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Ryan Lee Founder of Rewind

“Navid is the MAN when it comes to virtual summits. I rarely endorse anyone or any product, but everyone who asks me if Navid’s Virtual Summit Mastery is worth it, I say ABSOLUTELY. It’s fantastic quality, great instruction, Navid is a natural teacher and he truly cares about his student’s success . He gets my full endorsement. If anyone doesn’t have Navid’s Virtual Summit Mastery program yet, they should get in there now. It’s refreshing to see someone who’s teaching really good stuff.”

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Navid is probably the #1 person in the world when it comes to hosting virtual events.

Ryan LevesqueCEO, The ASK Method® Company

When Navid hits publish I get excited. I always implement at least one incredible action after watching or reading, and remain excited to see the results.

John Lee DumasFounder of Entrepreneurs On Fire

We grew an email list of over 60,000 new subscribers in about a weeks time and we generated $502,000 in revenue through our first virtual summit. If you want step-by-step instruction and you just want to get it done with as little stress as possible, then I would absolutely recommend Navid’s Virtual Summit Mastery program.

Caitlin PyleHost of Work At Home Summit

Navid’s Virtual Summit Mastery System helped me earn $370k+ and 30,000 email subscribers in less than 2 months… it completely transformed our business to a multi million dollar online education company (the summit we did in 2016 was even bigger with almost 40,000 opt-ins!). It all started with Navid’s proven VSM system.. I couldn’t recommend his program enough!

Chandler BoltCEO, Self-Publishing School
Eric AirBnB Summit Results

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Test Person 3 (Text w/ image)CEO of Company A
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