Melyssa Griffin On How To Double Your Traffic & Email List With Pinterest

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by Navid Moazzez

Last Updated:
February 28, 2020

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Melyssa Griffin Pinterest Masterclass

In this expert masterclass session (originally featured on Navid Moazzez’s List Building School Virtual Summit 1.0), Melyssa Griffin shares her action-packed and easy-to-implement strategies to double your email list and traffic in the next 30 days with Pinterest (including how Melyssa added 70,000+ subscribers to her email list in just 16 months) + massive Q&A.

In This Masterclass Session With Melyssa Griffin, You’ll Discover:

  • 3 Myths about Pinterest (7:37)
  • How to use Pinterest (11:53) and What Pinterest really is (17:49)
  • Where to put your Keywords in your Pins (23:37)
  • Designing Graphics that convert on Pinterest (28:10)
  • What to do to convert your Pinterest traffic (32:54)
  • Q&A Session with Melyssa Griffin (42:56)

Key Takeaways From Melyssa Griffin’s List Building Schooll Expert Masterclass Session:

Melyssa builds her list passively with automation and pinterest

  • Melyssa started her blog 4 years ago and struggled until she found Pinterest.
  • Tested Pinterest for her business and tripled her traffic and within 1 year had 30,000 email list.
  • Pinterest increased her income 700%. It grew her traffic, email list and sales on autopilot.

3 Myths about Pinterest (7:37)

  1. Pinterest is just for recipes, DIY projects and women: Business niches are here.
  2. Pinterest is a social media platform: It’s a Search engine so use it like one.
  3. If it didn’t work before, it won’t ever work: it means you need a different strategy.

#1: Become a curator on Pinterest not a hoarder (11:53)

  • Pin things specific your audience likes and become a curator of that topic.
  • It’s not about you, think of 1 person you’re trying to attract and not as a group.
  • Your boards include your content first, relevant to your audience and keywords.
    • Example: food photography keyword in board with portfolio of your content
  • Bottom line: think of board topics (keywords) that attract your target audience

#2: Pinterest isn’t for Social Media (17:49)

  • Key takeaway: Pinterest is a search engine, uses keywords and content for your audience.
  • Pinterest uses Smart Feed which displays Best Pins first not newest pins.
  • Use Keywords people would search for to get into Best Pins search rankings.
  • If you target right keywords you will attract right audience.
    • Example: Your blog on healthy eating, your keyword = “paleo recipes”
    • Example: Web design business for authors, your keyword = “website for author”
    • Example: Sell courses on how to train your dog, your keyword = “puppy training”

Where to put your Keywords in your Pins (23:37)

  • Put keywords in your pin description to make it a rich pin title of your blog post with your domain at the bottom with targeted keywords in the description and no hashtags.
  • You need to use keywords for your pins to have good Pinterest SEO and display in search.
  • If you don’t use keywords no one will see your pins.

Designing Graphics that convert on Pinterest (28:10)

  • 1st thing is make vertical pins because they appear much larger with bigger image.
  • Share takeaway they get on the pin to entice them to click through to your website.
  • Make it evergreen content (no dates) with clear takeaway they get from your post.
  • Add your opt-in incentive on the pin image (free cheat sheet, workbook, book, etc).

You give them what they want from your Pinterest traffic (32:54)

  • What do you want people to do when they go to your site (comments, subscribers, customers).
  • Pinterest grew Melyssa’s list to 75,000 subscribers in 1.5 years.
  • Offer an opt-in incentive that solves a Big problem your audience has for free.
  • 3 ways to find what you should make your opt-in incentive:
  1. Go to facebook groups for your targeted audience and use search bar to see what people are talking about and questions are they asking for that keyword
  2. Send a survey asking people what they need help with from you
  3. Add live chat to your site to see what people ask you to find your opt-in idea
  • Once you know the idea, create a free challenge or email course because:
    • It has high perceived value in bite size chunks.
    • Builds relationship with your audience instead of one-off email.
    • People see you as Authority and get used to you.
  • Examples of Challenge or Email Course:
    • Triple your Traffic in 7 Days (send daily lesson email of what to do you) |X30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge
  • Key takeaway: Melyssa recommends making a link in your header menu your opt-in.
  • She doubled her opt-in rate by making Free Resources link in her header menu popup an opt-in form when clicked.

Q&A Session from Melyssa Griffin Masterclass (42:56):

Q: Did you blog just about Graphic Design or other topics as well?

Answer: Before I blogged about everything and wasn’t focused. I got smarter and started blogging about things that are going to help your target audience. I blog to provide knowledge and information that my audience is searching for on Pinterest and Google.

Q: If I have irrelevant boards on Pinterest, can I just make it secret instead of deleting them?

Answer: Yes, you can make your boards secret to hide them so your public boards are targeted for your audience..

Q: Where do the keywords go in the pin?

Answer: Keywords go in the title, description and your Pinterest profile.

Q: Should there only be keyword strings or full sentence form?

Answer: Pinterest made a change to make the description area shorter so I suggest is just put keywords into that space not sentences. There is space for 3-5 keywords.

Q: Should I send people from Pinterest to a landing page or my blog post?

Answer: You should send them to your blog post or your home page where you have your opt-in on that page.

Q: What if I have pins that are older?

Answer: Go back and edit the pin descriptions with keywords so your older pins can still help you get ranked in Pinterest.

Q: Does Pinterest work for other languages?

Answer: Search Pinterest and see what comes up for your language. I have seen other languages on there.

Q: Can you revise the Pins?

Answer: Yes, you can revise the Pins and your blog post to convert the traffic.

Q: Is it worth repinning other people’s content or just my stuff on public boards?

Answer: I recommend pinning 80% other people’s content and 20% of your own because it is important that you are pinning often and consistently every day. You can use scheduling tools to automate this. Curating best content for your target audience is how you get authority and seen more on Pinterest.

Q: How do you schedule your board?

Answer: I like Boardbooster, other people like Tailwind. Load up all the pins you like and schedule it so it will post pins everyday and loops your pins. Looping your pins means Pinterest scheduler will take your old content and repin it for you. Then it compares 2 pins and deletes the less popular so you only have 1 pin on your board for that topic. This way you have fresh content and your followers won’t see your same pins for like 2 months because you have so many pins and boards.

Q: Do you suggest all your images that you pin have the same theme?

Answer: It helps, but it is hard to do. For design related niches, you can use the same thing. For informational content, I recommend having relevant content that you pin and then look for well designed images you can use for that post.

Q: Do you recommend having multiple Pinterest accounts?

Answer: Instead of having multiple accounts, just make your boards secret that are not for your target audience so they never see them. You can have 1 account and just use public and secret boards. No matter what, I recommend upgrading to a business account on Pinterest even if you’re just starting because you get access to Pinterest analytics and using rich pins.

Q: How to set up rich Pins?

Answer: If you search Melyssa Griffin rich pins there is an article on her site that shows you how to do it.

Q: How many pins should I do daily or per week?

Answer: Every time I have new content I pin it. I pin about 75-80 pins a day by using looping with scheduler tool so don’t get worried because it is easy with using the scheduler. Again 80% of pins are other people’s and 20% is my content.

Q: Can I delete old pin images?

Answer: Yes, you can delete those images and add a new image to your pin.

Q: Can you still make Pinterest covers?

Answer: Yes, you can but they shrunk the cover size so check out the dimensions

Q: I own a general Parenting Magazine everything from Pregnancy to Parenting, is your advice to be more niche?

Answer: If you are doing well then continue to do that. If not, then focus on specific content that targets people you want to reach to attract that traffic to your site/ magazine.

Q: What about Pinterest ads?

Answer: I did it briefly, but I have been getting such great results for free organically. They have introduced retargeting and I will look to do it more.

Q: Should I change old low performing pins?

Answer: It is hard to tell now so I would just delete pins that are not relevant to your target audience.

Q: How do you know what pins and content is relevant to your target audience?

Answer: Go to facebook groups and searching for topic keywords to see the questions have. Another is asking people in your target audience what they are struggling with. You can add a chat box to your site and see what questions you get.

Q: What do you think of targeting a secondary market?

Answer: I don’t think you should do this because you want to keep it focused on who you are targeting. If you do different markets it will make it less specific.

Q: If I create new Pinterest boards, should i fill it up all at once?

Answer: I recommend scheduling so it doesn’t post all pins on 1 day because it could alert Pinterest as spam and pause your account. Don’t try to post 500 pins in 1 day.

Q: Does it matter how many boards you create?

Answer: I recommend creating at least 20 boards but I haven’t seen a case of too many boards unless you are getting too general with your niche.

Q: Is it good to have other boards for posting other people’s content if they are a competitor?

Answer: You could do it so you are not pinning your competitor’s similar product on your board. Pinning influencer’s content can help you become authority though if you sell information.

Q: How do you decide what is free content vs. paid product?

Answer: Teach the steps to do without the details in the free stuff. If they want more detail then that is what the paid product covers.

Q: Is there a better time of day to pin?

Answer: Pinterest algorithm works to display pins based on ranking of your account so it doesn’t matter time of day to pin. You want to become a best pinner so it will get ranked and seen more.

Q: I do movie and book reviews, should I do 1 board or multiple boards?

Answer: I would do 2 boards, 1 for movie review and 1 for book reviews. Then you can also pin your reviews to any other boards that is relevant to those topics.

Q: Can you have 2 different images for blog posts on your pins?

Answer: In Melyssa’s course Pinfinite Growth, she covers how to do this. There is an html code you can put it into your blog post so when people click the pin share button on your post, it will popup and then you can pin these different images for your pin post.

Q: Best way to organize a messy boards?

Answer: You can select 50 pins at 1 time and delete the irrelevant pins on your boards.

Q: Does Pinterest automatically resize your pin images?

Answer: It does shrink them to fit but the image size is not changed.

Q: How do you pick a board cover?

Answer: They changed it but you can still edit your board cover in settings.

Q: What is your most popular pin and why did it work so well?

Answer: I think it designed well for Pinterest, a vertical pin with pink color that popped. The main thing is the content stood out because the title of the pin hit a major struggle my target audience has (How to find clients). This pin showed up in search results and drove a lot of traffic.

Q: Can you talk about Pinterest buy it buttons?

Answer: You can use rich pins that shows price of a product with buy button on the pin as call to action. I think it works better for physical products instead of digital products like courses.

Q: What if your blog uses mostly horizontal pics?

Answer: I would create vertical image for your post and use html code to hide it in your post so when people click pinterest share button it will display as image to pin.

How do you collaborate with people to market yourself do you guest post? Answer: I typically do a webinar for other people’s audience. I start building relationships with these targeted people and offer to collaborate when you feel like you have mutually beneficial opportunity to help both of you.

Q: For your niche, do you recommend a board for each topic?

Answer: Yes, creating a board for each topic you cover with your blog.

Use Pinterest like you would use Google and don’t look to use it for comments.

Q: What tool do you recommend to create images for Pinterest?

Answer: I recommend using Canva to easily create nice designed images. It is great free tool for non designers and if they even have Pinterest templates. If you want more design, create a design template and use for your pins by just making simple tweaks for each of your post pins.

Q: Do you have content upgrades on all your pins?

Answer: I don’t. I do have opt-in incentive at the top of my website so they see that on all my posts.

Q: How do I get my personal board to the top?

Answer: You can go into your profile and drag the personal board move it to the top order.

I pin my blog posts immediately after I publish.

Q: Do you offer group boards?

Answer: I don’t because I don’t like other people having control of what gets sent out to the my followers. You can join other people’s group boards and use that to share your content.

Q: What platform do you use to offer your Courses?

Answer: I use Teachable which i like.

Q: Can you use the same keywords to all your pins?

Answer: I use mostly the same keywords not exact on all my pins and I have not seen any issues.

Q: How can I make my group board for clients private?

Answer: You can make that board secret to make it private

Q: How do you find group boards to join?

Answer: search on Pinterest for keywords and sort by boards. Then go through what is listed and look at the group boards to see how often people are pinning, when was the last time people pinned, how many followers. You want to see that the group board is active and sharing great content to know it is quality board.

Q: If my niche has burnout, how do I use content for this?

Answer: I would make a burnout board and put content all in here

Q: What to put in your profile name and description to engage people on the boards?

Answer: I put your name or brand name followed by a few keywords of exactly what you do. Briefly describe what you do and who you help in your bio with a link to an opt-in incentive.

I don’t think there is a limit to secret boards, I have over 100.

  1. Use Pinterest like a search engine to attract the right audience to your site.
  2. Make Pins with keywords driving targeted traffic to your site from Pinterest.
  3. Create a free challenge or email course to convert the traffic on your site.
  4. You add this incentive (challenge or course) to the header of your site for them to opt-in.
  5. Watch the subscribers roll in because this will quickly increase your list.

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