In this very special episode of The Lifestyle Architects, I’m excited to have Nick Reese on the show, to talk more about the secret to positioning yourself as an expert to charge premium prices, also called premium positioning

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Nick Reese is an online marketing expert who inspires individuals to take their business and life to the next level through his actionable marketing and personal psychology advice.

Having built several successful businesses, Nick is currently the CEO of Microbrand Media, a company specializing in building highly profitable web assets.

Nick has personally mentored over 100 entrepreneurs who have gone on to build businesses with more than $100k in revenue. If that wasn’t enough, he has also spoken at the White House about building a business in a tough economy.

Nick is an active startup advisor specializing in customer acquisition and affiliate marketing strategy.He has been featured in, Mashable, TechCrunch, The Washington Post,, MSNBC, OPEN Forum, and more.

In this interview, Nick and I, talk more about how you can position yourself as an expert in your niche to charge premium prices. We get into a lot of good stuff, be sure to take some notes, because Nick really over delivers and shares so much actionable and valuable information you can implement right away in your business and life.

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Premium Positioning With Nick Reese

(Click the play button and watch the video interview above)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Nick Reese’s story and how he started out in the online marketing space
  • Details on Nick’s amazing rebranding process and design
  • Should you really invest in a really great (and expensive) website design when you are starting out?
  • What positioning is and why it matters
  • How to position yourself as an expert in your field
  • How to promote yourself online… even when you don’t feel like you are an expert (impostor syndrome)
  • Branding by association
  • Work with me page vs. contact page?
  • The ‘surprising’ reason why Nick is not focusing on SEO much
  • Great ways to reach the right people with your content, and Nick’s content marketing strategy moving forward
  • How to define your expertise
  • Tips for positioning yourself the right way on your website – website credibility
  • How to get featured in major media sources to position yourself as an expert
  • The two different types of marketing and what the difference is
  • How Nick has designed his life to live life on his own terms
  • And much much more actionable tips and advice you can go out and implement TODAY…

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What Is Premium Positioning?

In every marketplace there’s roughly 20-30% of the market who are willing to pay for extreme expertise, like people who just want results that are good and they want it done efficiently and effectively.

Positioning yourself to serve those specific clients is one of the smartest things for freelancers, consultants, executives, and basically anyone that works with other people’s businesses

When you start out, it’s going to be a process of building your portfolio. There’s often a 1-3 years, often it’s close to 3 years before you really found out who your ideal client is.

By using an analogy or a metaphor you can do a much better job of showing people that you are the expert instead of telling them.

The understanding of looking for common disfunction’s within a cluster of clients is the best way to start positioning yourself. 

How To Position Any Business To Charge Premium Prices

Nick has a full amazing guide on a strategy he calls The Picture Perfect Positioning Strategy. Watch this 7 minute video and download the PDF which is like 13-14 pages. It’s super valuable, Nick should be charging for this guide, and he might in the future, so be sure to grab it ASAP.

  • Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene M. Schwartz- The most powerful book Nick read in a long time and it takes some time to internalize it. This book is one of the most profound books on marketing out there today, it was so far ahead of its time. It brought awareness to this idea of problem awareness, which is something Nick talks a lot about on his blog. Just read it, and thank us later!
  • Influence by Robert Cialdini
  • Good to Great by Jim Collins
  • Mastery by Robert Greene
  • Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port
  • Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weiss

If you love listening to audio books, just like me, get your free audio book today, my gift to you for taking your time to watch and listen to this interview with Nick Reese, on how to position yourself as an expert to charge premium prices!

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Where To Find More About Nick

Other Relevant Resources Mentioned

Now It’s Your Turn!

Got questions or thoughts about anything you learned in this interview? Have you struggled with positioning yourself and your business to charge premium prices? Please share freely in the comments section below!

If you enjoy this episode or know someone who might, please feel free to share it with them!

Thanks so much for checking out this interview with Nick Reese on premium positioning, I appreciate YOU!

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  1. Charles Ngo says:

    Love the topic.

    I haven’t monetized my audience yet because I’ve been focused on my positioning in my industry. It’s about sacrifice the short term, for the long term.

    keep it up!

    – Charles

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Awesome Charles, glad you enjoed it!

      I’ve been following your blog and what you are up to for a while now, and your content is outstanding. You have definitely positioned yourself the right way in the affiliate marketing niche as a leading authority.

      If you’re up for it I’d love to have you on my show at some point soon 🙂

      – Navid

    2. Nick Reese says:

      Charles — Love your stuff. Surprised we haven’t kicked it at Affiliate Summit one of these years.

      1. Navid Moazzez says:

        Thanks for stopping by Nick! It was a pleasure having you on my show! People just love this episode, getting Tweets and messages all over the place with great feedback.

        Keep up the awesome work you do!

        – Navid

        PS. Speaking of Charles, he will be on my podcast in a few weeks, I know it will be a very good one 🙂

  2. What a great interview Navid and Nick!

    I love how Nick explained the strategy for his “About” page. Subtexts are really powerful and I personally neglected them for too long. I definitely have to work that into the next version of my own “About” page.

    Nick, thank you so much for sharing all these gems of your knowledge. I truly learned a lot from this interview, especially because story telling isn’t easy for me being a German blogging in English.

    You just won a new raving fan!


    1. Nick Reese says:

      Jan — Glad you enjoyed it. Navid did a great job interviewing. 🙂

      Having a few German friends, I totally understand the difficulties.

      That said, I checked out your about page and you do a pretty solid job.

      Excited to see how you revise it.


      1. Hey Nick,
        glad you like my about page 🙂

        I think I need to make my story more concise, I feel like it’s a bit too long now…

        I’ll ping you on Twitter when it’s done, I’d love your opinion on it!


        1. Nick Reese says:

          Sounds good Jan. Stoked to see the change.

  3. Standing on the shoulders of giants…It was Newton who said it. Great interview!

    1. Nick Reese says:

      Thanks Maria. 🙂

    2. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks Maria, glad you enjoyed the interview 🙂

  4. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Navid,

    It’s OH so key to see yourself in a strong, positive light. Change your self image to charge at a premium. Some charge 4 or 5 bucks for articles, my freelance writing rates start at $45 per article and go up and through $100.

    Great share!


    1. Nick Reese says:

      Ryan — You’re spot on. Plus your higher rate will anchor customers to expect a different type of quality and results from your work.

      It’s all about leveraging your associations.

    2. Navid Moazzez says:

      Good stuff Ryan! Thanks for stopping by and sharing this 🙂

  5. Rodrigo Flamenco says:

    Thank you Nick! This post came right on time since I am selling services and well, I’m trying to focus on getting 2 or 4 clients who pay a lot instead of many little clients 🙂

    1. Nick Reese says:

      Rodrigo — Fantastic plan. Too few consultants shoot for entry level clients and miss huge opportunities with clients who are looking for premium and differentiated services.

      Stoked to see your results.

    2. Navid Moazzez says:

      Good stuff Rodrigo! I’m glad you you found a lot of value from this interview with Nick! Let me know your results 🙂

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