Ryan Lee On How Sending One Email Per Day Can Help You Build a 7-Figure Business

Email Marketing

by Navid Moazzez

Last Updated:
May 28, 2020

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Ryan Lee Interview

About This Interview With Ryan Lee:

In this expert masterclass session (originally featured on Navid Moazzez's List Building School Virtual Summit 1.0), veteran lifestyle entrepreneur Ryan Lee shows you step-by-step, behind the scenes of sending one email per day, and turning into a 7-figure online lifestyle business + massive Q&A. 

In This Expert Interview Session With Ryan Lee, You'll Discover:

  • Your email list is your biggest asset (9:46)
  • Why send 1 Email a day (12:00)
  • GT vs. KT (35:51)
  • What to email (40:45)
  • What to sell and how should Navid set up 1 email a day system (53:24)
  • See the Q&A Session with Ryan Lee and Nugget on building your email list (1:00:09)

Key Takeaways From Ryan Lee's List Building School Expert Interview Session:

Your Email list is your biggest asset (9:46)

  • You make your money from email list converting subscribers into sales over long term not short term.
  • Focus on building personal relationships with your email list to build trust (build your fan base and get 1,000 true fans).
  • Don’t build your email list relying on affiliates and reciprocation. Sending tons of affiliate offers loses trust with your list because there is no foundation with multiple offers. 
  • Hosting virtual events is a great model to build your email list even when you’re starting from scratch.

Why send 1 Email a day (12:00)

  • Get attention and 1 Email a day keeps your list’s attention. 
  • Builds a connection by using a personal story as entertainment to keep them. 
  • 2 most valuable words to keep people on your email list: Coming Soon! 
  • Put soft sell at end of email or in the P.S. to let people know you have product if they are interested. 
  • You can include option for people to click and opt out of daily emails but stay on your list and for example just get a weekly email. 
  • Aim to get people wanting to open your emails because that is when your business is unstoppable.
  • You know you’re there when you get high open, tell you and would miss it

Model is GT vs. KT (35:51)

  • GT = is everything that gets traffic like Virtual Conferences, Podcast, FB ads, etc. 
  • KT = how you keep them after they subscribe to your list. This is your content. 
  • Problem is people get obsessed with 1 of these (GT vs. KT) and not balanced. 
  • Personally reply to people when they join to help them out and engage with them. 
  • Right way is what can I do to take care of my list not what is minimum to do. 

What to Email (40:45)

  • Find a space you like and consistently write emails first thing in the morning. 
  • Frame your email newsletter as one-to-one connection emails.
  • Share your personal stories to create a personal connection with your list, you are not the Huffington Post.
  • Change your environment for writing if you struggle with coming up with new content daily:
  • Example: work from a coffee shop.
  • Use what you are for and against in your industry and write about your stand.
  • Example: Death of tripwire, popups. 
  • Another good option is using case studies of your students or other people (Example: check out my Virtual Summit Mastery case studies). 
  • Best subject lines that work have curiosity/intrigue, make sure it is not something they see at high traffic sites like a listicle + use a story that actually happened.
  • Subject example: “I was a Sweaty Mess” about Ryan doing this interview. 
  • Subject example: “I thought he was lying...” about 3 organic meals topic.
  • What works on email now will not work perfectly 6-8 months from now.
  • Keep it simple, don’t worry about complex systems and strategies because most big name people don’t even implement this themselves.

What to sell and How should Navid set up 1 email a day system (53:24)

  • Recurring revenue program like a membership because you keep people around.
  • Upgraded group for his product where Navid spends more of his time and has higher value content, case studies, bring on experts, interviews people in group. 
  • Other option could be a paid monthly newsletter about specific topic on virtual summits.

Q&A Session from Ryan Lee's Masterclass Interview

Headset Ryan uses is a Sennheiser PC 8 USB for $30-$40+

Focus on 1 or 2 things you are good at and don’t try to hustle doing everything.

Q: Are you giving a Call to Action in these daily emails?

Answer: Yes, but it is a soft sell and sometimes pitches his Freedym membership.

Q: How do you transition from not sending many emails to daily?

Answer: Write a bridge email telling them you are going to start communicating more on your niche topic so stay tuned. You can add a link for people to unsubscribe if they are not interested. Then start sending daily emails.

Q: What are your best KT (Keep Them) ideas?

Answer: People come for the Content and stay for the Community. Include a mini cliffhanger to keep people with stay tuned for what is coming up next.

Q: How often do you clean your email list?

Answer: I clean it every 6 months and do it by who doesn’t open an email in 6 months. It’s not about email list size, more important is relationship with your list. It’s about revenue per subscriber and having an active list.

Key Takeaway: the Money is in the Relationship you have with your list. It’s NOT about the size of your list.

Facebook groups works best because that is where everyone is. You can put the content in facebook group and use it for interaction and traction.

Q: How did you get partners / influencers willing to share their Courses in your membership group? 

Answer: My group is active so it makes sense for partners / influencers to share their course to my members to get in front of thousands of buyers and that helps to build their audience (read my ultimate guide to influencer marketing to learn more).

Q: What would you do to get people engaged in your emails again?

Answer: try different subject lines to get them to open your email. Then look to see what they open and what the topic is. Every once in awhile show what you can do and deliver to get them engaged.

Q: How do you build content for your membership program?

Answer: It is a lot of work and building a team to work on creating the content. You could look at content you already have and repurpose it.

Add yourself as a character into your emails so it adds personal story.

Never become dependant on any social media platform, you have to get them on your email list where you have control.

Screen people who ask to interview you to make sure they have a podcast, summit etc.

Q: How do you start with just a Facebook group as your paid membership?

Answer: You can get started with putting all your membership content in your Facebook group. Build your email list and then use the Facebook group. Start with people in your world and friends to find your audience. Don’t try to do all list building strategies, pick 1 that fits you best.

Q: How do you determine pricing for Membership sites?

Answer: Pricing is based on type of niche.

  • $5-$10 per month maybe up to $19 for hobby niches like knitting, gardening, etc.
  • $10-$20 per month for Personal self improvement niches like health, fitness, relationships etc. 
  • $25-$100+ up to $500 per month for Return on investment niches like real estate, financial investing, marketing for X niche.  
  • More of a hard topic, the more you can charge. 
  • You can charge more if you can tie your membership to how people can make more money like how to make $750 more a month from selling your organic food at farmer markets.

On Pricing: You won’t have a business that is sustainable until you have a way to generate traffic with paid traffic and acquire customers.

If you don’t have a good retention rate of keeping people for 6 months + it will be hard to buy traffic and be profitable with a $5 per month membership.

Unless you have a large email list, Ryan doesn’t recommend doing a membership site less than $20-$25 per month.

Q: How many minimum people do you need before you start an email list?

Answer: just start now and build gradually so your friends and first people on your list can share/refer your email to others to build your list from zero.

Q: Tips for building an ecommerce website?

Answer: Ryan spent a lot on paid traffic right to video sales letters back in the day. Now
he would do a blog post about your ecommerce site topic and retarget them with Facebook Ads about getting a free product or assessment to give people to get them on your email list.

Q: What is good pricing for Membership in Personal development niche that includes Coaching?

Answer: You can charge more because this sounds like a Coaching program. You can do $49-$97 for this.

Be careful of doing weekly coaching calls because people drop off over time. If you are going to do live calls, look to do ever 2 week or 1 time a month. If you are only doing calls for set time like 6 weeks, then it can work.

Ryan is done with his work by about 10am every day in his Lifestyle Business and stresses don’t fall into trap about grinding long days because it’s about life you want to build with your business. It is hard, but you can do it by keeping it simple and focus.

Q: What Ryan Lee’s Day looks like?

7am-10am: Write his daily email, do a meeting with his team, then answer group questions. Work on tasks he has for that day like creating a landing page.

10am-12 Noon: workout and eat lunch

12-3:30pm: Flex time like doing interviews, trainings, coaching calls.

3:30pm: Be home to help out with kids when they get back from school. Evening is free to do what he wants like watch a TV show or Movie, play with kids

Ryan is done by 3:30 pm

Action Steps From Ryan Lee's Expert Interview Session
  1. Find your creative space where you like to write
  2. Write emails every morning and Frame it as one-to-one connection emails, sharing your personal stories to build connection with your email list.
  3. Reply personally to people when they join your email list to engage with them.
  4. Keep your list interested by using hooks and cliffhangers of what’s coming next with the words “Coming Soon” in your emails.
  5. Make your Subject line with curiosity/intrigue by putting how you felt or thought in your story. Example is “I thought he was lying...” or “I was a sweaty mess”.

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Now It's Your Turn

There you have it...

Ryan Lee walked you through the business model of sending one email per day and turning it into a 7-figure business (without selling your soul).

What's your biggest takeaway or lessoned learned from this masterclass interview session with Ryan Lee? 

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Thanks so much for checking out this masterclass interview with Ryan Lee, I appreciate YOU!


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