Ziglar

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar

“Remember that failure is an event, not a person. Yesterday ended last night.” – Zig Ziglar

“Every choice you make has an end result.” – Zig Ziglar

“With integrity, you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide. With integrity, you will do the right thing, so you will have no guilt.” – Zig Ziglar

“Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.” – Zig Ziglar

“People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.” – Zig Ziglar

“Stop selling. Start helping.” – Zig Ziglar

“In the game of life, before you get anything out, you must put something in!” – Zig Ziglar

“It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you use that makes a difference.” – Zig Ziglar

“If you don’t see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner.” – Zig Ziglar

“Selling is essentially a transfer of feelings.” – Zig Ziglar

“The top salesperson in the organization probably missed more sales than 90% of the sales people on the team, but they also made more calls than the others made.” – Zig Ziglar

“Selling is something we do for our clients – not to our clients.” – Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar Quotes on Leadership

“The more you are grateful for what you have the more you will have to be grateful for.” – Zig Ziglar

“If you’re sincere, praise is effective. If you’re insincere, it’s manipulative.” – Zig Ziglar

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” – Zig Ziglar

“The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity.” – Zig Ziglar

“When you are tough on yourself, life is going to be infinitely easier on you” – Zig Ziglar

“Statistics suggest that when customers complain, business owners and managers ought to get excited about it. The complaining customer represents a huge opportunity for more business.” – Zig Ziglar

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” – Zig Ziglar

“The greatest of all mistakes is to do nothing because you think you can only do a little.” – Zig Ziglar

“Everybody says they want to be free. Take the train off the tracks and it’s free-but it can’t go anywhere.” – Zig Ziglar

“Rich people have small TVs and big libraries, and poor people have small libraries and big TVs.” – Zig Ziglar

“Among the things you can give and still keep are your word, a smile, and a grateful heart.” – Zig Ziglar

“Outstanding people have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission.” – Zig Ziglar

“You are what you are and you are where you are because of what has gone into your mind. You change what you are and you change where you are by changing what goes into your mind.” – Zig Ziglar

“The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want most for what you want right now.” – Zig Ziglar

“Success is the doing, not the getting; in the trying, not the triumph. Success is a personal standard, reaching for the highest that is in us, becoming all that we can be. If we do our best, we are a success.” – Zig Ziglar

“It’s not what happens to you that determines how far you will go in life; it is how you handle what happens to you.” – Zig Ziglar

“Ability can take you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.” – Zig Ziglar

“F.E.A.R. has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything And Run’ or ‘Face Everything And Rise.’ The choice is yours.” – Zig Ziglar

“There are seldom, if ever, any hopeless situations, but there are many people who lose hope in the face of some situations.” – Zig Ziglar

“The greatest good we can do for others is not just to share our riches with them, but to reveal theirs.” – Zig Ziglar

“A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.” – Zig Ziglar

“You are the most influential person you will talk to all day.” – Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar Quotes on Attitude

“Of all the ‘attitudes’ we can acquire, surely the attitude of gratitude is the most important and by far the most life-changing.” – Zig Ziglar

“Your attitude is more important that your aptitude.” – Zig Ziglar

“A positive attitude and personal motivation allow you to remain excited about what you are doing – no matter how difficult the challenges may be day to day.” – Zig Ziglar

“You cannot tailor-make the situations in life but you can tailor-make the attitudes to fit those situations.” – Zig Ziglar

“You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure.” – Zig Ziglar

“You have to ‘be” before you can ‘do’, and do before you can ‘have’.” – Zig Ziglar

“The choice to have a great attitude is something that nobody or no circumstance can take from you.” – Zig Ziglar

“Gratitude is the most important attitude.” – Zig Ziglar

“Life is too short to spend your precious time trying to convince a person who wants to live in gloom and doom otherwise. Give lifting that person your best shot, but don’t hang around long enough for his/her bad attitude to pull you down. Instead, surround yourself with optimistic people.” – Zig Ziglar

“It is not your aptitude, but your attitude, that determines your altitude.” – Zig Ziglar

“Some people find fault like there is a reward for it.” – Zig Ziglar

“Every obnoxious act is a cry for help.” – Zig Ziglar

“When you choose to be pleasant and positive in the way you treat others, you have also chosen, in most cases, how you are going to be treated by others.” – Zig Ziglar

“If you have enough push, you don’t have to worry about the pull.” – Zig Ziglar

“The way you see people is the way you treat them.” – Zig Ziglar

“Our favorite attitude should be gratitude.” – Zig Ziglar

“Ask yourself a question: Is my attitude worth catching?” – Zig Ziglar

“To respond is positive, to react is negative.” – Zig Ziglar

“A positive attitude will have positive results because attitudes are contagious.” – Zig Ziglar

“What comes out of your mouth is determined by what goes into your mind.” – Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar Quotes about Learning

“I am convinced after more than 50 years in the field of motivation that anyone who wants to learn to look at life and/or their circumstances in a positive light can do so.” – Zig Ziglar

“The young athlete who aspires to greatness, generally speaking, learns a number of things from several different coaches. The first one taught him the fundamentals; the second one instilled discipline in him and taught him more of the techniques that must be mastered to excel.” – Zig Ziglar

“If you want to earn more, learn more.” – Zig Ziglar

“I’m a constant learner. You need to be a constant student because things change and you have to change and grow. And I emphasize the word ‘grow.’” – Zig Ziglar

“The one thing coaches cannot tolerate… is the individual who grows arrogant because he excelled at a lower level and believes he has nothing else to learn.” – Zig Ziglar

“When you are truly interested in other people, you will learn what they are interested in and if they have a need for your product. If they like you, and most people like folks who take an interest in them, they’ll help you find people who do need what you have to sell, even if they don’t.” – Zig Ziglar

“Yes, it’s absolutely true that anything worth doing is worth doing poorly – until you can learn to do it well.” – Zig Ziglar

“Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.” – Zig Ziglar

“If you learn from defeat, you haven’t really lost.” – Zig Ziglar

“Don’t let mistakes and disappointments of the past control and direct your future.” – Zig Ziglar

“Make failure your teacher, not your undertaker.” – Zig Ziglar

“There is little you can learn from doing nothing.” – Zig Ziglar

“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” – Zig Ziglar

“A narrow mind and a fat head invariably come on the same person.” – Zig Ziglar

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Zig Ziglar

“Life is a classroom — only those who are willing to be lifelong learners will move to the head of the class.” – Zig Ziglar

“Your understanding of what you read and hear is, to a very large degree, determined by your vocabulary, so improve your vocabulary daily.” – Zig Ziglar

“I read for the ‘ah-ha’s,’ the information that makes a light bulb go off in my mind. I want to put information in my mind that is going to be the most beneficial to me, my family and my fellow man – financially, morally, spiritually, and emotionally.” – Zig Ziglar

“All one needs to do is read – books, magazines, research the Internet – and pay attention to the influencers in their lives to discover the myriad people of strong moral character who have and still are making positive, meaningful contributions and differences in our world.” – Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar Quotes about Love & Relationships

“Look back in forgiveness, forward in hope, down in compassion, and up with gratitude.” – Zig Ziglar

“How happy a person is depends upon the depth of his gratitude. You will notice at once that the unhappy person has little gratitude toward life, other people and God.” – Zig Ziglar

“You become part of what you are around.” – Zig Ziglar

“You cannot fly with the eagles if you continue to scratch with the turkeys.” – Zig Ziglar

“You don’t climb the high mountain all by yourself, it is in conjunction with others that we really accomplish the major things in life.” – Zig Ziglar

“Surround yourself with people who want the best for you and the people you love!” – Zig Ziglar

“The greatest cause of a poor image is the absence of unconditional love.” – Zig Ziglar

“Like sterling silver, love will tarnish unless it is polished with daily applications of interest, involvement, and expressions of love.” – Zig Ziglar

“To a child love is spelled T-I-M-E.” – Zig Ziglar

“Duty makes us do things well, but love makes us do them beautifully.” – Zig Ziglar

“The best way to make your spouse and children feel secure is not with big deposits in bank accounts, but with little deposits of thoughtfulness and affection in the “love” account.” – Zig Ziglar

“Money is not the most important thing, but when you need it, there are few substitutes. So while I like the things money can buy, I love what money won’t buy. It bought me a house but it won’t buy me a home. It would buy me a companion but it won’t buy me a friend.” – Zig Ziglar

“The relationships we have with people are extremely important to success on and off the job.” – Zig Ziglar

“People are basically the same the world over. Everybody wants the same things – to be happy, to be healthy, to be at least reasonably prosperous, and to be secure. They want friends, peace of mind, good family relationships, and hope that tomorrow is going to be even better than today.” – Zig Ziglar

“People who have good relationships at home are more effective in the marketplace.” – Zig Ziglar

“Many marriages would be better if the husband and the wife clearly understood that they are on the same side.” – Zig Ziglar

“Husbands and wives, first be faithful to each other. Second, keep the romance going all of your life by courting each other every day.” – Zig Ziglar

“We hear tears loudly on this side of Heaven. What we don’t take time to contemplate are the even louder cheers on the other side of death’s valley.” – Zig Ziglar

“When there is no job related stress, you are more aware of your mate and children, if you are a parent.” – Zig Ziglar

“When you make a promise, keep it.” – Zig Ziglar

“If you treat your wife like a thoroughbred, you’ll never end up with a nag.” – Zig Ziglar

“If you go looking for a friend, you’re going to find they’re very scarce. If you go out to be a friend, you’ll find them everywhere.” – Zig Ziglar

“Husbands and wives, have fun with each other. I’m convinced it makes all the difference in the world.” – Zig Ziglar

“Many people spend more time in planning the wedding than they do in planning the marriage.” – Zig Ziglar

“Until you are happy with who you are, you will never be happy because of what you have.” – Zig Ziglar

“Be there for your kids. Later, when you need them, they’ll be there for you.” – Zig Ziglar

“I’m convinced that what kids need today are parents – not buddies. They need someone who will exercise mature judgment.” – Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar Quotes on Life

“Personal discipline, when it becomes a way of life in our personal, family, and career lives, will enable us to do some incredible things.” – Zig Ziglar

“Fortunately, problems are an everyday part of our life. Consider this: If there were no problems, most of us would be unemployed.” – Zig Ziglar

“Fact: If standard of living is your number one objective, quality of life almost never improves. But if quality of life is your number one objective, standard of living invariably improves.” – Zig Ziglar

“There’s never been a doctor who served many patients who, despite their best efforts, did not lose some of them to death. But they understood that was part of life itself.” – Zig Ziglar

“For 24 years of my adult life, by choice I weighed well over 200 pounds. I say ‘by choice’ because I have never ‘accidentally’ eaten anything, so when I choose to eat too much, I have chosen to weigh too much.” – Zig Ziglar

“I seldom read anything that is not of a factual nature because I want to invest my time wisely in the things that will improve my life. Don’t misunderstand; there is nothing wrong with reading purely for the joy of it. Novels have their place, but biographies of famous men and women contain information that can change lives.” – Zig Ziglar

“Women People My Life My favorite writers are all Jews – David, Solomon, Matthew, Mark – well, you get the picture.” – Zig Ziglar

“The six people who had the biggest impact on my life were all women. Had I been sexist, my life would have been far less fulfilling.” – Zig Ziglar

“Courage is on display every day, and only the courageous wring the most out of life.” – Zig Ziglar

“If my life has had a theme, I suppose it has been a typical American theme in that, for most of it, I have been looking for happiness and success.” – Zig Ziglar

“You can make positive deposits in your own economy every day by reading and listening to powerful, positive, life-changing content and by associating with encouraging and hope-building people.” – Zig Ziglar

“Honesty and integrity are absolutely essential for success in life – all areas of life. The really good news is that anyone can develop both honesty and integrity.” – Zig Ziglar

“Little men with little minds and little imaginations go through life in little ruts, smugly resisting all changes which would jar their little worlds.” – Zig Ziglar

“Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen on the ‘gotta have it’ scale.” – Zig Ziglar

“If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

“Now’s the best time you’ll ever have in life to get ahead!” – Zig Ziglar

“Just saying you are better than good won’t make it so. But, when you understand what it takes to live the better than good life, and you apply yourself, your life will truly be better than good.” – Zig Ziglar

“I believe that being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life. You can’t truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles.” – Zig Ziglar

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

“When you encourage others, you in the process are encouraged because you’re making a commitment and difference in that person’s life. Encouragement really does make a difference.” – Zig Ziglar

“You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life.” – Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar Famous Quotes

“A lot of people quit looking for work as soon as they find a job.” – Zig Ziglar

“If God would have wanted us to live in a permissive society He would have given us Ten Suggestions and not Ten Commandments.” – Zig Ziglar

“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” – Zig Ziglar

“I’m so optimistic, I’d go after Moby Dick in a rowboat and take the tartar sauce with me.” – Zig Ziglar

“New research shows that you will be dead longer than you will be alive.” – Zig Ziglar

“When I became proficient as a salesman I was invited to teach new hires.” – Zig Ziglar

“The problem with pity parties is very few people come, and those who do don’t bring presents.” – Zig Ziglar

“Research indicates that employees have three prime needs: Interesting work, recognition for doing a good job, and being let in on things that are going on in the company.” – Zig Ziglar

“I took up an offer for me to lose 30 pounds in 30 days. It worked. I lost 30 days!” – Zig Ziglar

“Be careful not to compromise what you want most for what you want now.” – Zig Ziglar

“It’s not the situation, but whether we react negatively or respond positive to the situation that is important.” – Zig Ziglar

“Only men of character are trusted.” – Zig Ziglar

“if you’re going to have to swallow a frog, you don’t want to have to look at that sucker too long!” – Zig Ziglar

“Some people do really find fault like there’s a reward for it.” – Zig Ziglar

“I read the paper every day and the Bible every day; that way I know what both sides are up to.” – Zig Ziglar

“You’ve got to be before you can do and do before you can have.” – Zig Ziglar

“If your watch is slow by just four minutes, that’s not much – unless you’ve been warned that if you’re even one minute late ever again you will be fired. Then four minutes make a big difference.” – Zig Ziglar

“When you give directives to a child, especially a teenager, you must consider the nature of your child.” – Zig Ziglar

“Kids instinctively know – although they will argue to the contrary – that they really are not mature enough to make good decisions on some important issues.” – Zig Ziglar

“Whether it’s eight o’clock in the morning or eight o’clock at night, I always try to greet others before they have a chance to speak to me.” – Zig Ziglar

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Zig Ziglar was an American author, salesman, and motivational speaker. Zig inspired thousands by urging you to be positive and goal-oriented in order to achieve success through focused work. 

Zig Ziglar was one of the world’s most popular and motivational speakers. He was also a famous author with many bestselling books.

Through Zig Ziglar’s amazing and admirable work, He received several awards: including Silver Buffalo Award from Boy Scouts of America in 2001, Master of Influence Award from National Speakers Association in 1999, Lifetime Member Award, and Cavett Award from National Speakers Association in 2001. As a symbol of unmatched skill in his field the National Speaker Association also gives him The Council of Peer Award for Excellence Speaker Hall of Fame.

Zig Ziglar passed away in 2012 and left his company Ziglar Inc. to his son. His speeches have impacted the hearts and minds of many people and continue to motivate people over the years which makes Zig Ziglar a true legacy of America.

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