What if you could take just ONE course, or read just ONE book, that taught you everything about driving traffic to your funnel.

Well, you’re in luck…

Traffic Secrets is that course AND that book.

The course isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s one of the best out there on how to drive traffic.

This is the most complete and in-depth review of Russell Brunson’s new Traffic Secrets book and course (I made sure of it).

Plus I have a special Traffic Secrets Bonus Experience just for you if you decide to get the book through my affiliate link when it comes out.

By the time you’re done reading, my goal is to answer all of your questions about Traffic Secrets so that you know whether or not it’s right for you.

Before we get any further, a full disclaimer: I’m an affiliate for Traffic Secrets and other ClickFunnels products, which means that if you buy through my link, I’ll make a commission. However, this in no way affects my decision to recommend Russell’s products.

I only recommend products that I’m willing to stake my reputation on, and Traffic Secrets definitely falls into this category.

On top of that, when you buy Traffic Secrets through my link, you’ll get access to my EPIC Traffic Secrets Bonus Experience.

I already own most of Russell’s courses and products for two reasons:

REASON #1: They help me grow my business.

REASON #2: Russell is a great guy who genuinely cares about the success of his students.

For me, this is all I need to go ALL IN with ClickFunnels.

Does this mean that you should go buy all of Russell’s products too?

Absolutely not, lol.

However, there’s a good chance that Traffic Secrets can help you grow your business like it’s helped me grow mine (and I’m currently in the process of implementing more of the proven traffic strategies).

As of right now, the easiest (and most affordable) way to get Traffic Secrets is as part of an upsell with one of this books or with The One Funnel Away Challenge (only $100 + an additional $297 for Traffic Secrets)…keeping in mind that it comes some pretty cool bonuses as well.

You’ll find a table of contents below so that you can easily navigate to the parts of this review that most interest you.

Let’s get to it!

What Is Traffic Secrets?

Traffic Secrets What is traffic secrets
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Traffic Secrets is a comprehensive course for driving traffic to your sales funnel..and it actually has a pretty epic backstory…

Unlike most of Russell’s courses, which he created himself, Traffic Secrets is originally the brainchild of John Reese, a legendary online marketer who once made $1 million in 18 hours…

And the course that he did it with?

Traffic Secrets.

When Russell was still cutting his teeth as funnel builder, John was already setting mammoth records.

In a way, John’s million-dollar feat was a lot like the first time someone broke the 4-minute mile.

It was a monumental moment and it changed how marketers thought about making money online.

Russell looked up to John at the time (still does) and modeled him as best he could.

Then…everything came full circle when Russell paid John a cool $1 million for his Traffic Secrets course (the same amount that John made in a single day years ago).

The craziest part is, Russell doesn’t even sell Traffic Secrets a la carte… you can only get it as part of Funnel Builder Secrets, or as an upsell with DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, The One Funnel Away Challenge, or one of his other products… usually for a $297 extra charge (John used to charge $1,000 for the course).

And now, Russell is coming out with his Traffic Secrets book, which will be Russell’s take on the course, plus his own personal insights…

Traffic Secrets Book

Traffic Secrets will complete Russell’s epic trilogy of books:

BOOK #1: DotCom Secrets

BOOK #2: Expert Secrets

BOOK #3: Traffic Secrets

Expert Secrets breaks down the ART of sales funnels, and Traffic Secrets will dive deep into the FUEL of sales funnels: traffic.

In Russell’s own words:

“This book shows the simple process that we have used to get TENS OF MILLIONS of people to come to our sites every month.”

Traffic Secrets Course Overview

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s inside the Traffic Secrets course:

1. The Foundation ($47 Value)

2. Market Discovery ($97 Value)

3. Copywriting Secrets ($197 Value)

4. Keyword Science ($97 Value)

5. Email Marketing Tactics ($147 Value)

6. Borrowing Traffic ($147 Value)

7. Shopping Engines & Amazon ($97 Value)

8. Traffic Formulas ($97 Value)

9. Buying Media & Sponsorships ($97 Value)

10. Google Adwords ($247 Value)

11. Podcasts & Broadcasts ($197 Value)

12. Mobile App Marketing ($197 Value)

13. Softwares & Widgets ($47 Value)

14. Facebook Ads ($247 Value)

15. Traffic Retargeting ($147 Value)

16. International Opportunities ($97 Value)

17. Social Media Strategy ($197 Value)

18. Traffic Recycling ($147 Value)

19. Google SEO ($197 Value)

20. Building A Content Factory ($97 Value)

21. Content Curation Methods ($97 Value)

22. YouTube Marketing ($197 Value)

23. Expansion & Scalability ($47 Value)

24. The Master Plan ($97 Value)

Some of the highlights include:

  • How to ethically “borrow” your competitors’ best traffic-getting strategies
  • Targeting long-tail keywords
  • How to automate email marketing and drive traffic
  • The most effective way to get new affiliates to promote your products
  • Mastering Google Adwords
  • Why traffic retargeting can get 3x-5x the returns of new customers

It also includes a surprisingly thorough section on Google SEO (one of the most affordable long-term traffic sources).

The Standout Pro’s And Con’s Of Traffic Secrets


  • Explore the entire world of traffic options with ONE course.
  • Learn from one of the most infamous marketers of our time.
  • Get detailed, actionable advice about technical stuff like setting up FB pixels and leveraging Google Analytics.
  • The entire course is well-structured and builds as it goes.
  • Get valuable insights about high-converting ads and learn what mistakes to avoid.
  • Russell bought Traffic Secrets for $1 million, and he either gives it away for free or only asks you to cover a small percentage of the costs.


  • Some of the information in the course could be a bit updated, like the keyword research tools that John recommends.
  • The module on copywriting could be a bit better and more detailed. I’d recommend skimming through it at most, then go get your actual copywriting education through Funnel Scripts or Neville Medhora’s membership site.
  • The Traffic Secrets course sort of tricky to buy. It only comes as a free bonus or as an affordable upsell with other products. When the book comes out, you should get some of the same (but updated) information from Russell himself in written form though.

Is Traffic Secrets Right For Me?

Traffic Secrets is a for any business that wants to increase their traffic.

It’s a comprehensive, well-rounded course and the worst-case scenario is that some of the material won’t apply to your business.

In Russell’s own words:

“It’s a simple strategy that any company could implement, even if they don’t understand what traffic is.”

You can’t get much more universal than that.

Here’s a quick video of Russell explaining how to get more FREE traffic wth some of the strategies in Traffic Secrets:

Traffic Secrets Is Right For You If:

  • You’re new to traffic acquisition and you want to start with the basics, then build from there.
  • You’re a business owner who’s hit a rough patch and needs to reinvigorate their business with fresh leads.
  • You don’t even know what traffic is but you’ve heard that it’s essential to your business.
  • You sell a physical product online and want to learn how to leverage Amazon and other shopping platforms to get free traffic and increased authority.
  • You don’t have a product but you want to learn how to drive traffic and make affiliate sales.
  • You already use a few core traffic strategies, but you want to diversity, expand, and scale (maybe it’s time you tried Pinterest?).

Traffic Secrets Is NOT Right For You If:

  • You don’t have the time to sift through a LONG course and pick out the pieces that are most relevant to your business.
  • You can’t afford one of package deals that Traffic Secrets is usually bundled with (between $297 and $1,997). When the book comes out, it will be free + shipping offer to get access to this information in written form though.
  • You’re happy with your current traffic and don’t want to grow.

Part 3: Why You Need To Get Traffic Secrets Book & Course

Most businesses don’t have a proven “master plan” for driving traffic.

This isn’t good, because traffic is the life-source of business.

If traffic isn’t flowing through your sales funnel on a regular basis, then your funnel is about as useful as a Halloween decoration on Easter morning.

Without a consistent source of traffic, it’s impossible to have a dependable business plan.

That’s why you need to get the new Traffic Secrets course and book, because they give you an effective system for connecting with your audience and sending them directly to where you want: the checkout cart.

Why You Need the Course

The Traffic Secrets course will show you step-by-step how to leverage all the different traffic sources.

It also gives you a foundational understanding of the underlying concepts.

The book will probably cover much of the same stuff, but when it comes to the technical side of implementation, video content can be a huge help.

Before Russell bought the course, he and his team were loyal Traffic Secrets students.

Whenever Russell needed a new employee to go out and fetch him some traffic, he’d send them to Traffic Secrets first.

Now that Russell owns Traffic Secrets, you can study the same material for a fraction of John’s original price.

Why You Need the Book

I own almost every single product that Russell has ever produced, and do you know which ones have the most value?

His FREE books like DotCom Secrets

And the Traffic Secrets Book is no different.

But like I said earlier, this isn’t just be a written version of the course…

It’s Russell’s own unique take on the material…plus a little extra.

An In-Depth Look Inside Traffic Secrets

Traffic Secrets What is traffic secrets
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Instead of having a clearly-outlined traffic plan, most companies dabble aimlessly in a few traffic sources.

A few email sequences here…

A couple FB ads there…

And when it’s all said and done, there’s NO steady flow and NO scalable system.

That’s because traffic is like water…and your funnels are the pipes.

If you want to turn on the customer flow, you need to have an organized piping system and then know how to turn on the tap.

Getting in front of your target audience is now easier than ever, you just need the right tools and strategies and then you make as much money as you want.

This comprehensive 24-module course (and book) will show you how.

Traffic Secrets Book

It’s hard to know exactly what the book is going to be like until it comes out, but if it’s similar to the course, it will probably be built around the 3 different types of traffic and how to leverage them.

  1. COLD Traffic
  2. WARM Traffic
  3. HOT Traffic

COLD traffic includes people who have a problem that needs solving, but they aren’t yet aware of the different products and services that can help them.

They might search for something like “how to build a chicken coop,” because they still don’t know what types of resources are out there.

Cold traffic is usually the cheapest to target with paid traffic.

WARM traffic includes people who are aware of the types of solutions out there but haven’t yet heard about your product.

A warm customer might search for something like “ best chicken coop plans.”

HOT traffic is the creme-de-la traffic.

These people are aware of the specific products that can solve their problems and are more or less ready to buy.

A hot customer is the most expensive to target with paid ads, but they also have the highest conversions.

Like I said, we won’t know for sure until the book comes out, but chances are that it’ll be based on these 3 types of traffic and then will build from there.

Module 1: The Foundation

Traffic Secrets Module 1 core theory
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Module 1 is the bedrock for the rest of the course.

You’re going to have a lot to digest over the next 24 modules, so it’s important to get your brain warmed up and familiar with its new surroundings.

Don’t skip this lesson — it’s going to set you up for success.

This introductory part of the course covers core concepts like:

  • Domain names
  • Branding
  • Investing early
  • Target markets

Are you brand new to techie stuff like tracking pixels and Google Analytics?

Don’t worry, John’s got you covered.

He actually walks you through the Google Analytics dashboard.

Traffic Secrets Module 1 Google Analytics
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Google Analytics is an incredible free tool, but it can also be overkill for beginners.

In Module 1, John just gives a quick intro to Google Analytics, but he shows you how to leverage it in more specific ways throughout the course.

FB pixels allow you to track user behavior as they flow to your site.

Traffic Secrets Module 1 FB pixel tracking
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For the tech-ignorant amongst us, pixels can seem complicated, but John shows you click-by-click how to set them up on your site.

One odd thing I have to point out though, is that on the Traffic Secrets sales letter, it says that Module 1 includes…

“14 traffic tools that every online marketer must be using if they want to have success (and scale profitable traffic) in 2016.”

Huh?… what year is it? LOL…

Hopefully, it’s just the sales letter that’s outdated and not the course itself (this seems to be the case most of the time) but it’s still a red flag.

Module 2: Market Discovery

Traffic Secrets Module 2 Market Discovery overview
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Module 2: Market Discovery goes into everything you need to know about researching your market.

This includes stuff like…

  • Where your audience hangs out online
  • Upcoming keywords
  • How to keep up with trends
  • What the market cares about
  • What ad copy they’ll respond to

My favorite part of Module 2 is that John gets technical again and shows you how to use Google Trends to find patterns in the market.

Traffic Secrets Module 2 Google Trends
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In a nutshell, this module teaches you how to become really good at spying on the competition.

  • Monitor their advertising
  • Join their emails lists
  • Take part in their forums

…and generally become a king of espionage.

In fact, these same strategies are perfect for validating virtual summit ideas.

For example, one of my Virtual Summit Mastery students was considering doing a summit about an obscure disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis.

At first glance, it looked like it could be a solid niche, but after poking around in forums and FB groups he didn’t like what he saw.

After subscribing to a few email lists, he found even more stuff he didn’t like…so he decided to pivot to a different industry.

Cases like this show why it’s important to use John’s market research strategies early on: so that you don’t waste time on dead-end niches.

Module 3: Copywriting Secrets

Traffic Secrets Module 3 Copywriting Secrets
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It doesn’t matter how streamlined your funnel is… if your sales copy is terrible, it’s not going to work.

Unfortunately, Module 3 isn’t Traffics Secret’s strongest module.

Although it covers a few key concepts, you’re going to want to explore some of Russell’s other courses if you want to really learn about great copy.

Funnel Scripts is an epic piece of software that writes amazing copy for you, plus it comes with incredible bonuses like Jim Edwards’ Copywriting Secrets Masterclass.

Russel’s Expert Secrets books also have some great copywriting scripts to dig into.

However, there are still a few useful takeaways, like spying on your competitor’s copy using word counting tools and modeling Google ads.

Module 4: Keyword Science

Traffic Secrets Module 4 Keywords
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Module 4: Keyword Science covers the basics of keyword targeting, like recognizing the buying intent behind words.

It also discusses keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Spy, and Ubersuggest.

Unfortunately, this module actually made me cringe a little bit with how outdated some of the info is.

For example, Google Keyword Planner is no longer as accessible as it once was. It used to be easy to use it for free, but things have changed…

Nowadays, you have to jump through a few extra hoops to use Keyword Planner without running ads.

It’s doable, but if you want a free tool I’d recommend using Ubersuggest instead….

Traffic Secrets Ubersuggest
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On a similar note, Ubersuggest is no longer an independent entity like John’s Traffic Secrets video makes you believe — Neil Patel actually owns it now and offers it for free on his website.

Honestly, if you want to get serious about keyword research, you should get Ahrefs.

They have the most active crawlers and therefore the most up-to-date, accurate results (SEMRush is a respectable keyword research tool as well).

Module 5: Email Tactics

Traffic Secrets Module 5 Your most valuable asset
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Module 5 shows you how to take advantage of your most valuable asset: your email list.

You’ll learn how to automate email marketing so that it continually drives traffic back to your site.

Neville Medhora is a world-class copywriter who does this really well, and if you want to hone the art of copywriting he’s a great guy to follow.

Russell’s Funnel Scripts is also packed with a few great autoresponder sequences, including one that’s 11 emails long.

Hosting a virtual conference is one of the best ways to rapidly grow an email list.

For instance, Shade Adu (one of my VSM students) tripled her email list with her first summit, and the email tactics in Traffic Secrets are perfect for helping her leverage those new subscribers.

In Module 5, you’ll also learn…

  • 5 ways to turn your email list into loyal subscribers
  • The best times to send your emails
  • 7 little-known tricks to increase opt-in rates

Module 6: Borrowing Traffic

Traffic Secrets Module 6 Borrowing traffic
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Excuse me…you don’t mind if I borrow some traffic, do you?

In Module 6, you’ll learn how to get websites and influencers all over the internet to send you traffic…and you won’t have to pay for it until AFTER it converts.

I’m talking about starting an affiliate program, and it’s an incredibly powerful, low-risk way to generate traffic.

In Virtual Summit Mastery, I teach my students how to use affiliates to promote their online summit, and how to make extra money by selling other people’s products of the back end.

In fact, I made roughly $40K off the back end of my very first summit by selling Ramit Sethi’s online course.

When leveraged correctly, the concepts in Module 6 can be powerful, including…

  • 3 ways to get your affiliates to grow your list for you
  • The #1 most effective way to get new affiliates
  • How to use contests to motivate your affiliates
  • …and more…

Module 7: Shopping Engines and Amazon

Traffic Secrets Module 7 ecommerce
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Module 7 is one of my favorite modules of the entire course because the tactics are incredibly clever.

For example, John shows you how to use Amazon’s product advertising API to boost the credibility of your own ecommerce site.

When you join Amazon’s affiliate program, you can embed their product listings onto your site. If you only have a few products for sale, this can make your store look less like a ghost town and earn you some side income as their affiliate.

John also shows you…

  • Why price comparisons can send millions of clicks to your online store
  • How to leverage Amazon Kindle books to generate free opt-in leads on autopilot
  • How to get ecommerce products listed on shopping sites

Module 8: Traffic Formulas

Traffic Secrets Module 8 Traffic Formula
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According to Russell, this may be the most important module in the entire course, and that’s because it teaches you the driving theories behind all the other strategies.

You’ll explore the 3 core ways to grow a business:

  1. Lower your cost per visitor
  2. Increase traffic volume
  3. Raise your average visitor value.

Plus John gives advice for how to split test and how to “mine” for traffic inside your individual ad campaigns.

Module 9: Buying Media and Sponsorships

Traffic Secrets Module 9 Buying Media
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Sometimes you have to call in the big guns, and in Module 9 John shows you how to get your ads running across major sites like ESPN, Fox News, and CNN.

You’ll learn techniques for running all sorts of ads like…

  • Banner ads
  • Sponsorships
  • Text ads
  • Buttons
  • Interstitials
  • …and more…

You’ll also further perfect your spying skills by learning how to find the best-performing media creatives in your market.

Module 10: Google Adwords Mastery

Traffic Secrets Module 10 Google Adwords