This is a complete WebinarJam review and guide for 2022.

In this new in-depth guide you’ll discover:

  • What WebinarJam is
  • Why you should use it
  • Features
  • The Pros & cons
  • The Pricing & Trials
  • WebinarJam alternatives

… there’s more. You’ll learn the easiest way to start using WebinarJam to host your webinars.

Webinars are a powerful lead acquisition and customer retention strategy for many businesses. It works so well.

If you’re looking to promote your business, product, or message, webinars are the go-to strategy. 

To successfully leverage webinars to grow your business, you’ll need an excellent webinar platform. Without the right webinar platform/software, you’ll not be able to attract attendees.

WebinarJam is arguably one of the best webinar software you can use today, and what I recommend if you plan to host live webinars.

There are more than 30,000 users globally. Not all webinar hosting platforms created equally — WebinarJam is an all-in-one solution for planning, hosting, and delivering your webinar. 

I wrote this ultimate WebinarJam review to help you make an informed decision. 

Let’s dive right in!

What Is WebinarJam?

WebinarJam Review - Homepage

WebinarJam is a cloud-based webinar hosting software that helps businesses to create and host webinar sessions. 

It’s an easy-to-make webinar software you’ll love! WebinarJam was launched in 2013 by Andy Jenkins, and continues to be a best-seller in the webinar space. 

He’s also the co-founder and CEO of Genesis Digital, the company behind Kartra, EverWebinar, and WebinarJam.

Mike Filsaime was also one of the early co-founders of WebinarJam but he is now focused on his new company called GrooveDigital which includes GrooveFunnels.

WebinarJam supports event streaming, webinar broadcasting, and live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, via private webinar rooms.

There’s also built-in live chat to engage with attendees.

Businesses, often referred to as presenters and administrators, can easily plan, design, and broadcast webinars using templated videos, animations, slides, or by sharing computer screens with co-presenters and attendees.

Both small and large businesses are using WebinarJam for online marketing.  

WebinarJam supports multiple languages and is compatible with all operating systems, mobile device platforms, and browsers. 

With WebinarJam, presenters can easily livestream broadcasts to hundreds or thousands of attendees from anywhere.

This webinar software let’s you go solo or invite co-presenters for a live stream event. 

With the tools and awesome features, you can highlight the presenters one at a time through the aid of WebinarJam’s dynamic and flexible layout controls. 

There’s more to the WebinarJam software.

Presenters can get access to tools and features that will allow them to send offers to attendees, create webinar registration pages, schedule events, host sessions or training, automate and send emails, and track the performance of their webinars.

Is WebinarJam Right For Me?

So how do you know if WebinarJam is right for you?

Well, WebinarJam can be one of the most valuable marketing tools for businesses. 

If your business cares about lead generation, customer retention, and growing sales, you just can’t ignore WebinarJam.

WebinarJam Is Right For Me If:

  • You have an audience to connect with
  • You have a product to sell
  • You have a coaching program to share
  • You have a presentation to deliver
  • You are a content creator
  • You want to show a sneak peek of your product to customers
  • You want to connect deeply with your ideal customers
  • You want to sell your products and make money

WebinarJam Is Not Right For Me If:

  • You don’t want to connect with an audience
  • You don’t sell any product or service
  • You prefer advertising offers directly to prospects
  • You’re not willing to learn how to host webinars

WebinarJam Review: An In-Depth Look Inside (Features & Demo)

WebinarJam is the go-to software for making easy webinars. 

In fact, it’s recommended to businesses that want to deliver screen sharing tutorials or Google Slide / Keynote / PowerPoint presentations in pixel perfect quality.

So what features and tools make this possible? Let’s see:

1. Advanced Chat

WebinarJam - Advanced Live Chat

WebinarJam offers advanced chat features that enable you to chat and run Q&A sessions in real time.

During presentations via webinars, you need to address objections, send feedback, and interact with attendees. 

Studies show that live interaction with your attendees during presentations can increase your conversion rates. Don’t know how to do it? Get insights from the perfect webinar scripts.

With WebinarJam, you have the flexibility of engaging attendees with live chat, question and answer, private comments, highlighted comments, sticky announcements, moderation capabilities, and so on.

You’ll get access to all the tools you need to hook attendees all the way through!

2. Automated Recordings

WebinarJam - Automated Recordings

Automated recordings is a handy feature in WebinarJam. It allows you to offer a replica replays of your live webinars.

Once activated, WebinarJam will automatically and seamlessly record live broadcast and present it in a video file. This isn’t your basic recording, at all.

In fact, the “Replica Replay” feature is so powerful that it mimics, second-by-second, every activity that happened in the Live Room.

For instance, the chat comments will be recorded at the very moment they were posted.

Talking about Surveys and product offers, these will also appear the exact second you popped them in your original presentation.

‘Automated recordings’ is truly a remarkable feature every customer-driven webinar software should have.

And WebinarJam takes it to a whole new level — allowing you to perfectly replicate happenings in your Live Room. 

Hence, your replay events will not lack quality or interaction. They’ll be as engaging and interactive and your live sessions.

You also have the opportunity to schedule the Replay Rooms you want.

For instance, you may want to schedule an encore replay event, which must play out 24 hours and 72 hours, once the live session is over.

3. User-friendly Automations

WebinarJam not only offers automation tools that simplify your presentations, they’re also user-friendly. You can automate the entire webinar process, right from your mobile or desktop device.

Essential webinar actions such as user registrations, confirmation, sending follow-up emails to registered users, and so on, can be fully automated.

If you choose to send SMS instead of emails, you can also automate it by scheduling it; choosing a specific time of day to send it.

Through automation, you can even follow-up on registered users who never showed up to the live session. Your recorded webinar can be sent to them to re-engage them. 

Even the replay page can be customized to suit registered users. 

Don’t worry about missing out on your registrants, let WebinarJam take care of the automation processes behind the Live Room.

3. Flexible scheduling

WebinarJam - Flexible Scheduling

When do you want to run your live webinar?

Well, you can set that up correctly with the flexible scheduling feature. If you don’t want to open your live room right now, you can schedule it to open within a few hours, next week, next month, it’s absolutely possible.

That’s the power of WebinarJam!

  • Right Now
  • Scheduled
  • Recurring Series
  • Always-On

What if you have a recurrent series of webinars? I’m talking about webinars that need to air every Tuesday and Friday at 7:00 pm EST? 

That can also be scheduled?

Excitingly, you can use the “Always-On” setting for webinars you want users to access anytime. 

WebinarJam will reserve a dedicated room, tightly-branded to suit your business, so that you can log in whenever you want and go live within seconds.

So you can control your campaigns like a pro. WebinarJam will automatically adjust your local time to suit your attendee. 

This will offer a better experience and time flexibility — so that no attendee will miss the webinar.

4. Post-Event Communications

What happens after the webinar, to a large extent, will determine how much impact you’ve made. Don’t just call it a day after the webinar.

You’ve got to engage with attendees and registrants who didn’t show up. This is important for your business.

Have you impressed your audience with your easy-to-implement presentation? Now is the right time to follow-up with them. You need to re-engage them, and nudge them to take the final action.

Post-event communication features are predominant in WebinarJam. Because the company believes so much in keeping in touch, not just before the event, but after you’ve gained their initial trust.

WebinarJam programmed the boolean logic feature to work in this principle:

If A is the cause, then B is the effect.

With easy integrations to Kartra, you can easily assign values to your webinar users. Take a look at great examples of the Boolean logic feature: 

WebinarJam is here to stay. Aside from the post-event communication features, you also get an autoresponder that handles your emails automatically. 

It makes it easy to send emails automatically, follow up with registered users the moment they fill out the registration form, and manage other tasks.

Remember that post-event communications cut across different segments. This means you’ll be able to use WebinarJam to send emails to segment attendees. 

For example, you’ll send a separate follow-up email to attendees who stayed till the end of your webinar, and an entirely different onboarding email to attendees who participated for a few minutes during the live session and left.

This is a great way to improve your sales conversions.

5. Attendee Spotlight

WebinarJam - Attendee Spotlight

Your attendees will love it when you bring them to the spotlight. With the Attendee Spotlight feature, WebinarJam allows you to bring some of your attendees onto the virtual stage.

Creating interaction is critical when presenting a webinar. Each session needs to have a touch of interactivity — where you ask questions, get feedback, and have a one-on-one session with attendees.

But webinars aren’t a one-way street. You need to invite your audience too. Their voices need to be heard. You can invite any of your attendees to participate in the presentation any time.

Just with a few clicks of your mouse, your invitee can speak, screen share, and easily broadcast their webcam.

When you’re done with this audience-presenter session, just click a few buttons and you’re back into the “attendee-only mode.”

6. Multi-Language Capability 

Through the Multi-lingual WebinarJam feature, you can host webinars and make presentations to audiences from different geographical locations.

Language shouldn’t be a barrier when you have a strong message to share. 

Simply select your preferred language and then you can easily translate all the customer-facing pages into it.

With a single click, your presentation will be broadcasted and streamed in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. Yes, it’s that easy with the WebinarJam Multilingual feature.

7. Rich and Clean Data Analytics

WebinarJam Analytics

WebinarJam has one of the simplest and rich-data analytics tools. I couldn’t get enough of the analytics dashboard each time I log into my account.

WebinarJam offers a rich, state-of-the-art, in-built, and advanced data analytics toolkit you’ll need to understand your attendees better. 

With WebinarJam’s data analytics toolkits, it’s easy to track and analyze a ton of metrics, such as:

  • Registrations
  • Total visitors
  • People in the room
  • Replay watched
  • Number of clicks

…and much more.

You’ll need data insights to make better decisions for your next webinars and business operations in general. 

It’s always better to target leads who are most interested in making a purchase and get rid of time-wasters. 

8. One-Click Registration

WebinarJam One-Click Registration

How do you get more people to register for your webinar?

This is probably the most important action before your webinar. Sales, downloads, and awareness are secondary at this point.

Since most people find it difficult to fill out registration forms, you need a better approach.

Imagine you’re sending a few very emails for a very important webinar, and you’re getting some clicks but no sign-ups. 

That’s sad!

WebinarJam has a great feature: One-Click Registration technology. Through this approach, users don’t have to fill any form.

Once you send them an email with the invitation link via your email autoresponder service like ActiveCampaign or ConvertKit, they’ll click on the registration link, and that’s it.

WebinarJam is designed to carefully and automatically extract their personal information (including email address and name) and sign up the person for the webinar instantly.

9. Password Protected Rooms

WebinarJam Password Protected Rooms

There are occasions when you’ll need to secure your content and restrict access to your live room. This is essential if you want an extra degree of privacy.

You may want only customers who have a valid password to access specific presentations. 

Maybe the topic you’re discussing is sensitive, or perhaps you want only paying customers that need to access it — whatever your reason, WebinarJam makes it possible.

Sometimes, when high-level executives are gathered together, they might use a password-protected room to secure their interactions. It’s just good practice. 

This is also ideal for paid webinars. Where you charge a one-time fee to attendees to have access to your automated webinar or recorded presentation.

10. Universally Compatible with All Browsers 

Which browsers are common with your audience?

You need to keep that in mind when choosing a webinar software.

The good thing is that WebinarJam takes care of browser compatibility issues. You’ll never have to worry about your webinars not showing or corrupted on some browsers.

You’ll access compatibility platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, are all compatible.

WebinarJam is also compatible with Opera, which is commonly used in Scandinavian countries. 

So you have a lot of flexibility with browsers — and your attendees will love being a part of your webinar for this reason. 

11. Video Injections

WebinarJam Review - Video Injections

WebinarJam has a great feature that allows you to inject a video into your presentation.

Videos are powerful and differ from slides and presentations. They engage better with attendees.

According to HubSpot, 54% of customers want to see more video content from brands they support.

WebinarJam Review Oberlo video stats
Image source: Oberlo

Don’t make your webinar boring. 

You may want to pre-record a portion (or the entirely) of your webinar to add flavor to your webinar. 

Once you’ve pre-recorded that portion, you can then upload the video to the live room, and allow the video to play out for your attendees.

Next, you can go back live for the final Q&A session and end your presentation.

The beauty of video injections feature on WebinarJam is that it plugs seamlessly into your live presentation. 

Attendees will never feel a disconnect during the process. 

12. Easy File Sharing

WebinarJam - Easy File Sharing

WebinarJam, as a user-friendly software for creating and hosting webinars make it easy to share files with your peers and attendees.

During your live presentations, you may want to pass out Homework, distribute an Application for your workshop, offer a Cheat Sheet, Brochure, or Blueprint — it’s quite easy to accomplish this.

You can upload file(s) to your live room from your hard drive, then click the “Share” button to get it across to a segment of your attendees or everyone. 

Every attendee will see the file on their screen — with instructions on how to download at will. Easy, right? 

13. Easy Presentations

WebinarJam - Easy Presentations

Using Powerpoint or Keynote slides, WebinarJam is the best choice for delivering awesome webinars.

Improve the users’ experiences while participating in your webinar. 

With WebinarJam, all you have to do is import your presentation file and deliver it in High Definition.

Additionally, you can quickly scroll forward or backward through your slides/presentations, customize the layout to suit your brand (e.g., color), and do a lot more. 

Custom transitions such as Fade in/out, bounce, rotate, roll over, zoom, flip, and so on are some of the best ways to ensure your presentation is interesting, captivating, and useful.

14. Get Feedback Through Polls and Surveys

WebinarJam polls and surveys

Webinars are essential for lead generation because they connect you, in real-time, with your ideal customers. 

There are no barriers or impediments, they’re actively engaged and within reach.

Using polls and surveys, you can take interaction to a new level. When you ask your audience questions, you draw closer to them. You’ll get to know them better.

If you’re a coach or business owner, you may survey your attendees during a live session to know what they need. 

Alternatively, quiz your attendees to test their skills, etc. Whatever your profession, it’s always a good step to know your audience better.

And WebinarJam polls and surveys feature is what you need.

15. Panic Button

WebinarJam 4.0 panic button

WebinarJam is ever prepared to save the day if an unfortunate technical glitch happens during a live session.

You don’t have to be caught unawares, that’s why the Panic Button feature is powerful. It’s your backup plan to save the day, and still ensure that users’ experiences aren’t affected.

Yes, WebinarJam is robust, but technical mishaps do occur.

For instance, your webcam fails to turn on, or your audience struggles to hear your audio, or you see a frozen screen, or lose connection with attendees, etc.

The life-saving Panic Button is the B-plan. 

Whenever you detect that something is weird about your presentation, simply click the button!

A new live room will automatically boot up and all presenters and attendees are redirected to the new room.

This will happen quickly (within 10 to 15 seconds) — giving everyone the chance to get back to the broadcast where you left off.

17. Page Builder

WebinarJam Page Builder

There are professionally-looking templates for your registration page inside your WebinarJam account. 

However, you can still use the handy Page Builder to design your webinar registration page.

Simply choose your favorite template from the library, and then start customizing the elements. 

WebinarJam registration templates

Think about branding at that moment — because everything you use or ignore will make or mar the success of your webinar.

With WebinarJam’s Page Builder, you can customize text copy, colors, your logo, upload a video, images, and so on. 

If you’re confused about the design that will get you the most results, WebinarJam has a powerful system that can rotate two designs and split test them.

In the end, you’ll be able to track in real-time which registration page generates more sign-ups for your event. 

And you can even use a completely custom webinar registration page. For example, if you’re like me, you can simply use your favorite funnel builder software like ClickFunnels, Kartra, GrooveFunnels or Thrive Architect.

WebinarJam Support

WebinarJam Support

WebinarJam offers 2 distinct ways to get your questions and issues resolved:

i). Support Team: Whatever issue you may encounter when using WebinarJam, the support team can help you.

Simply fill out a form with your first and last time, email address, phone number, department you want to contact, subject line, and your message. 

You’ll get feedback within a few hours.

ii). Facebook Community: WebinarJam’s Facebook group is a private group that’s very active. There are currently 39,000+ members (as I review this software).

WebinarJam Facebook Community Group

Here you can connect with other businesses and entrepreneurs who are fascinated about webinars (in general), and love to use WebinarJam.

Join the group, share, and discuss your webinar strategies, challenges, questions, marketing ideas, new approaches, and even secrets with other users.

Knowledge Base & Training

WebinarJam has all the answers to your webinar questions. 

It doesn’t matter your level of expertise when it comes to hosting webinars and presentations, the Knowledge Base & Training resource — also known as Documentation Wiki is all that you need.

WebinarJam Knowledge Base - Documentation

The Documentation Wiki: I love the documentation resource. 

Here you’ll get firsthand information on how to configure your webinars, run the live events, seamlessly integrate third-party tools, and how to start using the custom API.

Every topic you need answers to can be found on the left panel of the page. Just navigate to the section you want, click the “drop-down” arrow, and find the exact topic.

WebinarJam Pros and Cons

WebinarJam is one of the best software platform for hosting your webinars. 

Yes, it’s a browser-based webinar solution because you have nothing to download and install.

The pros of WebinarJam are well pronounced. Regardless, there are a few cons I think you should know. So let’s go through the pros and cons quickly…


  • It’s a user-friendly interface
  • You can leverage video on other sites in your webinar
  • It can accommodate up to 5,000 attendees
  • Easily host automated webinars
  • It’s affordable and offers a 30-day money back guarantee
  • You can easily control your campaign
  • It’s great for lead generation
  • Great customer support you can rely on
  • The one-click registration is remarkable
  • It integrates well with third-party apps
  • Useful training materials to help you along the way


  • Scheduling a time for your presentation may confuse attendees who use different time zones. As a result, some attendees will miscalculate the time and miss out on the live event.
  • The Live room may freeze during a live session. This usually occurs when there are too many attendees interacting at the same time.

WebinarJam Pricing: How Much Does WebinarJam Cost In 2022?

WebinarJam offers affordable and flexible pricing plans that come with all of the basic and advanced features you’ll need to host your webinars.

WebinarJam Pricing

There are three pricing options. Let’s briefly discuss them:

i). Basic: This is the starter plan for beginners to webinars. 

It costs $499/ year, it’s recommended for beginners who want to host their first webinar or are still finding their way around the software.

Here are the features you get with the Basic plan:

  • 2 presenters per webinar
  • Unlimited webinars
  • 500 attendees per webinar
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 2 hours maximum duration

ii). Professional: The Professional plan costs $699/year. This plan is ideal for professionals who have benefitted from webinars and host them regularly.  

In summary, here’s what you’ll get with the Professional plan: 

  • Up to 4 presenters 
  • Unlimited webinars
  • Up to 2,000 attendees per webinar
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 3 hours maximum duration
  • Always-On live room
  • The Panic Button

iii). Enterprise: This $999 per year plan is perfect for businesses and entrepreneurs who have made webinars a part of their lead generation and customer acquisition marketing channel.

According to WebinarJam, the Enterprise Plan offers 10X the facilities, benefits, features, and power of the other two plans combined.

The Enterprise plan has these capability:

  • Unlimited webinars
  • Up to 6 presenters per webinar
  • Up to 5,000 attendees
  • 4 hours maximum duration per webinar
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Panic Button
  • The Control Center
  • Always-On live room

With WebinarJam, there’s no risk involved. Why? Because there’s a 100% risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee — which is available with any of the plans. 

WebinarJam Trial

Right now, you can sign up to use WebinarJam for $1 for 14 days

Yes, it’s not completely a free trial offer.

But if you’re serious about hosting your webinar with an easy-to-use software, I think you should invest $1 and you’ll be amazed at the great features and benefits of WebinarJam.

WebinarJam Alternatives

If you still have unanswered questions about WebinarJam, you might be interested in an alternative tool to host your webinar. 

In this section, we dive into some of the alternative tools that equally simplifies webinar hosting, audience interaction, and making offers to your audience via a live webinar broadcast. 

Let’s get started. 


Do you want to host high-converting webinars? 

EasyWebinar will make it a reality. This software has accommodated well over 6 million attendees.

EasyWebinar is easy to use, beginner-friendly, and offers a full-webinar suite that can deliver HD quality, prevent latency streaming, and makes screen sharing with up to 4 people a bliss. 


  • It’s an easy to use webinar platform
  • It offers an all-in-one live and automated webinar platform.
  • It’s easy to integrate third-party tools and apps 
  • It comes with a 14-day free trial.
  • Excellent and trusted customer support in over 15 languages.
  • Reliable live chat option
  • Seamless webinar scheduling tools.
  • Track performance with the advanced analytics
  • Multiple presenters allowed (HD screen sharing).


  • It requires a learning curve (especially for complete newbies) 
  • It’s expensive (starting at $78/month).


Standard: This basic plan has standard features for hosting your webinar. It costs $78/month, allows up to 100 attendees, instant on-boarding call, unlimited automated webinars, EasyCast feature for publishing on YouTube and Facebook, and a lot more.

Pro: The ‘Pro’ plan is a $129 per month package that allows up to 500 attendees, unlimited automated webinars, chat support, etc. 

Enterprise: This is the ultimate plan for established businesses. It costs $499/ month, allows up to 2,000 live attendees via the Live Engine, and all the features of ‘Standard’ and ‘Pro’ plans, plus more advanced features.

Note: EasyWebinar offers a 3-month free period, but only on annual billing.


EverWebinar plays a key role in the digital marketing environment. 

This unique software helps you to create pre-recorded webinars that feel and look live. Your attendees will love it.

You also get great automation features for making evergreen webinars. This software is perfect when you don’t want to record live webinars all the time.

You simply plan and promote your webinar with evergreen attributes. There’s a 30-Day money back guarantee — so you have nothing to lose. 


  • Easy and fun to setup your webinar
  • Choose from pre-designed landing pages to increase sign-ups
  • Easy-to-use in-built advanced scheduling system.
  • In-built live-chat simulator.
  • Quickly integrate with MailChimp, Kartra, MailChimp, and many other 3rd party marketing tools.
  • In-built auto-responder capacity.
  • Rich and comprehensive data analytics for improved customer insights.
  • A high-paying affiliate program that helps you earn extra income.


  • It doesn’t integrate with YouTube Live and Facebook Live.
  • Creating automated campaigns is a bit daunting, especially for beginners. 


EverWebinar offers 3 plans and pricing to suit you at every level of your webinar planning and presentation.

Installment Plan: This is a starter plan that costs 3x$199/year. It comes with Automated webinars, 24/7 expert support, Pre-Made landing pages, and Advanced Simulation Tools.

Annual Plan: With the Annual package, you’ll have to pay $499 per year, to enjoy all the features of “Installment Plan” and a lot more.

Biennial Plan: This plan starts out at $799 per 2 years billing. You get Automated webinars, 24/7 support, Pre-Made landing pages, and Advanced Simulation Tools.


Demio offers one of the most versatile and modern webinar software. With Demio, you don’t have to download any software or app to deliver a presentation to your audience. 

You can use Demio for live events and marketing campaigns. You can now run high-converting webinars without doing a lot of hard work.


  • An intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Enjoy a 14-Day free trial and host to 25 attendees.
  • Live chat support available to answer your questions. 
  • Easily track webinar performance with in-built analytics
  • All-in-one online platform for running converting webinars 
  • Integrates with a wide range of third-party platforms, including Zapier
  • Easily host unlimited webinars and recordings 


  • Starter plan is expensive (for just 50 attendees)
  • The free trial is limited to 20- attendee room size and limited to 1-hour session duration


Demio has flexible pricing that you can choose from. Let’s see:

Starter: This plan is ideal for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. It costs $49/month, and allows a 50-attendee room.

Growth: You need more tools, custom branding, and automated events? Then the Growth plan is yours. Pricing begins at $99/month. It allows up to 150 attendees per webinar.

Business: Growing businesses that want to achieve a lot more through webinars, bigger room size, dedicated support, and team access, should use this $234/month plan to host up to 500 attendees.


WebinarNinja is quickly becoming a preferred all-in-one platform for hosting webinars. Several influencers use it. 

It’s trusted by popular brands such as AppSumo, Baremetrics, PrintFul, bFinance, Heroic Public Speaking, and a ton of others.


  • Clean, user-friendly, and intuitive dashboard
  • Host live webinars, webinar series, automated webinars, etc.
  • Easily switch layout so you can quickly do presentations with multiple hosts and even share screens.
  • Professional registration and thank you templates
  • Quick and reliable customer support


  • Run time limit of 2 hours
  • The Q&A feature requires a learning curve
  • The video quality isn’t high definition


WebinarNinja has 4 hosting plans, which include:

Starter: You can host up to 300 live webinar attendees, Facebook Ad Tracking, Webinar Series & summits, Automated Webinars, and of course, Live Webinars.

Pro: The cost is $95/month. The capabilities are Live Webinars, Facebook Ad Tracking, Webinar series & Summits, and up to 300 Live Webinar attendees.

Plus: Engage 500 Live Webinar Attendees, host hybrid webinars, Facebook Ad Tracking, Automated Webinars, and Unlimited Recorded Webinar Attendees.

Power: The ‘Power’ plan costs $49/month. It’s cheaper when you pay annually. It allows 100 Live webinar attendees, unlimited recorded webinar attendees, etc.

Note: All WebinarNinja plans come with a 14-Day free trial. So take advantage of it today before upgrading your membership.


ClickMeeting is a webinar software that brings your leads, customers, team members, and students together in one dashboard.

It’s a browser-based software that allows you to host both audio and video-based webinars. 

You don’t have to download or install any app or software. Some of the amazing features include automated webinars, webinar recording, new room, interface customization, and more.


  • Free 30-Day trial to see how ClickMeeting software works
  • Use the whiteboards to improve ideas 
  • Smooth and intuitive user interface
  • Easy integration with Facebook Live and YouTube Live.
  • Create polls and surveys to get feedback from attendees


  • Screen sharing tool feature needs to be improved
  • Customer support isn’t as responsive as expected. 
  • Choosing the right plan for your business can be confusing.


ClickMeeting has one of the most flexible plans and pricing.

Sometimes, it can be confusing because you have to slide the bar to select how many attendees you’re expecting in your webinar.

A reasonable number is 100, so let’s base our pricing from this benchmark:

Free trial: When you’re expecting up to 25 attendees, up to 5 presenters, 5 audio feeds, and 4 video feeds, there’s no need to pay for an upgraded plan. Just start with the free trial for 30 days.

Live: This plan costs €70/month. It affords you 25 audio feeds, 4 video feeds, video conferencing and live webinars. 

Automated: This plan affords you 4 video feeds, 25 audio feeds, on-demand webinars, automated and Live webinars. It costs €85/month.

Enterprise: This is the perfect solution for established businesses and entrepreneurs. If you’re looking to scale your lead acquisition and customer retention, the Enterprise solution is yours. Contact the support team to get a quote.


GoToWebinar is your resourceful webinar platform. You can use it for on-demand recorded webinars. It’s a reliable webinar software you can trust — having been in the trenches for years.


  • Easy and flexible scheduling tools. 
  • Paid plans are cheap (The Professional plan costs $12/month for 150 webinar attendees).
  • Quickly brand your webinar with colors, company logo, etc. 
  • Clean and easy-to-use webinar software.
  • Create high-definition audio and video presentations
  • Create Poll and Surveys to extract attendee’s feedback
  • The 7-day free trial allows 100 attendees per webinar 
  • Seamless integrations with third-party apps and tools
  • Insightful and comprehensive data analytics tool  


  • No drawing tools in the Professional plan
  • Transcription is absent in the Professional plan 


Let’s dive into the pricing structure that GoToMeeting offers:

Professional: Get 150 attendees, HD video, unlimited meetings, Business messaging, and more. It costs $14/month or $12/month (billed annually).

Business: Enjoy all the features of ‘Professional” plan, plus Co-Organizers, Unlimited cloud recording, Transcription, slide to PDF, Smart Assistant, and more. You can get up to 250 attendees. Plan costs $19/month or $16/month for annual billing.

Enterprise: If you need to scale your webinars to 3,000 attendees, just call the technical support to get custom rates and great savings for your webinar and room solutions.

Zoom Webinars

Zoom is a popular video webinar tool used by professionals. Use Zoom to host on-demand and live virtual events.

It offers long-distance remote capability, especially when you’re training remote staff.

You can also use Zoom for hiring, interviewing, and communicating with freelancers and contractors who may not be able to come to you — in person.


  • You can use Zoom for free to host 100 webinar attendees
  • Host unlimited 1 on 1 meetings
  • Easily connect with multiple users at a time 
  • It’s beginner-friendly (I still use Zoom to this day)
  • It’s easy to schedule conference call
  • End-to-end security for your data


  • It takes time to set up Zoom on a Windows computer.
  • File sharing can be improved 


Let’s summarize Zoom pricing:

Basic: This is the free plan that’s recommended for personal meetings. It allots 40 mins limit on group meetings, ticket support, unlimited meetings, video conferencing features, up to 100 attendees, and more.

Pro: Pricing begins at $14.99/month/host. All the features of Basic, plus meeting duration for 24 hours, user management, reporting, admin feature controls, and more.

Business: This plan is ideal for small & mid-size businesses. It costs $19.99/month/host. It differs from ‘Pro’ since it allows up to 300 participants, vanity URL, and more.

Enterprise: This ‘enterprise-level’ webinar package costs $199/month/host. It has all the business features, allows 500 participants unlimited cloud storage, a ton of discounts on webinars, and more exciting capabilities.


GetResponse is an all-in-one marketing platform for small, medium, and large businesses. 

Aside from email marketing autoresponder, GetResponse also allows you to host webinars, send custom emails, segment email lists, and do so much more. 


  • Easily connect with your target audience anywhere they are
  • Easy set-up, there’s no installation needed
  • Share stage with two or more presenters
  • Host unlimited webinars
  • Set up and store 20 hours of your webinar recordings
  • Easily customize your webinar URL
  • One-Click Facebook pixel integration is quite easy
  • Start capturing email addresses for your list
  • Quick-response customer support
  • It comes with a 30-Day free trial
  • Attractive call-to-action prompts during your webinar presentations.


  • The livestream for YouTube Live and Facebook Live causes hiccups, sometimes
  • Screen sharing can be improved upon
  • GetResponse webinar platform is primarily for GetResponse customers


Note: Once you’re a paying customer on the GetResponse email marketing platform, you can access the webinar software at no extra cost.

Let’s go through the pricing:

Basic: For a list size of up to 1,000 subscribers, you pay $15/month. Email marketing, landing pages, webinars, etc.

Plus: It’s the most popular plan on GetResponse, with pricing starting at $49/month, automation builder, webinars, etc.

Professional: You need some pro automation and integrations, this plan costs $99/month, it’s totally worth it.

Enterprise: A list size of 100,000+, get solutions tailored to your needs. Email the support for a custom quote.

WebinarJam Customer Reviews

Are people satisfied with WebinarJam?

This section highlights a few of the 100s of customer reviews of WebinarJam

“It gave me an alternative to GoToMeeting, and seemed to offer great flexibility, and features important to marketers and people offering training.”

~ Russ W.

Henry M, the Regional Marketing Director of an advertising company, after using WebinarJam for 12 months had to say:

“It’s very simple to set up a webinar, the process takes hardly a few minutes if you need it fast. You may also fully customize the sign up funnel and all reminders that go out to the attendees. No need to be a tech wizard to run it. Most sections are self-explanatory and if you get eventually stuck there are plenty templates and instructions you may consult to get it done. My team loves it and it is a no-brainer to present to large audiences.”

~ George Vertec GmbH
WebinarJam Review

WebinarJam FAQ

Here are some of the major frequently asked questions I see people ask WebinarJam before they buy.

Yes, WebinarJam is a legit webinar software. It’s helped a lot of small and large businesses to deliver awesome webinars. 

Yes, WebinarJam has a 14-day $1 trial.  You can get it here.

WebinarJam costs $1 for the first 14 days. The premium plans range from $499/year, $699/year, and $999/year.

The monthly pricing plans enable you to access advanced features for your webinar. Including Unlimited Webinars, Panic Button, up to 5,000 attendees per live session, and so much more.

Your login link is right at the menu on the homepage. 

No, you can no longer get a 60-day WebinarJam trial for $1. The only option currently available is a 14-day $1 trial.

Yes, you can do automated, live recording, hybrid or evergreen webinars.

EverWebinar is for automated webinars. WebinarJam is for live webinars.

Almost all the popular languages, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, etc.

Yes, WebinarJam integrates with many of your favorite 3rd party tools, including Zapier.

Yes, WebinarJam has a Panic Button; a B-plan to save the day and redirect attendees to a new room.

Yes, every plan includes a live chat feature at no extra cost. Although your webinar is automated, you can reply to chat messages in real time.

No, you can only use WebinarJam on the dedicated live room page. You can’t install it and have a live webinar session on your websites.

Yes, you can bring people from the audience to present or moderate with you. You can add up to 6 presenters on the premium plans.

The One-click Registration Hotlink is an advanced feature that enables people who have already subscribed to your list to click a link and get registered for your webinar.

WebinarJam accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express as payment methods..

You’ll need to submit a ticket so that WebinarJam support can help you upgrade your credit card or cancel your subscription.

YES, WebinarJam can handle up to 5,000 webinar attendees and unlimited webinars. The technology is a combination of WebRTC and HLS with a touch of RTMP Streaming.

Yes, you can easily share the desktop of your PC, merge a single app on your computer, playback multiple videos, or leverage the Slides in the Cloud feature to run a slideshow presentation.

Yes, WebinarJam works for small meetings. 

Yes, you can. This is recommended to companies that conduct recurring live sessions, the Always-On room feature will be beneficial to you. 

Yes, you can charge for a webinar via WebinarJam. You have a choice to either offer a webinar for free or for a fee. 

Anyone can become an affiliate to promote WebinarJam software. Just sign up for free on the affiliate page, and earn 40% commission on every sale.

How To Use WebinarJam & Get Started?

It’s easy to start WebinarJam for 14 days.

Follow these steps to get started:

Step #1: Sign up by clicking on the “Get Started” button below the autoplay video on the homepage. 

mEqHWdPldt y1cD24ynGvgRBomykiO3TdvuA8Ql8sJywSD4F70UNtIL tre8I5ASgGo7eCYENuWQmP0Bg2J4Ln6JXINzF6j1mNQrm7yAc5r4tYO1JWL31my02tbJJtNl2TROz2Q

Next, you’ll be redirected to the pricing plans. Choose the plan you want, enter your account details and card details.

WebinarJam Pricing

To take advantage of the 14-Day free trial at $1, simply ‘attempt’ to exit the page to trigger the pop-up.

5QqeRrWVVHNgMKYMOWfHuHMq6C6Taqoy5p4daYkk2erD8JO2Y6MkDle6i7Y3qy41HlQybQkwGJ6n0vHMduh0UgLhS4v bz9e3FnWwbp4hAPEcrwAnU7GRDbgiF5 d6w7LO piVVM

Click on “Yes, Try WebinarJam for $1” button.

Since you’re getting a 60-day free trial, nothing would be deducted from your account for now.

Step #2: You’ll be redirected to another pricing offer with the 14-Day free trial included:


Once you’ve successfully registered, you’re redirected to a page where you can download the software. Just download the plugin and follow the simple instructions. 

Use the Google Chrome browser for hosting webinars with WebinarJam. Although Firefox works, Chrome is better.

It’s also ideal to use your personal computer or desktop while presenting your webinar. It’ll deliver the best attendee experiences.

Mobile devices may experience lag time while you’re streaming live video. 

Webinar sessions require high-quality video, and mobile phones aren’t the best option for this. With your desktop PC, you can use the controls, create polls and surveys, and one-on-one engagements.

That being said, here are the next steps you can take to set up your WebinarJam software:

Step #1: Log in to your WebinarJam account, then navigate to ‘My Webinars’ tab on the left panel.

Then click on “Add Webinar” at the top-right side of the screen: 

Then click on “Add Webinar” at the top-right side of the screen: 

tRaO77rMMwXklWsjmpstxyDEnEq4KXtkROxF9 1b51Uz5wyboYL0mdwLo5McrOoldzcAEy6OCOdF6ZuesOZDDt94Zd LfQfo74ySKaVQXPil

Step #2: Webinar Configuration 

Choose between Express configuration and Full configuration. 

The latter option is based on your custom settings. This is ideal for those who know their way around WebinarJam.

The Express configuration is the default; the wizard that speeds up the process for you.

6Gw WxL5m tSLWbu91R g1At3vsEu7wyCeq8swd1A8Tqn46xkK7IJLJyIfBXRSy3REAGLesN i6PPzNRe1yoTCmdnFwV EJj7zdv r3cbQ3Rt8 UD7ICNJc33U y9C7yVTHKqyr4

Let’s go ahead and choose the Express configuration by clicking on it. Then you can click on the “Next” button to continue.


Step #3: Choose a broadcast setting for your webinar. 

Is it going to be Right Now, Schedule for later, Always On? You choose:

Here, I’m choosing the “Schedule for Later” option. I’ll then click the “Next” button:

eeRy0bTppsmwHGoufiWYLc0cnSKoz0CsNyEQNrak2AboXSPpQbV3 XNIatBoIfbA P3NYk

Step #4: Add basic settings

I’ll add my webinar name, webinar title, description, language, name of presenters, etc.

GoNLEEGpsjMJnimYFVMNZcw JWoIO9 ViU XAXVDUm8u9gh 3Jy4pEXKfCT mbDc 0qffyO9q27VJj2sEVuKZEiYOToC 3ZdSGK4da9rFKSRRfoivRmD60jeZAlBx0f9wg1x DrH

Then complete the settings and get ready for my webinar.

How to ensure a smooth webinar on WebinarJam

  • Use a desktop computer with a large storage space to run your Webinar software
  • Avoid playing games or high-bandwidth programs like movies with your computer.
  • Use high-speed internet connections for your webinar.
  • When running your webinar, only use the webinar tab and close every other tab on your PC.

Step #5: Test your webinar  

After adding a new webinar to your account, don’t make the mistake of broadcasting it to the attendees. 

It’s always good to test it — perhaps you’ve forgotten to properly connect your video and sound.

Test your microphone and adjust your settings based on your preference. Make sure you see and hear your signals:

MQqo7iAzFY16h4El8lBj l GmhBjyEKTdgpnwlSegNBPCYQsalVU5p9JKGPDDF2wwqf0EBnuTlROBfvKHep eWDJa0ezta A3KGR8oAnnS5ELYtVHArdBr8WPODanq5hV6btSXRy

You’ll be able to confirm the settings you wish to use for your webinar. 

6mEltPlY0DEMhxDC9asD3SLlM1M5ZDfY1IeRo9p 63SHdjV0sPXB1RjMofi2TGYRwnKeO6J2k6Nsau75S9CC7w5VbY XtaguEsL4 DCPBCL NZdIWsTQtJ1AGln2 7zuLqID56V5

Step #6: Enter your room

When you’re ready to start a live presentation, simply click on the “Enter room” option to get started with your webinar.

To start, simply click on ‘Yes’ when prompted with the query, ‘Start Event?’

Start Your Live Webinar

Sometimes, there may be a 20 – 40 second lag time. This is common with most webinar software. This lag time is expected because the software needs to fully load for all the attendees.

When it’s done, you’re live and ready to start your live broadcast.

WebinarJam Review Summary: Is It Worth It?

I hope you enjoyed this in-depth WebinarJam review. 

Yes, WebinarJam is worth it if you want to host interesting and valuable webinars.

Now, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and finally embrace webinars as a proven way to grow your business.

Yes, you can generate qualified leads, convince customers to buy your product or service, and build credibility through webinars.

It all begins with a reliable and easy-to-use webinar software.

WebinarJam may have a lot of competition right now, but it’s hands-down one of the best solutions for creating, hosting, and delivering your webinars that I personally use in my business.

Get started today with $1 for a 14-Day Trial.

Best For Sales Webinars
14-Day $1 Trial

WebinarJam offers webinar software with flexible options. Get live chat, private comments, moderation capabilities, and more!

Try WebinarJam
I earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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