The One Funnel Away Challenge is NOT your average funnel-building course.

Are you ready to crush it with your first ever sales funnel?

Or maybe this isn’t your first rodeo…that’s fine too…either way, you’re in the right place to hit it out of the park with your next sales funnel.

This is the most complete and detailed OFA Challenge review you’ll find on the internet.

In this ultimate in-depth review, you’ll find everything there is to know about Russell Brunson’s epic course, both the good and the bad (although if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves for some good ‘ol fashioned hard work, there really aren’t any downsides).

However, if you were hoping to buy a training program and set it aside for later, then the OFA Challenge probably isn’t for you.

On the flipside, if you’re pumped for the 30-day funnel hacking experience of a lifetime, then stick around…you’re in the right place.

Before we get too far along though, a FULL DISCLAIMER: I’m an affiliate for Russell’s course and I’ll earn a commission if you decide to sign up through my affiliate link…but don’t worry…if you use my link, you’ll get the same low price as everyone else…it’s no extra cost to you.

I only recommend trainings I believe in 100%.

As a matter of fact, I’ve already purchased the One Funnel Away Challenge TWICE to grow my own business.

Not only that, but if you purchase through the link on this review, you’ll get hooked up with my exclusive OFA Bonus Experience which includes several incredible bonuses that will help you get the most out of your One Funnel Away journey. You can’t find these bonuses anywhere else and they aren’t sold separately.

If you’ve already decided that you want to join the OFA Challenge, you can do so by clicking the button below….

You’ll find a table of contents below for quick navigation to the parts of The OFA Challenge review that most interest you.

Let’s dig in!

Table Of Contents

Part 1: What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge?

Part 2: IsThe One Funnel Away Challenge Right For Me??

Part 3: Why You Need To Join The Next One Funnel Away Challenge?

Part 4: An In-Depth Look Inside The One Funnel Away Challenge?

Part 5: One Funnel Away Challenge Pricing

Part 6: One Funnel Away Challenge Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Part 7: One Funnel Away Challenge Reviews & Testimonials (Other OFA Challenge Customers)

Part 8: My Epic One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus Experience

Part 9: One Funnel Away Challenge Conclusion: Would I Sign Up For The OFA Challenge Again?

Part 1: What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge?

One Funnel Away Challenge Product Image

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day training course that takes you step-by-step through the process of building and launching a high-performing funnel…

…but there’s one HUGE TWIST!

30 days after you start the program, it self-destructs (yes, just like Mission Impossible, lol).

This means that if you don’t take massive action, you’re investment will be gone forever.

When you purchase The OFA Challenge, you aren’t buying a course that takes 30 days to complete…you’re buying a 30-day EXPERIENCE that’s unlike anything else.

In addition to the course itself, you’re going to get a big box with a whole bunch of amazing books, videos, and trainings, but the main reason this program works is because it forces you to take action.

Every single day you’ll go through a whole bunch of training that takes you one step closer to launching an amazing, high-converting funnel.

But fear not…you’ll have some amazing coaches by your side every step of the way:

Meet Your Coaches:

One Funnel Away Challenge Coaches

The OFA training is laid out by three of the best funnel hackers in the biz:

  • Russell Brunson “The Strategist”
  • Julie Stoian “The Transformer”
  • Stephen Larsen “The Executioner”

Russell is the co-founder of ClickFunnels, a funnel building software that has helped its users generate massive amounts of revenue. He’s also the author of several bestselling books on marketing and entrepreneurship, including…

Russell has sold over 250,000 copies of his books and grown a following of over a million business owners and lifestyle entrepreneurs.

His software alone has created over 200 millionaires.

Your second coach is Julie.

She’s a 7-figure entrepreneur who knows firsthand how to crush it with ClickFunnels.

Her videos are an integral part of the training and she shows you step-by-step how to implement Russell’s strategies.

And last but not least, your third coach is Stephen.

He’ll be your “master of ceremonies” for the live group calls and act as your accountability coach (this guy’s a ball of energy…you’re going to love him).

One Funnel Away Challenge Overview

Here’s a quick overview of what you get with The One Funnel Away Challenge:

  • 6 total weeks of lessons (including the pre-training and post-training weeks)
  • 30 days of of video missions from Russell Brunson ($997 value)
  • 30 Days of coaching from Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen ($997 value)
  • One Funnel Away Challenge Customized Kit and 30-day Plan ($247 value)
  • BONUS #1: Physical Copy of the Challenge Workbook ($97 value)
  • BONUS #2: MP3 Player with Russell’s Daily Lessons ($297 value)
  • BONUS #3: 30 Days Hardcover Book ($97 value)
  • BONUS #4: Unlimited Access to 30 Days Interviews ($197 value)
  • BONUS #5: Behind the Scenes-Two Comma Club Interviews ($197 value)


(Pssst…but you can snag the whole program TODAY for only $100)

How The One Funnel Away Challenge Works

The One Funnel Away Challenge starts with Belief Week, where Russell will get you in the right mindset to crush the program.

Russell believes that this is the most important part of the OFA Challenge, and it’s one of the main reasons why he created the course.

The hardest part of learning how to make money online isn’t figuring out which steps to take…it’s getting yourself to believe that the steps will work… then motivating yourself to actually take them.

This is what Belief Week is all about, so it’s critical not to skip this essential step.

I tell the same thing to my Virtual Summit Mastery students, and so does Stu McLaren with his TRIBE course students.  

Whether you’re learning how to create a membership site, how to create an online course, or how to start a blog, the same rule applies:


They give you a launch pad for the rest of the course.

After Belief Week, you’ll spend the next 30 days completing the daily missions that get delivered your inbox (each one takes about an hour).

Every lesson builds on the one before, so it’s important to stay on schedule (the homework that comes with each lesson will help you do that).

The Standout Pro’s And Con’s Of One Funnel Away Challenge


  • The OFA Challenge is the ultimate motivational tool for creating your first (or next funnel).
  • It’s hosted by Russell Brunson, one of the world’s leading digital marketers innovator behind ClickFunnels.
  • 7-figure entrepreneur Julie Stoian shows you how to implement Russell’s killer marketing strategies.
  • It’s only $100! That’s a steal considering everything that’s included.
  • The course takes you step-by-step through the entire process for creating a high-converting offer.
  • Build your funnel with strategies that Russell himself use.
  • Bond with the Funnel Hacker Community and other OFA participants for another layer of accountability.
  • Have as much fun possible creating while creating your funnel. Russell has done everything he can to gamify the process so that you feel like you’re on an epic mission…except that instead of earning points and badges, earning stacks of money.


  • It’s IMPOSSIBLE to do the course at your own pace (the whole point is to take action right NOW).
  • If you decide to put off a few training days for the weekend, you’re going to fall behind and fail miserably (harsh but true).
  • This course requires A LOT of time for a short, finite period of you life (a little over 30 days). In the end though, it should pay you back 10-fold.

Part 2: Is One Funnel Away Challenge Right For Me?

The One Funnel Away Challenge isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

It’s a high-octane, demanding, fast-paced funnel school on steroids and it’s always 30 days or less from self-destructing.

The good news is that if you can keep up the pace, you’ll be ready to make serious money with your next funnel.

Here’s how to know if The OFA Challenge is right for you:

One Funnel Away Challenge Is Right For You If:

  • You’ve never built a funnel before and the idea is overwhelming.
  • You’ve created funnels in the past, but you want to make sure to do great job with the next one.
  • You’re trying to figure out how to reach more people.
  • You sell something that solves a problem.
  • You run a business that fulfills a desire.
  • Your company’s growth is stuck but you can’t figure out why.
  • You want to make a bigger impact on the world.
  • You don’t have a product, but you want to start selling other people’s products as an affiliate.
  • You’re a lifestyle entrepreneur that wants to boost their marketing skills.
  • You’re in a job that you hate and you want to get out.
  • You can commit at least an hour a day for 30 days (plus the week 1 pre-training)
  • You’ll refuse to miss even one day of training.
  • You promise to tune in to Stephen’s daily live coaching calls.
  • You want to run a funnel to get more sign-ups for your virtual conference or other virtual event.
  • You can commit to learning the material and immediately taking action.
  • You’re willing to invest a small fee of $100 for one of the most value-packed funnel building programs ever created.

One Funnel Away Challenge Is NOT Right For You If:

  • You don’t have an hour-a-day to dedicate to this course.
  • You can’t work 30 days straight on expanding your funnel knowledge (plus one week of pre-training and one week of post-training).
  • $100 is too expensive.
  • You can’t dedicate one hour a day for 30 days straight.
  • You aren’t willing to do the prep work and homework.

Part 3: Why You Need To Join The Next One Funnel Away Challenge

I’ve already bought the One Funnel Away Challenge at least two times by now.

Why am I going back for seconds and thirds of the same info course?

Because The OFA Challenge gives the ultimate gift that no other funnel course does:


This course self destructs exactly 30 days after you start it, making it the ULTIMATE procrastination destroyer.

Russell was sick and tired of seeing people buy his courses, only to watch them never take action.

He calls it “The Manana Principle” (Spanish for tomorrow), at it happens when putting it off until tomorrow inevitably leads to never doing it at all.

If you’re serious about building funnels, then the OFA Challenge will light a fire under your butt…

Plus, coach Stephen will be in your ear on group calls to keep you on track.

Are you ready to seize the day for 30 days straight?

And remember, enrollment isn’t always open, so it’s important to take action while you can.

Part 4: An In-Depth Look Inside The One Funnel Away Challenge

One Funnel Away Challenge Review Product Image

By the time you’re done with the One Funnel Away Challenge, you’re going to understand the fundamentals of…

  • Direct response marketing
  • Hook, Story, Offer
  • How to sequence your offer
  • How to use ClickFunnels to build out Funnels
  • OTO pages
  • Membership areas
  • Order forms
  • How to drive massive traffic using ClickFunnels

Literally all the core fundamentals of what you need to know to be successful in the funnel hacking game…you’re going to learn in 30 days.

The way it works is every single day you’ll have another video lesson unlocked and delivered directly into your inbox.

Each one starts with a video of Russell with his almighty whiteboard, where he doodles-out key concepts in layman’s terms.

After Russell spells out the strategy, Julie comes on to explain how to implement it with actionable steps.

Make sure to really jump on these sessions, because at the end of each day, Stephen is going to hold a live group coaching session.

These sessions are the most important part of each day, because they motivate you to keep going full speed ahead.

It’s easy to grasp Russell’s theories and Julie’s action steps, but the hard part is dealing with that pesky voice in your head that says you can’t do it…or that it might work for other people, but it won’t work for you…

But that’s where Stephen comes in to help you overcome that internal resistance.

Plus, you’ll be able to ask him any questions you may have.

Are you ready to put in the time?

The One Funnel Away Challenge demands at least an hour a day…for 30 days straight, and you won’t be able to keep up if you don’t stay consistent.

Pre-Training Brief

The very first week is called Belief Week.

It’s a series of videos that get you to deeply believe that The OFA Challenge can actually work for you.

Russell has been creating and selling online courses for a while, and his #1 pet peeve is how often people fail to actually implement the material.

That’s why he spends an entire week getting you mentally prepared to believe in the process.

Here’s what Russell covers in Belief Week:

  • The Framework
  • One Funnel Away
  • The Who…Not the How
  • Funnel Hacking
  • Lady Boss Story
  • The Map

If you watch the videos and go through the training, by the end of it you’ll be poised to take the funnel world by storm.

Week 1: Hook, Story, Offer

Russell’s Hook, Story, and Offer video:

Week 1 teaches you how to research other successful Facebook marketers to find out their secrets to success.

You’ll also get an overview of the basic elements of funnel hacking, like how to sequence offers and the importance of visual design.

Here are your missions for Week 1 if you choose to accept them:

  • Mission #1: Offer Hacking
  • Mission # 2: The Greatest Showman
  • Mission # 3: Offer Sequencing
  • Mission #4: The Secret of E-covers
  • Mission #5: Creating Your Products

Week 2: Your Hooks and Stories

Week 2 is all about sales copy.

It’s a time-tested fact that having the right words on the page (a.k.a. copywriting) is the most important element of selling, and that goes for both written copy and spoken video scripts.

Mission #2, The Epiphany bridge, is especially powerful because it explains how to incorporate persuasive stories into everything you do.

Here are your missions for Week 2 if you choose to accept them:

  • Mission #1: Testing Your Material
  • Mission #2: Epiphany Bridge
  • Mission #3: Publishing Your Origin Story
  • Mission #4: Testing Hooks/Stories

If you want a MASSIVE CHEAT CODE for creating amazing copy, then check out our full Funnel Scripts review here.

Funnel Scripts One Funnel Away Challenge Scripts

Week 3: The Funnel

Week 3 is, you guessed it…all about The Funnel.

At his point, you’ve spent a week getting mentally prepared, a week learning the basics of how to sell online, and a week lifting the curtain on sales copy…

Now it’s time to put it all into a high-converting funnel that drives massive sales.

Here are your missions for Week 3 if you choose to accept them:

  • Mission #1: Generate a Lead / Make a Sale
  • Mission #2: ClickFunnels
  • Mission #3: Sequence Page
  • Mission #4: Sales Page / Order Form
  • Mission #5: OTO Page
  • Mission #6: Member’s Area

Week 4: Make It Rain

Now for the fun part: making it rain cold, hard cash.

Week 4 of this epic 30-day crunch-time challenge is all about launching your funnel.

It explains the concepts of HOT, WARM, and COLD leads and how to guide them through the funnel.

Russell also teaches you how to make adjustments if you funnel flops…hey, it happens.

Here are your missions for Week 4 if you choose to accept them:

  • Mission #1: The 3 Types of Traffic
  • Mission #2: The Dream 100
  • Mission #3: Hooks (Earned)
  • Mission #4: Hooks (Paid)
  • Mission #5: What Happens When Your Funnel Flops?

One Funnel Away Challenge Facebook Group

One Funnel Away Challenge Private Facebook Group

You’ll make some awesome, genuine connections in The One Funnel Away Facebook group.

One of the biggest benefits of The OFA Challenge is the support system that you get to plug into along the way.

Mastering the art of funnel hacking can feel overwhelming at times, but it’s easier to manage with a solid group of fellow entrepreneurs to go to for advice.

One thing is for sure when it comes to Russell’s private FB groups: the members are pumped up to share their biggest funnel building secrets, affiliate marketing tips, and all sorts of other helpful advice.

OFA Challenge Kit

One Funnel Away Challenge Kit

NOTE: You have two ways to buy The OFA Challenge Kit.

OPTION #1: Pay an additional $19.95 for shipping and handling and get the PHYSICAL version of the 30 Day book, the course workbook, and the MP3 player with Russell’s and Stephen’s recordings.

OPTION #2: Get PDF versions of the books and downloadable audio files (no MP3 player) for no additional fee.

BONUS #1: 30 Days Book

One Funnel Away Challenge 30 Days Hardcover book

The 30 Days book is 550-page manual with detailed funnel plans from 30 of Russells Two Comma Club members.

The premise of the book is that if you just lost everything, how would you get your wealth back in 30 days as an unknown newbie?

Russell asked this question to his Two Comma Club members, and the result is this amazing book.

The coolest thing about the 30 Day book is that you can flip through it page-by-page and see 30 full funnel plans laid out step-by-step.

BONUS #2: One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook

One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook

Course workbooks are easy to ignore, but they can deliver a ton of value when you put them to use.

If you opt for the physical version, a spiral-bound copy will be delivered to your door.

On the other hand, if you go with the digital version, you’ll be able to print it off and use it at home immediately.

I strongly encourage my Virtual Summit Mastery students to use the course action plan checklist that’s included with VSM and to complete all the action steps…

…and Russell preaches the same advice.

Completing the exercises makes you feel a sense of accomplishment and motivates you to crush the next day.

Bonus #3: Training Recordings + MP3 Player

One Funnel Away Challenge MP3

Okay, the real value here obviously isn’t in the MP3 player itself but in the recordings inside.  

Get over 50 voice recordings of all of Russell’s daily trainings (Day 1 through Day 30) + recordings of Stephen’s live coaching calls from the first challenge.

If you opt for the physical version of the course, you’ll get an actual MP3 player, but if you just want the downloadable recordings, then the digital version is all you need.

They’re great to listen to while you do chores or run errands (not to mention a huge time-saver).

BONUS #4 and #5: 30-Day Summit Interviews + Behind-the-Scenes

In case you’re wondering what comes next on your marketing journey, Russell’s star students share their funnel plans in these 30 bonus videos.

But these aren’t just any star students, they’re members of the Two Comma Club (people who have made millions with ClickFunnels).

You can find the bonus videos in The OFA Challenge membership area.

One Funnel Away Challenge 2 Comma Club member videos

They feature all the Two Comma Club members from the 30 Days book that comes with the course.

Each member lays out their entire 30-day plan for achieving massive success.

You also get access to extra behind-the-scenes bonus footage (you actually get to see inside their funnels as they walk you through everything in ClickFunnels step-by-step).

Part 5: One Funnel Away Challenge Pricing

At only $100, The One Funnel Away Challenge is the most affordable course on the market for learning how to sell with sales funnels.

One Funnel Away Challenge Pricing $100

However, there is one small detail to the pricing that you need to be aware of:

If you want a hardcover copy of the 30 Days book, a spiral-bound course workbook, and an actual MP3 player with Russell’s recordings, then you’ll have to pay an extra $19.95 for shipping ($29.95 intl).

Want to keep it digital?

Fear not…the digital version comes with downloadable audio recordings and PDF files of the 30 Days book and course workbook.

Part 6: One Funnel Away Challenge Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I don’t have a lot of time to watch videos every day for 30 days in a row. Should I still join?

The course demands an hour a day for 30 days (plus the pre-training week).

It’s extremely easy to fall behind, and once you do, it’s hard to catch up.

TIME SAVING TIP: listen to the audio recordings of Russell’s daily calls on the way to work or at the gym.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

Of course!

Russell guarantees that if you participate fully and take action every day (including tuning into the live calls) then there’s no way you’ll even want a refund.

However…if you still feel like it wasn’t worth the $100, then you can return it anytime within the first 30 days for a full refund.

But if you’re like most of Russell’s students, the experience will transform your business (and maybe even your life…you wouldn’t be the first).

Q: How much does The One Funnel Away Challenge cost?

The digital version of the program costs $100, and the physical version costs an additional $19.95 for shipping ($29.95 intl).

The physical version comes with a spiral-bound workbook, a hardcover copy of the 30 Days book, and an MP3 player loaded with 51 audio recordings of Russell’s daily trainings and some of Stephen’s live coaching calls.

With the digital version, you get PDF copies of the 30 Days book and course workbook, plus downloadable audio files.

Q: Do I need to have my own product to sell in order to use the program?

No, plenty of people get started as an affiliate for other people’s recurring affiliate programs and other services.

Q: Does The One Funnel Away Challenge have an affiliate program?

Yes, and in my opinion it has one of the best affiliate programs ever.


Because it pays 100% commissions (and 40% on all other ClickFunnels products, including ClickFunnels software).

You can sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge affiliate program here.

Russell explains The OFA affiliate program:

I’m no math wiz, but I’m pretty sure this means that you make your money back with just one referral.

Plus, the fact that it’s the best ClickFunnels training out there makes it an easy sell.

Part 7: One Funnel Away Challenge Reviews & Testimonials (Other Customers)

Here are some One Funnel Away Challenge reviews and testimonials who are raving about the program and the results they are getting by implementing and taking massive action on what they learn.

One Funnel Away Challenge Review testimonial
One Funnel Away Challenge Review testimonial
One Funnel Away Challenge Review testimonial
One Funnel Away Challenge Review testimonial
One Funnel Away Challenge Review testimonial
One Funnel Away Challenge Review Testimonial
One Funnel Away Challenge Review testimonials

Disclaimer: Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of ClickFunnels. Their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, business model, and market forces beyond our control. We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims, and you may not make your money back.

Part 8: My Epic One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus Experience

Did my One Funnel Away Challenge review get you interested in taking the next challenge?

Why not get some extra goodies by getting my exclusive OFA bonuses.

Here is what you will get:


Part 9: One Funnel Away Challenge Conclusion: Would I Sign Up For The OFA Challenge Again?

Thanks for taking the time to read this ultimate One Funnel Away Challenge review.

This course is by far the most affordable and highest value training program Russell has ever put together, and honestly, the price is so low that it’s pretty much free…

It’s sole purpose is to help you learn how to drive sales with ClickFunnels…and FAST.

Once your brain is wired into the course, you’ll see how powerful it really is…

All you have to do is put your butt-kicking boots on, roll your sleeves up, and commit to 30 days of awesomeness.

Russell, Julie, and Stephen will be with you every step of the way…

The OFA Challenge is a training program, accountability coach, and supportive community all rolled into one.

Russell is the #1 authority in the world when it comes to creating killer funnels, and he truly cares about his students’ success…

For me, that’s reason enough to join the course…

When I recommend this course, I know that you’ll be in good hands and will be in the best possible position for success.

People have paid Russell tens of thousands of dollars to learn from him and his team.

Thankfully, The OFA Challenge gets you access to his most important core concepts for only $100.

So YES, I’d most definitely buy Russell’s course if I hadn’t already gone through it (in fact I’ve bought it not only once, but two times!).

It can be life-changing, and you can buy it with a 30-day guarantee.

With that in mind, you should act fast and grab the OFA challenge program now while you still can.

Enrollment is only open for short periods of time, and it’s the most effective way to skyrocket your success.

On top of all this, I’m throwing in some pretty epic bonuses of my own to sweeten the deal and over-deliver on value.

So…what are you waiting for?

Is this going to be your first funnel or are you a seasoned vet?

Let me know in the comments below.

I’m Navid Moazzez. I’m a full-time lifestyle entrepreneur, super affiliate, and creator of Virtual Summit Mastery, living my best life in Panama City, Panama and around the world. If you have any questions or comments for me, just send an email or leave a comment below!

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