In this GroovePages review, you’ll discover why a lot of digital marketers and businesses are switching to this drag-and-drop page and funnel builder.

Even though GroovePages isn’t the first funnel builder and website builder on the market, it’s gaining a lot of attention.

Growing an online business can be hectic if you have to juggle with complex tools. 

GroovePages is easy to use and allows you to quickly launch your landing page and funnels in less time.  

GroovePages makes it exceptional easy to:

  • Create stunning landing pages
  • Build high-converting funnels
  • Design a full-blown website

Not many page and funnel builders can do all this well. 

I’m a paying GroovePages user myself and have started diving in a bit to create some more simple pages for now. I can tell you that it’s pretty awesome. Even if you’ve never built a landing page or funnel in your life, anyone can get started for free.

Mike Filsaime created Kartra, WebinarJam, EverWebinar, and several other digital platforms. 

He’s the CEO of Groove Digital — the company that launched GroovePages to help online creators, affiliate marketers, digital marketers, authors, eCommerce businesses, and freelancers to quickly create a page to market their products and services.

We’ll dive into the features, pros and cons, the special lifetime offer, alternatives, and some other apps included in GrooveFunnels.

Let’s get started!

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, but this is at no additional cost to you. View my full affiliate disclaimer here.

What Is GroovePages?

GroovePages Review - GroovePages Home Page

GroovePages is a powerful drag and drop page and funnel builder for online marketers. It’s designed to help businesses and marketers create professional landing pages, build funnels, and design websites.

It uses the most updated technology to simplify online marketing needs. No matter your skill levels, GroovePages will benefit you.

One of the core features of GroovePages is based on the fact that approx. 80% of the code is loaded on the browser. 

This gives the user more functionality. It also utilizes VUE.JS, a progressive Javascript framework to power the system. 

This is worth highlighting because a host of page builders use Bootstrap, which is now an outdated framework, considering how fast technology evolves these days. 

Another aspect of GroovePages is the loading speed. Yes, it uses Google cloud platform. 

Who Created GroovePages?

GroovePages - Founders

Groove Digital Inc., headed by Mike Filsaime and some of the best digital marketers, online influencers, and software developers, created GrooveFunnels, of which GroovePages is the first core product.

Let’s look at the team behind GrooveFunnels and GroovePages:

Mike Filsaime

If there’s any online marketer who knows what he’s doing, then Mike Filsaime is the one. 

He’s an expert and prolific online marketer. He’s achieved tremendous success with online courses and software products. 

He’s pioneered multiple $1 Million Dollar launches for several top brands.

Mike has generated more than $125 Million creating valuable products that are truly useful to 10,000’s of people.

He takes extra care to design software that eliminates the pain and frustration of starting and scaling an online business.

Mike is behind some of the flagship digital marketing tools in the market, such as WebinarJam, Kartra, EverWebinar, DealGuardian, EvergreenBusinessSystem, PayDotCom, as well as Butterfly Marketing.

John Cornetta

John Cornetta is a true online marketing influencer and trusted eCommerce marketer. He runs several eCommerce stores that generate a 6-figure income monthly.

John’s expertise and desire to run his eCommerce business with the best platforms has arguably positioned GrooveKart as one of the preferred eCommerce shopping cart platforms — competing favorably with the likes of BigCommerce, Shopify, etc. 

Yes, GrooveKart has a clean user interface, comes with easy-to-use tools, and is affordable. 

John knows how to teach and sell products online. Hence, his expertise will be leveraged in GrooveKart to deliver one of the best eCommerce solutions. 

Mattijs Naus

Matt, the CTO at GroovePages has gained extensive knowledge when it comes to building world-class software products for online brands, startups, small businesses, and online entrepreneurs.

He’s a founding member at GrooveDigital.

Working closely with Mike Filsaime and John, this team has a vision and the know-how to outperform powerful solutions like ClickFunnels and Kartra. 

If you’re looking for some smart marketing folks to trust, these are the guys. 

They have been invaluable to the digital marketing space in recent years.

Matt Serralta

Matt Seralta is the renowned Architect of GrooveKart

He’s acquired over 10 years of senior and executive-level management experience in administrative operations, sales, P&L, and the field of e-commerce. 

A former COO of  Prestashop as well and former consultant for Office Depot, Matt is a professional, and his contributions towards eCommerce marketing and development has improved GrooveKart on several aspects.

Mike and John have worked hard behind the scenes to make sure standalone software tools like Kartra and WebinarJam come together in the GroovePages 2.0 offer.  

Is GroovePages Right For Me?

GroovePages delivers a clean and intuitive drag-and-drop page builder. It’s better experienced. 

It’ll benefit small businesses, bloggers, content marketers, course creators, and virtually anyone who wants to create landing pages, build sales funnels, and create a fully-functional website to promote their products and services.

GroovePages Is Right For You If:

  • You want to create stunning landing pages
  • You’re an online marketer with a message to share
  • You create content online
  • You have products or services to sell
  • You want to create a website for my brand
  • You want to build funnels and landing pages

GroovePages Is Not Right For You If:

  • You’re already comfortable using ClickFunnels, Kartra, Leadpages, Instapage, etc and don’t want to switch over fully.
  • You don’t have a product or service to sell
  • You’re not ready to learn how to use the tools
  • You don’t want to use an all-in-one website and funnel builder.

GroovePages Features

GroovePages comes with a ton of handy features for building landing pages, sales funnels, and even functional websites.

See what’s included in GroovePages:

  • Website Editor with drag and drop functionality
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Free hosting & Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • Full website builder
  • Pre-designed blocks
  • Wireframe blocks
  • Mobile-First indexing
  • Control website display across 5 devices
  • Email marketing integrations
  • Popups
  • Embed videos, Code embed, Embed checkout form
  • Countdown timers, Progress bar
  • Upsells, Downsells, Order bumps
  • SEO-friendly pages
  • Google Analytics & Tracking
  • Import funnels

GroovePages Review: An In-Depth Look Inside (Features & Demo)

Here we’ll dive into GroovePages to see the features and demo. This section is going to go into much detail about the features. 

GroovePages Website Editor

GroovePages has one of the easiest website editors. They say that it will be as powerful as the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

You can build any type of landing page, funnel, and design a fully-functional website. I’m talking about websites with menus and navigation pages.

Not many page builders can do this.

It’s easy to add texts, change color, reduce or increase font size, etc. So if I want to resize the default image below, for example, I’ll just click it and look to my right. There I can adjust, tweak, position, and do a lot more to my image.

GroovePages - Editor

The website editor uses a simple and intuitive canvas that you can customize. Just click on a block or text area to change the content.

Create Unlimited Landing Pages and Sales Funnels

The most striking feature of GroovePages is the unlimited landing pages and sales funnel you can create. And this is for life, without having to pay extra.

To add a new page to your site, simply click on the “Pages” tab at the left panel. Then click on the [+] sign to add a new page. It’s that simple.

GroovePages - Add Page

I strongly believe that this is one area where GroovePages beats ClickFunnels. How? 

The former charges $297/month for unlimited pages and funnels, whereas GroovePages only charges a one-time fee of $497 for life.

Once GroovePages is out of beta, pricing starts from $99 per month.

Free Hosting & Bandwidth

You can save some money when you host your website, landing pages, and funnels with GroovePages. It’s completely free with your chosen plan.

This is a free lifetime hosting, mind you…

If you compare this to the traditional hosting companies like Siteground, Bluehost, or Kinsta, you’re looking at spending an extra $179/year.

Once you sign up with GroovePages, you can use custom domains and host them for free.

Unlimited Custom Domains

With GroovePages, you can use unlimited custom domains. 

If you’re just getting started, you could use the subdomain that’s attached to every website or landing page you create. 

But you have the control over the domain you want to use. Lifetime GroovePages account offers unlimited custom domains compared to ClickFunnels that only allows 9 custom domains.

Built on New Technology

GroovePages uses an amazing technology to power websites, landing pages, and funnels. It’s built on the premise of speed. 

GroovePages will host your websites on the best servers around the world. Talk of Amazon servers, and the like. So there’s no need to worry about Uptime.

This is quite different from ClickFunnels that mostly renders your site every time it loads. 

Create Full-Blown Websites With Complete Navigation + Funnel Pages

You no longer have to worry about building a complete website. Other amazing tools like ClickFunnels are known for the powerful features they offer when it comes to building funnels.

It’s not designed for marketers and businesses that want a full-blown website. It doesn’t handle full navigation and menus very well.

It doesn’t sync funnel pages and landing pages the way GroovePages makes it fun.

GroovePages has an intuitive website editor. From one dashboard, you can create and connect your funnel to the page. 

Although some of the elements used in formatting can malfunction at times. Given it’s an ongoing development, I’m sure Mike and his team will fix that.

Pre-Designed Blocks

These pre-designed blocks are important for non-designers who want to easily get their website or landing page ready. 

Simply click on the “Blocks” tab from the left panel. Then drag any block you want into the editor.

GroovePages Review - Blocks

For example, I clicked on the “Content” block and dragged this block into the editor. Now I can change the text as I want.

GroovePages - Black Drag

These ‘blocks’ may be regarded as pre-built containers with placeholder text, elements, or images. All you have to do is drag and drop the designed block onto the canvas to start customizing.

You’ll love the whole process of designing a page using GroovePages pre-designed blocks. They save time and help you achieve more.

Wireframe Blocks

Another powerful feature you’ll enjoy when you sign up with GroovePages is Wireframes.

Wireframes are used to layout your page or website. Simply click on the “Blocks” tab, then click on the Wireframes tab.

GroovePages Review - Wire Frames

It’s important to plan your website before designing. It helps to improve the overall feel and focus on your page. This handy tool is excellent as it provides the visualization framework for the design.

It helps you to map out where your buttons, images, content, menus, and even products will go. Just drag the Wireframes template you want into the editor. 

GroovePages Review - Wire Frames Block

This will be very useful for web designers who want to sell their services and show the wireframes to potential clients before going all in. It’s ideal for walking a client through the structure of the website.

Wireframes block are placeholders. They don’t show colors and images but they can help in making smarter web design decisions.

Other page builders and drag-and-drop editors don’t offer this feature yet. 

Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile-First indexing is the new norm. It’s become a major SEO ranking factor. 

And Groove Digital is aware of this, so they leveraged modern technology that considers the mobile version of a page first before other device-specific versions. 

Mobile-first indexing was rolled out in July 2019 by Google. The ultimate goal is to factor in the mobile adaptability of a website. After that, the desktop version may be considered. Everything is still one system, though. 

Still confused?

Danny Sullivan, founder of Marketing Land explains what Mobile-First indexing means:

GroovePages Review - Review 2

In other words, Google now uses the mobile version of your website to index and rank your pages in its organic search results.

Right now, GroovePages is built from the ground up to lay out websites and landing pages with mobile-first indexing criteria. 

So you never have to worry about getting penalized by Google for having landing pages that are not mobile responsive.

Control Website Appearance Across 5 Devices

With GroovePages, you can easily control your web pages and website’s appearance across 5 devices. 

This is important if you want your page to display properly on popular devices including desktop, smartphones, and tablets.

Side note: ClickFunnels only allows you to control appearance on two devices: desktop and mobile.

Desktop view

GroovePages - Desktop View

Laptop view

GroovePages Review - Laptop View

iPad view

GroovePages Review - Ipad View

Tablet view

GroovePages Review - Tablet View

Mobile view

GroovePages Review - Mobile View

You can even highlight all devices in pink so that you can instantly update all designs across 5 devices.

Better yet, you also have control over the design on specific devices. Simply highlight that device icon.

Email Marketing Integration

Another excellent feature of GroovePages is integrations. Yes, you can integrate 20+ email marketing solutions, including ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Drip, MailChimp, and so on.

Integrating your email service provider opens a new world of workflow and automation for you. It means you’ll be able to move your funnel leads to an email segment automatically. 

To integrate an email service or other tools, simply click on the menu icon at the top-right. Then click on “Add Integration” button to get started.

GroovePages Review - Add Integration

Choose your Integration type, then follow the instructions to get it integrated.

GroovePages Review - Integration Type

Make sure you enter your API and URL to complete the process.


GroovePages also allows you to create lightbox pop-ups when users click on a button or link. 

At the left panel, click on the “Popups” button, then click on +create new popup.

GroovePages Review - Popups

You have the option of configuring the popup, so that it triggers as soon as someone lands or exits the page by clicking under “Type”.

There are 3 parameters you can set:

  • Standard: This is a conditional setting, and only appears when users click on a button
  • Entry: This is triggered as soon as a user lands on the page
  • Exit: This appears when someone exits the page
GroovePages Review - Popups 1

Remember to choose the popup template from the right panel. Then customize as you wish. When you’re done, click “Save & Exit.”

Embed Videos

It’s easy to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos by simply dragging in video ‘element’ into the page editor. 

Click the “Elements” tab from the left panel, then choose the YouTube video element you wish to embed. Or any other media element. Drag it into the editor and follow the prompt.

GroovePages Review - Video

Then you can click on the video player, input your YouTube or Vimeo video ID to embed it. 

You can also control the aspect ratio to adjust for size.

Google Maps

To embed Google maps on your, simply drag the Google maps ‘element’ into the page editor. 

Once that’s done, you can click on the default map and input a location name or address like you’d on Google maps.

GroovePages Review - Google Maps

Countdown Timers

If you’re looking to show urgency or to persuade prospects to purchase your product before the deal or discount expires, then you need to use Countdown Timers. 

To embed the countdown timer on your page, simply drag in the countdown ‘element’ into the page builder. 

Next, you can quickly specific what action to execute when the time reaches zero:

  • Do nothing
  • Redirect to another Groovepages’ page
  • Go to an external website URL (e.g., an affiliate page)
  • Or add another 24hour to loop the countdown.
GroovePages - Countdown

Code Embed

Another feature that I love so much is the Code Embed. This gives me the opportunity to embed code by dragging in the code embed ‘element’ onto the page editor.

GroovePages - Code

Although, you’ll need to click on the little cogwheel for the code source box to fully open. Hopefully, Mike and his team are working hard to fix this.

You can paste a custom code to your page to effect some changes. Remember to save your project.

Progress Bars

Adding a progress bar on top of an opt-in form can increase conversions.

You can also add it to the popup. Simply drag the progress bar ‘element’ into the page editor.

Next, simply click on the progress bar element inside the editor and the configure tab will pop up. Enter the text the users want to see in the progress bar. For example, “progress 50%”.

GroovePages Review - Progress Bar

Embed Checkout Form

With GroovePages, it’s easy to embed your checkout forms on your checkout page.

You can find some beginner-friendly tutorials on the Groove Academy Library. This is a multi-step process, so you should get the basics of how to do it.

Upsells & Downsells

GroovePages allows you to create relevant Upsell & DownSell pages. 

Then you can add the page URLs to act as an upsell or down-sell directly in GrooveSell.

Once your pages have been designed in GroovePages, you can sync the sales component on GrooveSell.

Make sure you select the Upsell or Downsell template from the list to continue.

GroovePages Review - Upsell

Order Bumps

The same process of adding upsells and downsells is what you should follow here. Your Order Bumps are important, however, remember to configure them inside of GrooveSell.

Remember you don’t have to create a product page for an order bump.

Viral Marketing Integration

Mike Filsaime is best-known for his viral marketing expertise. 

That’s why his company, Groove Digital is working hard to integrate Butterfly Marketing; a powerful viral marketing system to help businesses achieve more results. 

Mike launched a course “Butterfly Marketing” back in 2016 which revolutionized the digital marketing industry. 

The theory is simple: when a butterfly flaps its wings, it causes a tiny change in the state of the atmosphere.

Of course, this will result in a tidal wave of events that will trigger virality.

Here’s an excellent example of this butterfly effect is Airbnb.

GroovePages Review - Airbnb

Airbnb’s campaign was created to incentivize customers so they can refer as many people as possible. 

The brand will reward each and every new customer that signs up via referral. 

As a result, this strategy led to a viral loop that grew Airbnb when it first got started. GroovePages currently integrates with PerkZilla, to drive virality.

SEO Friendly

Free organic traffic is awesome. Nothing beats it. Because it’s targeted, and comes from actual potential customers, and not some bots. 

Although paid traffic can quickly get you in the door, SEO will keep you there.

You can do some on-page optimization directly on GroovePages:

  • Add a page title with your main keyword
  • Include a site name that describes your website on Google organic result
  • Add an icon (a Favicon) to represent what your site stands for on Google
  • Enter a page URL with your main keyword
  • Add the description of your page as it should appear on Google search (in most cases)
  • Include H1, H2, H3 headings by dragging in the headings text element.
GroovePages Review - On-page Optimization

Google Analytics & Tracking

GroovePages allows you to add Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and other tracking code snippets to your page. 

You need data to be able to make better decisions.

For example, knowing the geographical location of your users can make a huge difference. 

If you’re targeting Americans, for example, but you notice that the majority of your visitors are from India, then it’s a matter of tweaking your ad targeting and audience so that you can generate the right traffic to your business. 

GroovePages Review - GA

Importing Funnels

GroovePages has an exciting feature that allows you to import existing funnels that are currently hosted on your website or other platforms.

This is also another winner for GroovePages, since ClickFunnels doesn’t allow you to import external funnels.

Free SSL Certificate

These days, almost every website uses SSL certificates to secure users’ data. Google also uses it as a ranking factor. 

GroovePages Review - SSL Certificate

All things being equal, a website with a secured certification will rank higher than another website with an unsecured certificate. 

If you have a free Cloudflare account, then you can use GroovePages to integrate and get the free SSL certificate. This is an important feature to see in a page and funnel builder.

GroovePages LITE vs GroovePages Pro

What’s the difference between the LITE and Pro versions of GroovePages?

It can be difficult to differentiate them. I dug through to help you make the best decisions. Let’s dive in.

GroovePages LITE

GroovePages LITE is what you get in the Base plan that’s available to all. It’s a completely FREE page builder with drag-and-drop feature.

With this Base plan, you also have access to GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, and you can promote GrooveFunnels to earn 20% commission. 

GroovePages Review - Base Plan

GroovePages LITE gets you started but it has some limitations. You can’t use the GrooveMail, which allows you to send emails and follow up with your leads.

GrooveMail is included in all upgrade plans and the Lifetime option. 

If you’re still interested in sending emails to your leads and customers, the base plan allows you to integrate with 10+ third-party email providers such as ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, AWeber. If your email solution isn’t listed, you can integrate via Zapier.

In the Base Plan, which gives you access to GroovePages LITE, here are the features you get:

  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • 20% commission when you promote GrooveFunnels upgrade
  • Wireframe Blocks
  • Premium Blocks Starter Pack
  • 1 Funnels template
  • 3 project sites
  • 3 Funnels
  • free hosting
  • No custom domains
  • Build landing pages
  • Build up to 3 funnels
  • Create 3 full-blown navigable websites
  • It’s completely free for life. You’ll never be asked for your credit card.

GroovePages PRO

GroovePages Review - Pro Plan

GroovePages Pro gives you access to the drag-and-drop page builder and website builder. It’s the first product in the GrooveFunnels dashboard.

The only way to get GroovePages Pro is to get a GrooveFunnels upgrade. Either in the Silver or Gold plans. The Silver Plan costs $99/Month while the Gold Plan will cost $199/Month, after the Beta.

This Upgrade also qualifies you to use these tools as well:

  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GrooveMail
  • GrooveMember
  • GrooveVideo

Note: GrooveMail, GrooveMember, and GrooveVideo tools will be rolled in in July.  It’s still a work in progress right now.

The Pro Upgrade gives you these features:

  • WireFrame Blocks
  • Premium Blocks
  • Access to the complete funnels template library
  • Unlimited project sites
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited royalty free images
  • Unlimited Popups
  • Unlimited elements
  • Access to all new templates that will be added in the future
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Split testing features
  • Analytics
  • 20% commissions
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Agency feature
  • Import Funnels from other members
  • Free hosting
  • Share pages and funnels
  • Import any site on the web and publish as yours
  • No site branding
  • Unlimited custom domains

GroovePages Pro is also included in the Platinum Plan. With this plan, you’ll earn 40% commissions on all your referrals for life. The Platinum plan will cost $288/Month when it’s out of Beta.

There’s more. The Platinum plan qualifies you for the Tier 2 commissions of 10% on every person you refer for life.

Note: Whether you’re on the Base plan (GroovePages LITE) or you’ve upgraded to either GrooveFunnels Silver or Gold plan, you’re already an affiliate.

GroovePages Pros And Cons

Is GroovePages worth it? Let’s dive right in as we highlight the pros and cons of this amazing drag-and-drop page and funnel builder.


  • A clean and intuitive page builder with a drag-and-drop feature.
  • Easily customize your page with unlimited elements
  • Handles a huge spike in traffic with Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Easy tools to create unlimited pages and websites
  • Create and customize unlimited pop-ups
  • Use premium blocks to build a fully-functional website
  • Comes with free SSL certificates
  • Split test your pages to find out which one converts better
  • Import funnels from other GrooveFunnels‘ members
  • No site brand in GroovePages Pro plan
  • Add as many custom domains as possible
  • Easily share your funnels and pages (in the upgrade plan)
  • It’s SEO-friendly (your pages and websites are optimized for search)


  • The Base plan lacks Agency license. It’s only included in GroovePages Pro which is available ONLY in the GrooveFunnels upgrade plans.
  • Although GroovePages has a drag-and-drop page builder, it still requires a learning curve for beginners who have never done it before.
  • Some of the tools haven’t rolled out yet. Members need to be patient. 

GroovePages Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

GroovePages Review - Pricing

How much does GroovePages cost?

GroovePages is the powerful page builder and part of GrooveFunnels. So you get GroovePages when you sign up for GrooveFunnels.

However, the pricing structure is kind of confusing, but we’ve done the heavy lifting.

Note: GrooveFunnels is still in Beta, so some of the pricing and plans (Silver and Gold upgrade plans) will be rolled out in July. 

Let’s go through the pricing options for GroovePages:

1. Base Plan

The Base plan is 100% free for life. You’ll never be charged for any upgrades of the tools you’re already using at this level. 

It comes with these features:

  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GroovePages LITE
  • 20% affiliate commission

GrooveFunnels upgrade plans:

For the monthly payment options that will be rolled out later on, here are the plans and pricing:

2. Silver Plan

This is the first upgrade plan for GrooveFunnels. When you upgrade to ‘Silver’, then you can use GroovePages Pro.

It’s ideal for startup online businesses. It’ll cost $99/Month. In addition to the tools you get in the Base plan, you also get all of these:

  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GroovePages Pro
  • GrooveMail
  • GrooveMember
  • GrooveVideo
  • Email Leads
  • Email Cart Abandons
  • Email buyers
  • 20% commissions
  • Email Affiliates

3. Gold Plan

GroovePages Pro is also included in the Gold upgrade plan for GrooveFunnels. It’ll cost $199/Month. It’s recommended for professionals who run online businesses.

Here are the features you get in the Gold plan:

  • All features of Silver plan
  • GrooveBlog
  • GrooveDesk
  • GrooveCalendar
  • GrooveSurvey
  • GrooveQuiz

4. Platinum Lifetime Option

GroovePages - GrooveFunnels Saving

There are 4 options to choose from:

  • 3 easy payments of $497 after 14 days. Pay $0 today. 
  • 6 easy monthly payments of $288 starting today.
  • 12 easy monthly payments of $188 starting today.
  • Pay in full at $1,397 for Lifetime access and save up to 35%

However, the Platinum monthly plan will be rolled out much later in 2020 through 2021. This plan will cost $299/Month and will come with these features:

  • All features of Gold plan
  • GrooveWebinars for Live and Automated Webinars
  • GroovePages for Shopify
  • 40% commissions on all referrals for life

Which Plan Is Better?

You may get started with the GroovePages Base plan for free. This gets you started with GroovePages LITE, GrooveSell, Groove Affiliate, as pays out 20% commission on all referrals. It costs $0.00 for life. 

But the Platinum Lifetime option is better. Because you may never have to pay again, plus you’ll get 40% commission on all referrals for life.

All of the features of GrooveFunnels are included here, including GroovePages Pro, and all future GrooveFunnels tools etc.

GroovePages Free Trial (and How To Get One)

There’s no free trial at this time.

You can get started with the Base plan where you can use GroovePages LITE, GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, and do much more.

Better yet, take advantage of the GrooveFunnels upgrade options. That’s the only way to get GroovePages Pro.

GroovePages Alternatives

How does GroovePages stack up against some popular page builders with drag-and-drop features? I’m talking about ClickFunnels, Kartra, and other known funnel builders and landing page builders?

Let’s briefly highlight some of the GroovePages alternatives.


GroovePages Review - Kartra

Kartra is a powerful marketing platform with a suite of digital marketing tools to help you create sales funnels and market your products online. 

Kartra was founded in 2018 by Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime (two online marketing influencers).

They were also the founding members of WebinarJam and EverWebinar

Since its launch, Kartra has been actively used by thousands of online marketers all around the world to quickly build landing pages, create funnels, manage ad campaigns, and do much more.

With Kartra, you get funnel templates, pre-built landing page themes, video hosting, third-party integrations, email marketing, etc.

Kartra is equipped with irresistible features (which some of its competitors don’t offer) that makes it the go-to digital marketing platform for businesses. You’ll also get the best training resources directly from a marketing legend, Frank Kern.

Frank Kern is best-known for his exploits in the direct response advertising space. 

Just like Russell is piloting the training aspect of ClickFunnels, Frank is also doing the same thing with Kartra.


  • It’s an all-in-one solution for digital businesses
  • Easy-to-use video hosting features
  • All plans enable users to all Kartra tools
  • It has a robust membership portal with plenty of functions
  • The page builder is intuitive and easy to use
  • It offers some amazing email marketing tools
  • Integrates with third-party tools, and more via Zapier.


  • It uses outdated page builder technology
  • It’s not cheap
  • The membership portal requires a learning curve


GroovePages Review - ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a powerful funnel builder and landing page creator. It’s founded by Russell Brunson, one of the digital marketing experts who walks the talk.

The ClickFunnels software makes it easy for entrepreneurs and marketers to create high-converting funnels and websites that will convert visitors into customers. 

There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on web design. 

Essentially, ClickFunnels was built to be user-friendly and intuitive. I actively started building funnels when I joined ClickFunnels

But I’m not just the only person, a lot of businesses first heard of funnels through this software. 

ClickFunnels might be regarded as the first easy-to-use sales funnel builder. Use it to create fast, simple, and beautiful sales funnels.

ClickFunnels makes it exceptionally easy to capture and convert leads into paying customers.

Aside from the landing page builder, here are the other features and tools it offers:

  • Affiliate Management System
  • Course Hosting Platform
  • Email Marketing
  • Webinar Hosting Platform
  • Shopping Cart & Checkout System

Note: Although ClickFunnels is recommended for creating sales funnels and landing pages, it’s best-known for its drag-and-drop funnel building system. 


  • A huge library of high-converting funnel templates.
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive “drag-and-drop” page builder. No coding required. 
  • You can easily add CSS code and customize your design.
  • Advanced analytics with A/B split testing.
  • Fully integrates with WordPress sites and other membership sites.  
  • Easy-to-use built-in email marketing.
  • Ready to use pre-built checkout page templates.
  • Integrates with Stripe for payments (better yet, use ThriveCart. I use it for my shopping cart and affiliate management system).
  • Easily share funnels with other ClickFunnels users.
  • Integrates well with ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Drip, Infusionsoft and many other email services.
  • ClickFunnels Platinum Plan is equipped with Follow Up Funnels (formerly called Actionetics) email automation system. With this feature, you can run full-blown email marketing campaigns without a third-party email provider.
  • A decent affiliate center to manage your affiliate program with ClickFunnels Backpack feature.
  • Easily compare your best converting offers with easy-to-track stats (I like to map out my funnels first using Funnelytics. It’s the best funnel mapping software ever).
  • Dedicated and overall reliable support team. They can often create custom video screen grabs for you at no extra cost.


  • With the ClickFunnels Basic plan, you’re constrained on the number of funnels, pages, and visitors you’ll generate per month. 
  • It comes with a higher price point. Standard Plan costs $97/month. If you need 20+ funnels, 100 pages, or 20,000 monthly visitors, you’ll have to upgrade to Platinum Plan at $297/month (regular price).
  • Your funnels and pages will not function if ClickFunnels hosting fails.
  • Although ClickFunnels’ drag-and-drop page builder is pretty intuitive, it still requires a bit of a learning curve.
  • It lacks 24-hour chat support.

Will GroovePages Become More Popular Than ClickFunnels?

It’s possible, but definitely not anytime soon. ClickFunnels is so good and has grown exponentially in recent years. It’s still the leader when it comes to building high-converting funnels.

Mike Filsaime had announced in June 2020 that GrooveFunnels will record 100,000 users by the first week of July to surpass ClickFunnels

Note: GroovePages is the first product or tool in the GrooveFunnels’ arsenal.

That said, GroovePages may be the fastest growing funnel builder and website creator with drag and drop feature in the market. It may become the most popular in July 2020.

GroovePages Review - Users

GroovePages Customer Reviews

What do people have to say about GroovePages and GrooveDigital in general?

Well, this marketing suite is still beta, but I found a few testimonials from the members (plus even more in the private Facebook community):

GroovePages Review - Testimonial Review

Here’s a GroovePages testimonial from Mike Lewis:

GroovePages Review - Testimonial Review 2

And yet another testimonial from Jimmy Pavlatos.

GroovePages Review - Testimonial Review 3

GroovePages FAQs

Here are some of the major frequently asked questions (FAQs) I see people ask about GroovePages before they buy.

Q: Do I need to know any coding?

No, you don’t need to write codes to use GroovePages. You can even use a pre-built template and customize it in the editor.

Q: Do I need to have my own domain?

Yes and No. GroovePages gives you a subdomain when you create a page. But if you prefer to use a custom domain, you can add it. 

Q: Can I use my own domain?

Yes, you can use your own custom domain name.

Q: Do pages built with GroovePages load fast?

Yes, GroovePages are stored in the Google Cloud and use the best Content Delivery Network to enhance the speed of your pages.

Q: Does GroovePages include free SSL?

Yes, it offers free SSL via Cloudflare CDN

Q: Is GroovePages SEO friendly?

Yes, you can add page title, meta description, optimize image Alt and Title, add schema, use H1, H2, H3 headings throughout your page.

Q: Does GroovePages have high-converting, money-making templates?

Yes, you’ll have access to all the premium templates when you upgrade to GroovePages Pro. Otherwise, you can still use the limited pre-built templates.

Q: Does GroovePages have drag-and-drop functionality?

Yes, both The Lite and Pro version of GroovePages have drag-and-drop functionality.

Q: Are there any GroovePages OTOs or upgrades available?

Yes, the OTO or upgrades available is their GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime deal. GrooveFunnels is the parent brand for all the apps that Groove Digital (the company) release.

Q: Is there any GroovePages Discount?

The Platinum lifetime deal is currently available to get all Groove tools. It allows you to save a lot of money compared to other funnel builders like ClickFunnels.

Q: Is there a money back guarantee?

GroovePages offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the tools and features, you can ask for a refund. And it’ll be attended to instantly.

The Future Of GrooveDigital

Since 2019, Mike and his partners have a goal of providing affordable and top-quality software platforms and services to help digital marketers:

  • Drive more traffic
  • Convert more leads and leads
  • Grow revenue

In the future, you can expect a lot of tools such as GrooveMember, GrooveVideo, GrooveWebinars and a host of other online marketing tools. 

You can get updates on software updates and new tools, head to their Facebook group here.  

How To Use and Get Started With GroovePages?

Here’s a video walkthrough on how to get started with GroovePages:

GroovePages Review Summary: Is GroovePages Worth It?

There you have it, the complete GroovePages review.

GroovePages can help you improve your online business operations. How

You’ll be able to build high-converting landing pages, funnels, and websites with simple and intuitive tools. It uses drag and drop technology, pre-built blocks, wireframes, and more.

You also get to use GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, and other apps that the company releases in the coming months and years. 

Imagine how much more you can achieve with your online business if you can quickly build a landing page and set up funnels without paying extra.

You can get started with GroovePages today. I recommend that you create a free GroovePages and GrooveSell life-time account now

Then whenever you’re ready to jump on the GroovePages Platinum lifetime offer, it’s just a matter of clicking a button to upgrade.

I’m Navid Moazzez. I’m a full-time lifestyle entrepreneur, super affiliate, and creator of Virtual Summit Mastery, living my best life in Panama City, Panama and around the world. If you have any questions or comments for me, just send an email or leave a comment below!

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