8 Marketing Automations You Need Today with Nathan Barry of ConvertKit

Email Marketing

by Navid Moazzez

Last Updated:
May 28, 2020

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Nathan Barry ConvertKit Masterclass

About This Masterclass With Nathan Barry:

In this expert masterclass session (originally featured on Navid Moazzez's List Building School Virtual Summit 1.0), ConvertKit founder Nathan Barry shows you 8 marketing automations you need today, including exclusive behind the scenes access to learn how to automate your sales funnel like Pat Flynn + massive Q&A.


In This Masterclass Session With Nathan Barry, You'll Discover:

  • What kind of automated emails to send (6:08), (11:10)
  • Why you should tag customers and how to do this (14:18), (16:25)
  • How to segment your list and what to use (20:18), (22:36) 
  • What emails to send at the end of your launch (24:46) 
  • Advanced email marketing automation (27:46) and the 4 benefits of ConvertKit over other tools
  • Q&A Session with Nathan Barry (45:25)

Key Takeaways From Nathan Barry's List Building School Masterclass Session:

Nathan built a list of 24,380 over 2 years and did $500,000 selling books and online courses based on his skills / experience.

  • He saw vast majority of his revenue came directly from his email list.
  • Takeaway: the biggest myth is you have to have a huge list to make serious money online.
  • Led him to creating ConvertKit, the best email marketing software for professional bloggers.

8 Automation Rules to set up today - start simple

Automation #1: The Autoresponder (6:08)

  • Series of automated emails that go out to your email list based on time they subscribe.
  • Email Course is an example of this and used it as his free giveaway/content upgrade.
  • Promote this email course in your content or have people share to get subscribers.

Automation #2: The Automated Pitch (11:10)

  • Email sequence that pitches your product.
  • 3 keys to making a sales: Trust, Desire, Pitch.
  • First few emails are all about building trust from teaching and desire from hinting they can do this too.
  • In later email, you pitch your product for them to buy and then go back to educational content with sales pitch emails in between.
  • Automated sales = win! All emails are perfectly timed for each subscriber.

Automation #3: Tag Customers (14:18)

  • Know who bought your products by tagging them so they don’t keep getting sales emails.
  • ConvertKit integrates with other platforms and shopping carts so you can tag buyers.

Automation #4: Exclude buyers from your Pitch (16:25)

  • The reason you do this is to exclude buyers from your sales pitch email sequences.
  • Takeaway: you can do follow up email sequence to your buyers to help them take action and get results.

Automation $5: Trigger Actions with a Link (20:18)

  • Add a link in your emails and if they click that link it tags them as interested.
  • Examples of this is email to register for webinar or to subscribe to email course.

Automation #6: Segment Multiple Topics (22:36)

  • Segment your list by topic so you can easily email everyone interested in that topic.
  • You don’t even have to ask, you can segment based on links they click on.

Automation #7: Downsell at end of your Launch (24:46)

  • After launch closes, send a final offer to everyone who is tagged as interested but hasn’t purchased yet.
  • You could offer a lite version of your course or payment plan option to make it cheaper. 
  • Takeaway: A great way to use this email is “I know you didn’t buy and I’d love to know why” to hear their reasons why.
  • You will make much more sales with this final email and offering a downsell.

Automation #8: Advanced Onboarding (27:46)

  • This is example of what Pat Flynn does with his intro/welcome email.
  • Ask questions to learn your subscriber’s interests with link triggers that tags them based on which link they click on.
  • Example: Which of the following describes you, Click on 1 answer below.
  • Pat uses this to segment his list by what stage of business they are in. 
  • Then he can pitch relevant products based on that stage.
  • Other way is send different content based on subscriber actions (links clicked, tags)
  • The issue is you can’t do this with many current email tool (Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp).

Where Some Other Email Service Providers (AWeber, Getresponse, Mailchimp) Lack Compared To ConvertKit

1. Very difficult to give an opt in incentive

2. Subscribers are trapped in lists (no tags)

3. Difficult to create email courses (email sequences)

4. No real marketing automation features

ConvertKit is built for professional bloggers and authors. Learn how to start a blog and how to make money blogging

Overall ConvertKit is perfect for lifestyle entrepreneurs, digital nomads and anyone who's interested to start a lifestyle business they can run from anywhere in the world (I also wrote an in-depth guide about my approach to lifestyle design here you can check out).

Nathan says ConvertKit has the power of Infusionsoft but easier to use than Mailchimp for an affordable price (I don't 100% agree that it has the power of Infusionsoft, but it's for sure a very solid solution if you're just getting started with email marketing).

Q&A Session from Nathan Barry Masterclass (45:25):

Q: How often do you email broadcasts if you have people on a sequence?

Answer: If you are just sending a 1 broadcast every 2 weeks or so it doesn’t matter, but if you publish and send 2 broadcast emails a week, you should look to not send until people have completed your sequence before they get your broadcast emails.

Q: How do you transfer your list from Mailchimp to ConvertKit?

Answer: Go to help.convertkit.com there is tutorial on how to transfer your list and w even have an automated importer to switch your Mailchimp list into ConvertKit with tags. Contact ConvertKit support if you need help.

Q: How is ConvertKit is different from Drip / LeadPages?

Answer: Drip is a good tool and is geared for more automations and tracking a lot of stuff for every subscriber to do more direct sales. ConvertKit is great fit for one to many sales.

Q: How is ConvertKit different from ActiveCampaign?

Answer: ActiveCampaign is like the new Infusionsoft and has more advanced automations. If you want something that is easier to setup then use ConvertKit. The difference is ConvertKit doesn’t have as much sophisticated automations like ActiveCampaign does.

Q: How many emails do you send to your new sign ups?

Answer: Nathan has 8 emails over 30 days. This is built in as a template into ConvertKit email sequences so it tells you what you should use.

Q: How many people do you send emails to and how is ConvertKit’s email deliverability?

Answer: People are sending over 110 million emails through ConvertKit. ConvertKit has good deliverability because they restrict who can use it to people who are sending great content and getting 20%+ open rates.

Q: Double opt in vs. single opt in?

Answer: ConvertKit has link to get the incentive (like a PDF) you giveaway and when they click that link they get confirmed as double opt in as well as download the file. You can also set your emails to single opt in if you want.

Q: Can you send emails in your sequence on different times?

Answer: Not right now, but it is high on our roadmap (it's now possible to do this as of 2019).

Q: Is it better to send text or html email?

Answer: I don’t think you should send beautiful designed html emails. Send it as text and you can bold, italic, make the text different colors or add images. This is a better way to engage and people being able to view/read them.

Q: Does ConvertKit integrate with OptimizePress?

Answer: Yes and ConvertKit now has 50+ direct integrations. If there is integrations you want let us know. We have direct integration with LeadPages and ClickFunnels. Also WebinarJam and EasyWebinar are integrated.

Q: How do you deliver lead magnets with ConvertKit?

Answer: Use a link inside the confirmation email that downloads the file. Just create a new form for a post if you want to deliver a content upgrade for your post.

Q: What external Mic do you use?

Answer: Nathan Barry uses Snowball mic, says it works good. I was using Audio Technica ATR2100 at the time (now I have a much more professional setup, but for starters ATR2100 works really well). 

Q: How do subscribers get on our list from our website?

Answer: you use a ConvertKit form that you embed on your website and they will subscribe to your ConvertKit account to manage.

ConvertKit is able to be translated into other languages. You can use tags to segment people on your list by language they want to receive.

Q: Can you do exit intent popup with ConvertKit?

Answer: Yes, you can use that setting when you create your form in ConvertKit

Q: What is ConvertKit adding?

Answer: Updates coming to Email Sequences like the time feature and being able to customize the content in your email based on tags like just the call to action at the end of your email (ConvertKit now has an pretty awesome visual automation builder, and many new features since we recorded the masterclass). 

Q: Affiliate platforms to use with ConvertKit?

Answer: Nathan, suggests using GumRoad or SamCart as your checkout/payment page and use their affiliate system with ConvertKit. 

Note: As of 2019, I would highly recommend using ThriveCart for your shopping cart and affiliate management system. You can check out my in-depth ThriveCart review here.

Q: Website platforms you integrate for blogging?

Answer: You can just add your form into whatever website you have. Recommend using WordPress, but look at SquareSpace as a website builder tool.

Q: Why use ConvertKit?

Answer: It was built for bloggers, authors (content creators) so it has system built on subscribers, tags and email course sequences that is easy to use.

Action Steps From Nathan Barry's Masterclass Session
  1. Start simple with email automation rules and having an email course that goes out automatically when someone subscribes.
  2. Add an automated pitch email sequence to sell your product after your email course builds trust.
  3. Tag customers who bought so you can exclude them from your pitch and use a follow up sequence just to them to help them use your product
  4. Segment your list with a link trigger in your emails to automatically tag who is interested in that topic.
  5. After you launch, send an email to get feedback on why they didn’t buy and offer a downsell lower priced option to convert more sales.

Connect With Nathan Barry Online:

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Now It's Your Turn

There you have it...

The 8 marketing automations you need today!

What's your biggest takeaway or lessoned learned from this masterclass session with Nathan Barry of ConvertKit?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

And don't forget to grab your 1 month free trial of ConvertKit here.

Thanks so much for checking out this masterclass interview with Nathan Barry, I appreciate YOU!


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