We all have to let go. But how do we actually do it? It sounds so simple, right? That’s something I have been struggling with for years, and I am finally starting to let go myself, especially after my younger brother died.

I just know, even more than before now, how precious, short and valuable life is, and I will do everything that I can to live my life to the fullest and inspire and help as many people as I can along my journey.

Of course we all have our doubts, fears, struggles and excuses, that’s normal and just a natural part of the process.

What’s even more important is how you deal with all that. If you want to succeed in anything in life you need to have a great mindset, you need to let go of your ingrained thoughts that you may have grown up with, parents expectations, friends, co-workers etc., the list goes on.

The only person who can tell you what to do is yourself. If you think that you will fail, you will fail. If you think you will succeed, you may also fail along the journey to get there, but I wouldn’t call it a failure, since we keep moving forward and eventually reach our goals and become successful.

Let Go Book Review

Just two days before the interview  with Pat Flynn, I read his bestselling book Let Go. It’s a pretty quick read, and it comes in different forms, like a kindle version, audio and even videos to go along with some of the chapters.

Pat shares his personal story and entrepreneurial journey, how it all started many years ago in Let Go. What I found really cool about this particular book is that it is published on the new platform called Snippet app and Pat was one of the first authors to actually be published on there.

The book is just so inspiring, with many quotes and shared wisdom. There are so many life lessons you can learn from Pat’s personal story in this book, and that’s why I decided to record a video review of  Let Go just on time for Let Go Day, where I show you around a bit on Pat’s different sites, and why I liked the book so much and WHY you should read the book as well, or at least I hope you will.

Interview with Pat Flynn for Let Go Day 2013

I am super excited to have Pat Flynn, founder of  the Smart Passive Income Blog, on for my first interview ever, and I am also an ambassador for his bestselling book Let Go for the special Let Go Day which celebrates exactly 5 years after Pat Flynn let go and got laid off from his job. In the video interview I did with Pat, he shares his story of how he let go, creates passive income and makes a great living online ($50,000-$60,000 each month according to his monthly income reports on the blog, that’s what I  call transparency!).

He also gives very actionable smart tips and other great advice for first time entrepreneurs who want to get started online and create their own businesses around their desired lifestyle and passion.

There are many takeaways from this interview which you will find summarized below.

But first, please watch the video interview and let me know what you think in the comment section of this post.

(Apologies for the quality of the recording on a flew spots on this interview, where it cuts out a bit, hope it is still listenable and you can get some value out of it. Bare with me, after all it was my first and I am glad I could get Skype to work properly with the recording software that I use, thanks!)

Pat’s Recommendations For First Time Entrepreneurs

  • Try to figure out a problem or a pain that a certain group of people have and what you can do to potentially help them. The first thing you should do is trying to dissect the problem. It might be a problem that you have, that you’re trying to solve or someone else or other people who always come to you to solve their specific types of problems.
  • You don’t have to be the expert.
  • All you have to know is a little bit more than someone else in order to become an expert in their eyes and to be able to help them and provide value to them.
  • Share that message and knowledge you have with the world – blogging, podcasting, YouTube. Choose the platform that you are the most comfortable with. You can also combine all three into your brand, just like Pat Flynn does, and that’s something to work and strive for.
  • Whatever platform you choose to share your message on, it is important just to start building that audience and create an email list and start to provide great value. Start to build your email list from day one!

Resources and Tools For Starting an Online Business

How to Start Your Own Podcast/Show

  • Podcasting Tutorial – a tutorial that Pat Flynn created and it’s absolutely FREE. Six steps video series, step by step, what microphones to get, how to set up everything, how to make your show interesting and how get ranked in iTunes and all that good stuff you would need.

Pat Flynn knows a thing or 100 about podcasting. His podcast the Smart Passive Income Podcast is approaching four million downloads since the first episode in July 2010, so if you are interested in podcasting or starting a show, do yourself a favor and check Pat’s awesome in depth guide out. Nothing is left out.

 Pat’s Mentors and Inspirations When He Started Out

  • Internet Business Mastery Podcast (no longer active) – This podcast by Jeremy Frandsen and Jason van Orden is awesome! and the one Pat started out with way back when he started out, and they inspired him a lot as well. I am currently following this podcast and it is just epic every time I tune in, so much value they provide. And if the podcast is good enough for Pat Flynn it should be good enough for you as well, so listen to a few episodes and find out for yourself. Absolutely great content totally delivered to you for FREE!
  • Internet Business Mastery Academy (It doesn’t really exist anymore – update 2022) – This is the online training program and community Pat Flynn joined, and if it has helped Pat it should be able to help you as well if you take the right action. I am a member of this course by Jeremy and Jason, and the value you get if you join is amazing. Not only do you get a training program jam packed of great videos, sheet cheats etc. on how you can start your own online businesses around your desired lifestyle , but you also get access to a private Facebook group which is invaluable, and worth the price for this course alone. The group is very active and they are really helpful and I already met some great friends in there, just like Pat Flynn did when he started out and met Jeremy in San Diego. Experiences like that are truly life changing, and you get to see what is possible.

5 Life Lessons Learned by Pat Flynn

  1. Try to be more confident in yourself. That’s really hard, but just try to believe in yourself and your ability. It’s very important because if you don’t think it’s going to happen, it’s not going to happen.
  2. If you don’t think you can do something, you’re right.
  3. Meet other people and being a part of like-minded people is so important. Do that right from the start, don’t wait!  Try to hook up with people who are trying to do the same thing as you or just find a community online where people are already doing what you want to do and just learn from them.
  4. Aks questions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and try to be friends with them. Form mastermind groups together.
  5. Nothing is more valuable than other people who can help you achieve you goals.

How to Find the “Right” People and Mentors and What to Look For

  • Find people who sort of share the same values and goals as you do. Not necessarily do they have to do the same thing as you in the same market and they don’t even have to be in the same location.
  • It’s about putting yourself out there and actually speaking up in these communities.
  • Go to Google and look for forums related to topics that you’re interested in and find great people.
  • Go to Conferences and gatherings related to whatever you’re interested in.
  • Meetup.com – try to find people in your location who are into internet business or into whatever it is that you want to do.
  • You are going to make connections that are going to change your life and it just takes ONE person with either an idea or a connection, or an opportunity to change the course for the rest of your life.
  • The power of creating  being part of Mastermind groups is invaluable and will help you get on the right track and stay accountable for you actions and the goals you set for your business and life. It can definitely fast track your progress to success online. Check out the bonus resource below on how to create your ultimate mastermind team.

Do You Have to Be Passionate About the Businesses You Start Online?

  •  You don’t necessarily need a passion for the topic but you need a passion to help people.
  • All successful businesses, focus on their target audience and what they want and what their problems are, what their issues are and how they can deliver them. That is what you really should be passionate about!

Pat’s Book Recommendations

  • Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life And Work by Chip & Dan Heath – It’s about making decisions and also making the right decisions and that is very relevant to when you are just starting out online, when everything seems difficult, information overload and you get overwhelmed. This book will help you avoid that by making you take the right decision.
  • Platform by Michael Hyatt  – This is a great book, especially for beginners who are just starting out. This book sort of introduce them to really what works online and he talks about something called the “WOW factor”. It’s easy to put a blog up. It’s easy to start writing content but you’re going to get lost in the crowd unless you provide something that brings the “WOW” and really gets people to turn their heads, start sharing you and it goes into a lot of details about how to use different social media platforms and things like that.
  • 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris  – probably the most awesome book in the whole world and needs no further introduction. It is a classic that everybody should read, and you don’t have to implement all his strategies if you don’t want to. It is great to get into the mindset of sort of doing business and automating it and making your business work for you instead of you doing your business. It’s really important. This book changed my life, and was a big turning point for me, so do yourself a big favor and read it if you haven’t done so already.


  • It is all about the mindset. You need to understand that if you don’t do anything, nothing is going to happen to you.
  • Find certain people that you want to help and what their issues and pains are. Not just asking them on a surface level questions like, “What are you struggling with?” which is a great question to ask. But then you ask why or how come and just keep going deeper and deeper until you can get to the root of each of those issues and that’s going to help you determine sort of what to write about, what to create a site about, what products to create down the road where you don’t even have to guess anymore. A lot of people try to build businesses, guessing what people are going to like.Whatever it is that you end up doing, just enjoy it. It’s just going to happen so much faster and be much easier for you.
  • There are ways to just know and it is so exciting because when you know you have the power or the ability to either provide solution for people with specific pains, then it just reduces the risk factor and it just keeps you motivated because you know something is going to help.
  • Then it’s all about putting the word out there and connecting with other people, having other people just share your stuff because it’ so good.
  • Whatever market you get into, see what is already out there and try to connect with those competitors. Don’t look at them as competitors. Think of them as potentials partners and then also see what they are doing and maybe see what they are doing right and using that as inspiration but also seeing where they may be missing some things that you can come in to that market and sort of provide something new.
  • That gives you an advantage of starting NOW. You have an advantage because you have a bird’s eyes view of everything that’s going to and you can sort of chisel your way into a specific part of a specific market.

Finally, I just had to include the official trailer for Let Go, watch it, enjoy it and share it! It is a very inspiring and simply an amazing video.

If you enjoyed my first interview ever, please leave a comment below and start the discussion! I would love to know what you are struggling with in your online business and how you get over the fear of failure so you can take the right action.

Thanks for watching the interview and reading this post. Cheers!

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  1. Great interview! The extra notes you included from the interview were a huge help!

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks a lot! Glad you like the interview, really appreciate your support!

  2. It’s true that finding like-minded people makes a huge difference, especially when one is first starting out. There are so many people afraid of thinking outside the norms and they can really bring you down.

  3. Navid Moazzez says:

    Thank you Natalie!

    It’s definitely true that there are so many people that can bring you down, that’s also why it’s so important to find the “right” people when you are starting out online or with anything for that matter, which can give you some form of direction and accountability and those people really want you to succeed as well.

  4. Grrrrreat Resources and Tools For Starting an Online Business!
    Everything’s there!

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks a lot Mia. The resources in this post and even more on my resources page is a great place to start. You basically have all the awesome products and tools that I use myself or have heard amazing things about all at one place there.

      Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try my best to help out 🙂

  5. Your interview is awesome Navid!
    Asking the right questions just like you did is a hard challenge and you did very well on that.

    It provides a huge value, thank you for sharing!

    Good luck on your journey as well 🙂

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thank you so much Jan, really appreciate your kind words!

      You did a great job on your interview as well, and they complement each other and bring up some really interesting topics. Keep up the good work!

  6. Andrew Grant says:

    Hi Navid – really enjoyed the interview. Pat seems ike a very down to earth and friendly guy and he was a pleasure to listen to.
    This is excellent inspiration for all of us bloggers, just starting out.
    Well done for landing the interview and for sharing it with us.

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks Andrew, glad you liked the interview!

      Pat is a really down to earth and great guy, and his story provides so much inspiration for new bloggers and aspiring entrepreneurs who is getting started online.

  7. Jerry Handy says:

    Navid, that was awesome my friend. You asked all of the right questions especially for newbies getting started online. Pat mentioned that confidence was a key factor in getting the ball rolling and if he had to start over again, he would believe quicker in his abilities.

    That’s so true. It takes belief in yourself and what you are doing to really make this work. If you just know a little more than the next person, you are considered an expert in that area. Don’t short change yourself and settle for that typical grind of 9 to 5. There is more in you than that. Thanks so much for sharing this powerful interview and awesome job on taking action.

    1. Andrew Grant says:

      You make a very good point Jerry about knowing a little more than the next person. That was brought home to me yesterday. Six weeks ago, I knew nothing about WordPress, but yesterday I helped a friend set up her blog in 20 minutes and she said “Wow, you’re an expert at this” and it helped me to realise that we’re all at different stages on the same road and we can each learn from the guy ahead of us and pass the knowledge back to the guy behind us.

      1. Navid Moazzez says:

        That’s great Andrew. Being able to help friends and other people with what you learn is so rewarding and will pay off in the long run.

        When I started out, I didn’t know anything about how to set up WordPress sites either, but now I can set up my own and help friends and other people with things I didn’t have much knowledge about before. I guess some of them consider me an expert in that sense, beause I actually helped them with something and provided a lot of value for free.

    2. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks Jerry, glad you enjoyed the interview!

      You made some awesome points here, and it is so true that you don’t need to be the best in a particular area, just simply know a little bit more than the person next to you in order to be considered an expert. That’s something most people struggle with when they are starting out, becuase they think that they need to be as good as someone who has been doing this for years and already reached the top. Sometimes you can benefit even more to learn from the person who is just a few steps ahead since you are going through the same journey and process about the same time together. But of course it wouldn’t hurt to have Richard Branson as your friend and mentor either 😉

  8. Carlie Hamilton says:

    Hey! Great interview, and write up.

    I certainly have been trying to take onboard everything the pros like Pat are saying, and trying to have the confidence to believe that I can do this, and I can do it now.


    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Hey Carlie! Thanks a lot and glad you like the interview 🙂

      Yea, we should definitely try to take in what Pat and many other influencers online are saying, and believe in ourselves and what we can do, but most importantly just go out there right now and take the right action.

      Ps. You have a great site Carlie! Really enjoyed the interview you did with David Siteman Garland. His Create Awesome Interviews course is awesome!

  9. Sergio Felix says:

    Hey Navid,

    First of all, congratulations for doing a terrific job on your first interview with Pat and this is a fantastic post as well!

    I’m very familiar with Pat’s story since I’ve been following him for a while.

    His “Let Go” book (I read it on a Kindle and then watched the videos on his site) flicked a few switches in my head and when that happened I stopped everything I was doing only to realize I wasn’t really trying.

    I’m really grateful to Pat and his book and the resources you shared here are also top notch!

    Currently checking out the podcasts from the Internet Business Mastery guys since I’m not that familiar with podcasts at all.

    I bet I’m going to love them.

    Take care and keep creating amazing content Navid!


    PS. I’m sorry for your loss man.

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Hey Sergio,

      Thanks for your awesome and encouraging words! Glad you like the interview and the post 🙂

      Yea, Pat is one of the great guys online that all of us can definitely learn a thing or 100 from. The story he shares in Let Go really resonated with me, and one of the main reasons this site is live now is because of the interview I got with him, because it put some pressure on me to actually launch it on “Let Go Day”.

      Internet Business Mastery is great, I’ve really enjoyed it so far. The free podcast they have is top notch and the Academy is just as good if not better, because of the great community in the active Facebook group.

      I have some great interviews coming soon that I hope you will like 🙂

      And thanks for the support, it’s been hard since I lost my brother, but finally keeping myself busy and looking forward to the journey ahead!


  10. Paul Henderson says:

    Hey Navid,

    when I first looked at the length of the post, I thought OMG!

    But then I started reading and matey, I was HOOKED!

    That is such a well compiled post and interesting too. Pat is a great guy and I know of his antics reasonably well. But you’ve opened up a whole bunch of stuff there that I didn’t know so thanks to you for that.

    I suspect my friend, that if you keep going as you’ve started, you’ll be right up there with Pat before you know it 🙂

    All the best friend,

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Hey Paul,

      Thank you so much for your comment, really glad you liked it! Your kind words are really encouraging and I will keep going and have more interesting things lined up that I will post soon.

      Have a great day

  11. Rodrigo Flamenco says:

    Awesome Interview Navid, Pat Flynn was one of the first freedom business owners I’ve encountered when I was starting and I learned a lot from him, even if his business model was pretty different, I was still able to apply many things to mine 😀

    Congratulations on this interview, it’s pretty damn awesome.

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks Rodrigo, really glad that you enjoyed the interview!

      Pat Flynn is awesome, and we can all learn a lot from him for sure. Great that you were able to apply many things you learnt to your own business, even though his business model is different.

      Keep me posted on how it goes with Epic Web Studio and if you make it to Greece this time around. Your entrepreneurial journey is very inspiring and I follow what you do, keep up the good work man 🙂

  12. Man this was a really great interview Navid. Good stuff.

    Quality was really great too. It’s all good and I still got tremendous value from this interview.

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks Anthony, glad that you got a lot of value out of this interview! I have more coming up that I hope you will enjoy just as much 🙂

  13. George Nieves says:

    Great interview! There is a lot of good information here. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thank you George, really appreciate it!

  14. This reminds me of that song Konsten att släppa taget.

    Great work by the way Navid.

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks Sverrir, appreciate it!

  15. I absolutely love this interview. Anyone who is interested, even just to dabble, should take the time to watch this quick interview. Good work Navid! Keep it coming!

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thank you so much Ryan! I am really glad that you enjoyed the interview and got a lot of value from it. I have more interviews coming with awesome guests very soon that I hope you will like 🙂

  16. Christian L says:

    Hey man checked out this interview and it’s awesome! Thanks for asking the right questions, looking forward to more quality content!

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Hey Christian!
      Thanks a lot, really glad you like the interview, and there are so much more to come!

  17. Christopher says:

    A big thank you to Navid and Pat. What a great interview!
    You gave a great input about the right mindset and how to use opportunities.

    Guess i have to buy your book Pat 😉

    Would like to see more like this Navid.

    Keep on pushing forward

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks Christopher, really appreciate it! Yea, you should definitely read Pat’s book, it is an awesome read 🙂

  18. Patricia BT says:

    Hi Navid

    Huge congratulations on your blog beginning and the great interview you did with Pat Flynn!

    As other mention above, you also add a nice list of very useful resources here, and I like very much such posts where everything can be found from one place 🙂

    Very good work Navid, I’m glad to follow you now and look forward to read more from you.


    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Hi Patricia,

      Thanks for your kind words, really encouraging!

      Glad that you like the list of resources, I guess I will keep doing that in future posts as well.

      I saw that you are going to the World Domination Summit 2013, that should be really fun, meeting a lot of inspiring and cool people from around the world! I will try my best to go next year, maybe I’ll see you there 🙂

      Have a great day

      1. Patricia BT says:

        Thank you for your answer

        And yes I wish you to be at the WDS 2014 as well!

        I also just answered you on your nice comment on my blog. Thx again!

        Looking forward to your future posts.


        1. Navid Moazzez says:

          Thanks Patricia!

          Yea, I am going to work hard so I can attend WDS 2014, that would be awesome 🙂

          Btw, your site looks really cool as well, keep up the good work!

  19. Navid,

    Great interview man, the conversation has a good vibe, I’m sure its really gonna come off! And it made me read the 4-hour work week, can’t go wrong there 😉

    Keep up the good work amigo!

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks Ronald, glad you got a lot out of the interview.

      The 4-Hour Workweek is literally the best book in the whole world. You cannot go wrong with it 😉

  20. Nate Bunger says:

    Impressive Interview, I actually rarely find the time these days to sit through an hour of content online, too busy on my own path most of the time. One of the biggest common denominators I find with people who are moving on in life, is that they understand at a very deep level the need for mentors. Early in my life I learned from so many people, I wasn’t aware at the time what I was doing, but looking back, even years later, I can still hear their voices and advice echoing in my life now. Words that changed me, and continue to guide me regardless of all the changes in the world today. There is no price on taking advice from people who are living the life you want to live.

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks a lot Nate, glad you enjoyed it and took your time.

      I completely agree with you Nate. It is so important to have mentors and friends you can learn from, get inspired by and to really see what is possible out there. I know I can go how far I want in my life, but I cannot do it alone, but with the support of my network of friends and mentors and by helping them as well as much as I can, anything is possible, I truly believe that!

      I will have to come visit you in Colombia, you are such an inspiration, and glad we connected last year!

  21. Hi Navid,

    Congratulations on getting this awesome interview with Pat Flynn. Good for you!!! You are an example of a person who will get what he wants because so many people would want to interview Pat Flynn but how many people have the guts to do that. I don’t know many who would.

    Thanks for sharing it with with us.


    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Hi Dita,

      Thanks a lot, really appreciate your kind and encouraging words. That will keep me going and taking even more action in the right direction. I believe in taking risk and going after what you want in life, and even though I was scared when I first approached Pat Flynn for an interview, I just did it and faced my fears of being in front of a camera, and interviewing someone who is well known in this industry.

      I hope more people will feel inspired and go there and are willing to take more risks, because I believe risk taking is the key if you want to become successful in anything.

      Have a great day,

  22. Navid, what an impressive kickstart interview and such a helpful collection of resources. This site rocks already!

    Lots of happy vibes coming your way!

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks a lot Anaïs, really glad that you like my site and enjoyed the interview!

      Let’s push each other to success, so we can stay accountable for all the things we say that we will do, and take massive action in the right direction. I know you are doing some great things as well, keep it up. Looking forward to follow your journey 🙂

  23. Leonardo Silveti says:

    Hi Navid

    This is really a great interview and your guest Pat Flynn is not a bad catch as a kick start for your site. I know your brand will become bigger if you keep sharing valuable information and interviews with passionate entrepreneurs and other inspiring people.

    Keep on doing your thing! 🙂

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Hi Leonardo,

      Thanks a lot man, really appreciate your kind words! If I continue to work hard and go after the things I want in life, I am sure I can accomplish whatever I desire. Glad that you found the interview inspiring, and I will provide a lot more good stuff like this on this site.

      I know you are doing some great things as well, ýou will become a success in your industry so just keep up all the hard work you are doing!

      All the best,

  24. Chris Larsson says:

    Awesome site and content man! You are a real inspiration, this is definitely the future of entrepreneurship 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks man, glad you like my site. I’m happy that you find me as an inspiration, that’s really the best feedback one can get, really appreciate it 🙂

  25. Alejandro Chiappe says:

    The site looks awesome Navid!

    And the interview was spot on! I’ve watched it twice already and will probably watch it again later on for the motivational boost it gives!

    From now on, each time things get tough.. I now have great new source of energy: aka navidm.com!

    Worldclass my friend..

    Keep it up!

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Hey Ace,

      Thanks a lot man, really appeciate that you took your time to comment and share your thoughts. Glad you like my site and found the interview inspiring and motivating. I will provide more great stuff like this on here, be so sure 🙂

      Have a great day,

  26. What a really great interview Navid that you’ve done here with Pat and a wonderful job.

    I’ve never really followed Pat much, I was always so busy with what I was doing that the first time I visited his blog I was so intimidated by him and the accomplishments he had made. I thought at that time I could never do what he was doing so I stayed on my little course. My course is still little in my eyes but I so admire him for being such an open book and that’s the kind of person I am as well.

    Thank you again for sharing this and I hope everyone will stop by and listen to this one.


    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thank you so much Adrienne, I really appreciate that you took your valuable time to leave such a nice comment on my blog.

      I think Pat is one of the best and most honest guys in the “make money online” niche and someone I learnt a lot from and his book also inspired me to really take action an start to let go myself.

      You shouldn’t feel too intimidated Adrienne, what you are doing is great, your blog is awesome and you provide so much value and the amount of comments you get is just amazing to see. Very inspring, and I visit your site on a regular basis now 🙂

      Once again, thanks for your kind and encouraging words!

      All the best,

  27. Robin J Emdon says:

    Wow Navid! 🙂

    Some really great tips here! Superb interview and so much material to absorb and act on!



    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks a lot Robin, I am really glad you liked the interview and resources I provided. Hope you found some great tips that you can use in your business and take action on.

      I will check out your site very soon as well 🙂

  28. Julia Reed says:

    That was a very interesting interview. Truly helpful and encouraging tips and very interesting questions. Thanks for sharing these amazing resources

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks a lot Julia, and welcome to my blog. I’m very glad that you enjoyed the interview and took your time to leave a comment, really appreciate it!

  29. bbrian017 says:

    Hi Navid,

    This is a smashing post. I never read such a detailed interview. Pat Flynn is a great source of inspiration who wants to become a businessman. As a business owner myself, I like to draw inspiration from a guy like that.

    Smashing post.

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Hi Brian,

      Thanks so much for your awesome comment and sharing your valuable thoughts! Pat Flynn is a true inspiration and someone I look up to and many others can learn from as well. Everything he does is amazing!

      Have a great day,

  30. John Shea says:

    Hi Navid,

    I interviewed Pat as well, awesome resource page you put together here! Found your interview while browsing YouTube.

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the kind words and stopping by my site, I really appreciate it! Really cool that you found it on YouTube 🙂

      I just checked out your site, and I really enjoy it! I will definitely follow you from now on, and listen to your show!

      All the best,

  31. It’s exciting to connect with like-minded people. We are in the Information Age and we, your readers, will be the first group to make this popular. My grandfather is 90 years old. His mind was blown when he experienced the technology an iPad possessed. Imagine what we are going to have when we are 90. It is exciting to know that we are the people to create new ways of doing business and technology. Thank you for helping us make our dreams come true and make this world a better place!

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      That’s so true man, I couldn’t agree more with you!

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful and awesome comment Ryan, your encouraging words and support means a lot!

  32. Awesome to start with Pat Flynn as a first interview Navid! This one and the one with Rasmus Lindgren are currently my favorite ones.

    Checking in every day on your blog, always excited for your next interview!

    Keep it up!


    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks Anton, I really appreciate it! This interview with Pat Flynn was the first one I ever did, so it will always be very special for me. The one with Rasmus is great as well, glad you like them both!

      Thanks again for your support and encouraging words 🙂

      – Navid

  33. Very inspiring, as always! Awesome interview 🙂

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks a lot Alfredo! Glad that you found the interview to be inspiring and helpful 🙂

  34. Great Interview, Navid! The online world is still a new and very exciting place to be! Thanks for the tips and resources. Keep it up!

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks so much Roger, I’m really glad that you enjoy the interview and the tips and resources I provided!

  35. Celest Horton says:

    Great interview! I am a huge Pat Flynn fan myself and it is so great to see how down to earth he really is. Thank you for the inspirational post. Keep up the good work.

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks so much Celest!

      Pat Flynn is awesome, glad you enjoyed this interview 🙂

  36. Dean Patino says:

    Outstanding interview with Pat, thanks Navid! Anyone in business can always learn something from Pat Flynn, his straight forward approach and explanations how to do things are invaluable. Plus he shares what didn’t work; he’s so open and honest.

    This article is an amazingly powerful resource on it’s own, let alone having the video interview with Pat!

    I liked the question you asked Pat about what he would do different if he had to do over again and of course his answer. Navid, again thank you for an inspiring article and interview with Pat Flynn!

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks a ton for your kind words and support Dean!

      Pat made the interview easier for me since he’s such a natural now, despite that this was my very first interview I did 🙂

      Again, thanks for your awesome comment. I appreciate YOU!

  37. Paul Colaianni says:

    I didn’t even know Pat Flynn had a book out. Goes to show how much I’m paying attention! Great interview – I’ve learned something new. Thanks!

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks Paul, I really appreciate it! Feel free to check out his book, it’s a great and inspiring read 🙂

  38. Navid, Great interview! Congrats on what you are doing. It’s also good to chat with you and sharing your knowledge.

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks so much Eric, I really appreciate it!

      Let’s have a chat soon again, glad that you joined FNE 🙂

      All the best,

      – Navid

  39. So much good info on this interview! Both Pat and Navid are such inspirations. I’ve read 4HWW and after reading this article added the other two books Pat mentioned to my Amazon shopping cart.

    Thanks for always putting out awesome content for us, Navid!

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks Brian! I’m really glad you enjoyed this interview with Pat Flynn!

  40. LOVE IT! Love Patt’s work and this was amazing man! I love all the resources and links you provide too!

  41. Navid Moazzez says:

    Awesome Emeroy, glad you liked the interview and the resources I linked up in the post 🙂

  42. Aman Sareen says:

    Really very Awesome Interview, With Patt Flyn , So much Inspiration

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks a lot Aman, I really appreciate it!

  43. Sanjeev Garg says:

    Now that’s an awesome interview Navid. His website SPI has always helped beginners like me 🙂

    You also got a cool website. 🙂

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks so much Sanjeev, I’m glad you enjoyed this interview with Pat Flynn! It was the first interview I ever did 🙂

  44. Elizabeth says:

    FANTASTIC interview Navid! Absolutely love Pat, he is such a generous human being.

    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Thanks a lot Elizabeth, I really appreciate all the support! And Pat is awesome, so glad I got to do this interview early on when I was first getting started online 🙂

  45. Elitewritings says:

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  46. Jeremiah Say says:

    Pat Flynn is one of the most inspiring internet entrepreneurs I’ve ever come across. He has an advantage because he truly cares for his readers and customers.

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