RightMessage Review: Best Website Personalization Software (2022)

by Navid Moazzez
Updated January 31, 2022

This is my in-depth review of RightMessage website personalization software. At the beginning of this review you’ll find some quick information to figure out if…

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This is my in-depth review of RightMessage website personalization software.

At the beginning of this review you’ll find some quick information to figure out if RightMessage is right for you.

And YES, I highly recommend you sign up for RightMessage if you want to discover the power of segmenting your audience with personalized pages and funnels.

I wrote this ultimate RightMessage review and guide to help you understand how it works and to see the exciting impact it can have on your online conversions and revenue.

Over the years I’ve tried many different software programs for segmenting audiences. RightMessage provides me and my team with a superior process for implementing personalization marketing and providing a much better customer experience.

At the end of this article, you’ll have a chance to leave your opinion about RightMessage and any thoughts you have about this review, so stick around for that.

This is an extensive in-depth RightMessage review.

You’ll find the table of contents below for easy navigation to the parts the the article that most interest you.

Let’s get started!

What Is RightMessage?

RightMessage is a website personalization software that allows you to better understand your audience so that you can always display the perfect content.

It continuously pulls data from visitor behavior to create smarter customer segments.

Brennan Dunn, creator of RightMessage, has been in the freelance game for roughly seven years. 

Like a lot of first-time freelancers, he started out doing gigs on the side. But it wasn’t long before his “side gig” expanded to 11 full-time employees, an office downtown, and big-name clients all around the world.

Now he has tens of thousands of subscribers to his weekly newsletter and makes his living providing great software to freelancers and online businesses.

RightMessage ensures that you show the right content to the right person at the right time.

And yes, it fully integrates with email service providers like ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign, and communicates with them in real time.

Here’s a short video on how to use RightMessage to personalize with ConvertKit:

RightMessage takes all the hard-earned customer data from email campaigns and pools them together into one continuously learning database.

Your sales funnel has never been wiser!

How Does RightMessage Work?

RightMessage allows you to personalize websites of all types:

You can manage multiple websites from a single RightMessage account so there’s no need for multiple logins.

All you have to do is install their script in your template or with Google Tag Manager and it’ll be ready to go.

If something goes wrong with installing the script in your site, RightMessage will diagnose the problem and notify you immediately.

Why RightMessage?

RightMessage does all the hard thinking for you.

All you have to do is think of segments that are relevant to your funnels, design the funnels, then sit back and let RightMessage do its thing.

RightMessage will figure out which visitors fit into which segments and will serve them the ideal content based on your settings.

Never again will visitors be bothered with call-to-actions, images or testimonials that don’t apply to them.

Is RightMessage Right For Me?

According to research by the marketing platform Marketo, roughly two-thirds of online customers expect their user experience to be personalized.

RightMessage is right for any online business owner who serves audiences from a variety of demographics, backgrounds or industries.

Tom Morkes from TomMorkes.com used RightMessage to increase his registration page conversion rate by 47%, leading to thousands of dollars in new sales overnight for his virtual summit

Even Pat Flynn uses RightMessage to segment his audience at Smart Passive Income.

Here he is using the RightAsk feature:

Right Message Review Smart Passive Income
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“RightMessage finally removes the marketer’s biggest barrier to personalization — heavy reliance on an engineering team — and gives marketers greater control than ever to create a resonant, high-converting experience.”  

Claire Suellentrop, Co-founder of Forget the Funnel

RightMessage Is Right For You If:

  • You want to dramatically increase your conversions and generate more, higher-quality leads.
  • Take full advantage of the traffic coming through your website.
  • Get the most out of the data you’ve collected through email campaigns.
  • Turn visitors into email subscribers.
  • Boost your revenue.

RightMessage Is NOT Right For You If:

  • You don’t have an online business.
  • You don’t think you can improve upon your current conversion rates.
  • You don’t have a scalable business.
  • Online marketing doesn’t fit into your business model.
  • You only have one kind of customer and therefore one type of sales funnel is all you need.

RightMessage’s Big Mission

Their BIG promise:

A permanent burst in leads and revenue.

  • Progressively profile your audience with their RightAsk feature so that you can serve each customer in the best ways possible.
  • Sync website visitor data to your CRM!
  • Show the perfect offer to each customer based on where they came from and their behavior on your site.
  • Create personalized landing pages for each traffic source and ad. You can boost your conversions by over 40% with the same PPC ad!

The Ultimate RightMessage Review

It’s time to explore all the features that RightMessage has to offer your online business.

Like Claire Suellentrop of Forget the Funnel says:

For marketers ahead of the curve…the challenge now has not been ‘why’ to focus on personalization, but ‘how.’

RightMessage provides the answer to this question.

Here are some of my favorite features…

My Personal Favorite RightMessage Features

RightMessage can turn you into a funnel optimization superhero.

And you don’t have to be a tech wizard. 

These are some of my favorite features:

  • RightBar allows you to create unique call-to-actions for segments depending on where they are in your sales funnel. The custom CTAs automatically load in a sticky bar at the top of your landing page.
  • With RightAsk, you’re able to gather new data from your visitors by asking them relevant questions in a popup on the page. RightAsk tracks the info you already have about a given visitor, so you never ask questions that you already know the answer to.
  • RightMessage’s ROI reports allow you to automatically see the difference the software is making in your revenue.
  • RightMessage’s Campaign Recipes show you exactly how effective each phase of your funnel is at converting visitors to subscribers and subscribers to buyers.

Review Of RightMessage Key Features & Benefits

The level of personalization that RightMessage achieves replaces the work of full-time developers. 

No coding required!

Implementing it doesn’t even eat up a ton of time.

Here’s how…

Using RightMessage to Personalize Virtual Summits and Affiliate Campaigns

You can use RightMessage to increase the number of people who attend your virtual summit.

Hosting a virtual summit can have several massive benefits for your online business:

  • It’s one of the fastest ways to establish yourself as an authority in your industry
  • Build a quality email list FAST.
  • Generate revenue by charging for “all-access passes” to the event.
  • And much more!

As the host of a virtual summit, you bring together industry experts for interviews and broadcast it to your subscribers.

Think of a webinar on steroids.

In the following video, RightMessage founder Brennan Dunn shows you how to use RightMessage to get more subscribers to your virtual summit:

Promote the summit by asking your guest speakers to advertise the event to their audience.

They become your army of affiliate salesmen.

As a “thank you” for helping you sell tickets to your event, you give them an “affiliate commission,” or a percentage of the sales that they drive your way.

Where does RightMessage come into the mix?

Use RightMessage to increase sales by personalizing the summit registration page according to which affiliate refers them.

You provide each of your affiliates with a custom affiliate link so that you can track where your visitors are coming from.

If Pat Flynn is your affiliate, then you can hit any visitors coming from his site with content that is tailor-made for his audience.

Conversions will skyrocket!

Here’s how Tom Morkes used RightMessage to hype up the launch of his virtual summit: $100k Launch School.

Tom gave each of his guest speakers a unique affiliate link to use while they promoted the event.

RightMessage Review Virtual Summit
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Each link has a unique “custom query” following the main URL. In the image above, this is “?affiliate=xyz”.

You can use this query as a condition in RightMessage for tracking traffic segments and using them to set custom personalizations.

RightMessage Review Virtual Summit
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Personalizations can include social proof in the form of testimonials that are most relevant to a specific audience.  

RightMessage Works Anywhere

What if you could have unique landing pages and sales copy for different types of visitors?

Think of how your conversions might skyrocket.

RightMessage allows you to personalize pages right from your RightMessage account. All you have to do is install a snippet of code and your website will be ready for customization.

Installing the script:

From your dashboard, click on the “gear” icon in the top right corner of the screen:

Right Message Review Installing Script
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In the drop-down box, click “View Snippet.”

RightMessage Review Installing Script
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Install the code snippet on all pages of your site after the opening header tag. You can do this with Google Tag Manager or by including the script in your template.

RightMessage Review Installing Script
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Now you can start personalizing your website!

Visual Editor

With RightMessage’s visual editor, you can customize pages for specific visitor segments. All it takes is a few clicks to switch up the style, copy, headlines, call-to-actions, and any other page element you can think of.

Here’s a 10-minute video demo by RightMessage founder Brennan Dunn about how to personalize based on landing page with their visual editor:

Swapping out an image for a particular demographic takes three clicks of work. 

Change the entire flow of your website if you want!

New visitors don’t need to be sent to your landing page. They can be sent to an opt-in page instead, and returning customers can be directed to a sales page.

You can even translate your copy to another language for a different type of persona.

When your personalizations are done, simply hit “Publish” and your personalization campaign will instantly go live. 

RightMessage RightAsk

RightAsk is a tool that allows you to gather more information about your visitors for further segmenting. 

You decide what questions you want to ask, like “What type of business do you run?” and the question is displayed in a popup on you website.  

Here’s what the RightAsk dashboard looks like:

RightMessage Review RightAsk
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The image on the right of the screen is what the finished popup will look like on your site.  

Here’s RightMessage founder Brennan Dunn breaking down how RightAsk works:

RightAsk keeps track of the information you’ve collected about individual visitors from other sources like email campaigns. 

This is really big. 


Because there’s no point in asking a question that you already know the answer to.

Instead, you can use RightAsk to ask a different question so that you’re always collecting relevant data.  

This allows you to progressively profile people with only the data points that you don’t have answers to. 

Before activating your question you’ll be able to set color and style preferences.

RightMessage Review RightAsk
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You can also specify at what percentage of page scroll the popup will be triggered.

Campaign Recipes

What’s that I smell in the kitchen?

Is that a delicious campaign recipe?

RightMessage’s campaign catalogue makes it a cinch to create highly-effective personalization campaigns.

Juggling several unique campaigns at once isn’t the most intuitive process, that is unless you have the help of a software like RightMessage.

They take the guesswork out of where to get started so that you can get your campaign rolling.

RightMessage’s personalized campaigns are ready to boost ROI:

  • Cover each phase of your funnel.
  • Optimize for conversion.
  • Compare your funnel performance against others in your industry.

Their campaign templates are based on real-world funnels that have been proven effective at converting visitors into customers.

After you make a change to a phase in your funnel, you can see before and after conversion metrics like the ones pictured below:

RightMessage Review Recipe
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It’s important to get rapid feedback on whether a recent change is increasing or decreasing your lead generation and ROI. RightMessage lets you do that.


Auto-segmentation is a beautiful thing.

RightMessage allows you to set up basic rules that govern the segmenting of you audience according to the parameters you set:

  • Pages viewed
  • Traffic source
  • Demographic information
  • you name it

Only serve the content that’s most relevant to that segment. You can even sync relationship data from your CRM or marketing app for your campaigns to target.

When you find audience segments that really work, you can reuse them when setting up new campaigns.

Let’s take a closer look at the many ways you can segment your audience:

1. Segment by Relationship

Thanks to RightMessage’s ability to integrate with CRMs and major email service providers, you can target users based on the custom field data and tags stored inside of them.

Segment audiences based on…

  • Quiz results
  • Purchase history
  • And a whole lot mor

Have you used quizzes to get people to opt in to your email retargeting campaign?

You can use the quiz answers to personalize your funnels with RightMessage.

When you direct a subscriber to a new blog post, you can adjust the call-to-actions to match where they are in your sales funnel.

2. Segment by Behavior

What your visitors have done in the past is the best predictor of what they’ll do in the future.

Segment your audience based off of the pages and ads they’ve engaged with in the past.

If a user visits a product page, you can tell RightMessage to present them with a discounted offer and encourage them to become a subscriber.

Target visitors that landed on certain pages of your website first.

Here’s how to segment your audience using the “Pages viewed” conditions:

You can segment by the audience based on one of two factors:

  1. Landing page: coming from a specific URL on your site.
  2. Path: defining how the visitor flows to the page you’re personalizing.

If you want to define the segment based on the specific URL of your site that they originally landed on, select “Landing Page”:

RightMessage Review Page View Referral
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Let’s say you want to personalize the segment for traffic coming from URLs that do or do not contain certain keywords. You can do this by making a selection in the box pictured below:

RightMessage Review Page View Operator
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You can also do the same thing when you define your segment by “Path” rather than “Landing Page.”

RightMessage Review Page View Path Operator
  • Save

By tracking the URLs that your visitors view, you can take their past behavior into account when deciding how to personalize their content.

RightMessage Review Track Url visitor
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Use dynamic call-to-actions to increase engagement.

RightMessage founder Brennan Dunn shows you this works here:

You can even factor in which pages they haven’t yet visited.

Let’s say that you run a health and wellness website.

A repeat visitor has read two blog posts and watched almost an entire video on weight loss strategies, but they still haven’t read your top-ranking post on weight loss.

You can make sure to feed them that post the next time they interact with your brand.

If somebody has visited your pricing page but hasn’t purchased, you tell RightMessage to retarget them with a sales page.

3. Segment by Referrer

Where’d they come from anyways?

It matters.

RightMessage’s behavioral engine lets you segment traffic according to the website or ad that referred them.

Here’s how to segment your audience using the “Referred by” conditions in RightMessage:

Let’s say you want to segment an audience based off of the URL they came from. Select “Domain” in the “Referred by” drop down menu.

RightMessage Review Selec Domain Referred By
  • Save

Copy and paste the domain of the site that defines the segment. 

RightMessage Review Copy Paste Site Segment
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If you want be more specific, you can add a condition and target a specific page. In the example below, this is https://dailyburn.com/life/recipes/ezekial-toast-recipes/. 

RightMessage Review Add Condition Target Specific Page