EverWebinar Review 2022: Details, Features, Pricing & Trial

by Navid Moazzez
Updated January 31, 2022

This is a complete EverWebinar review and guide for 2022. Lead generation, customer retention, and building trust with buyers are important. You can’t do one…

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This is a complete EverWebinar review and guide for 2022.

Lead generation, customer retention, and building trust with buyers are important. You can’t do one and ignore the other.

But if you’re doing all of these manually or live, then you’ll certainly not get the best result. 

That’s where automated webinar platforms like EverWebinar come in. It takes live streaming to an entirely new level with powerful automation tools.

Now, rather than hosting live webinars where attendees all have to be in the room to watch your presentation, you can automate it so that attendees can participate anytime, anywhere, even at odd hours while you’re sleeping.

The good thing about automated webinars is the experience. Yes, attendees will have the same experience as they’d on a live webinar. 

There are so many automated webinar platforms on the marketplace, based on features, benefits, and costs. 

Your choice will also depend on your business’ goals per time.

Throughout this review, we’ll take a look at the EverWebinar platform. We’ll cover the pros and cons, and even highlight some alternatives you can use.

If you’ve recorded a live webinar on WebinarJam, for example, with one click you can replay the same webinar to new attendees and potential customers. 

This is why EverWebinar is the preferred automated webinar platform for small and medium-sized businesses that want to sell online courses and increase their sales through webinars.

Start your 14-day $1 EverWebinar trial!

Use EverWebinar to important events and elements from your one-time live webinar. Then leverage the automation-friendly features to adjust the feel and look of the original webcast. 

What Is EverWebinar?

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EverWebinar is a webinar software that allows you to create pre-recorded webinars that have the look and feel of a live webinar.

With EverWebinar, you can stimulate the live webinar experience so that customers can participate, although everything will be automated. 

EverWebinar handles two important aspects of marketing:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Event Based Marketing

Big brands like Apple, Google, Tesla Motors, and the like use EverWebinar automated webinar platform to introduce products with awesome media-driven shows.

Why Use Automated Webinars?

Automated webinars, which is an example of video marketing has gained popularity in recent years. Here’s why:

According to HubSpot, 78% of consumers watch online videos each week, and 55% view online videos daily. Furthermore, 81% of companies utilize video as a marketing tool — up from 63% over the last year.

However, there’s a downside to the traditional video content. Recent statistics show that consumers spend 10% less time on average while watching videos. 

In other words, they want to interact with the presenters or creators, but they’re not getting it.

That’s where live and automated webinars come in. With these video content, participants typically stay for 90% of the duration of the webinar.

This is huge!

Webinars are powerful and captivating because you’re asking for someone’s attention for 30, 45, 90 minutes — and the majority of attendees will stick around.

We’re living in a world where attention span is less than 8 seconds. Being able to engage with people for a long time could be the easiest way to convert them. 

Evergreen webinars or automated webinars offer the feel of a live stream. Your customers and attendees will stay glued to your content even longer. 

Is EverWebinar Right For Me?

EverWebinar is ideal if your company already has an offer or products that convert well. Perhaps, you want to make it evergreen or set up a system to increase sales.

On the other hand, if your company is using some sort of evergreen funnel to onboard new leads and turn them into customers, EverWebinar can help out in so many ways. 

Especially for hosting an evergreen webinar presentation.

EverWebinar Is Right For Me If:

  • I’m a B2B company that wants to save time and deliver value with an automated product demo, a Q&A section for 20 – 45 minutes with the customer, etc.
  • I run a blog where I offer free advice, help with questions, and sell coaching programs or other digital-based services.
  • I’m a part of or founded a software company. I can use EverWebinar to educate, inform, and inspire customers. Companies like ConvertKit do this all the time. 
  • I’m an online creator. EverWebinar platform.

EverWebinarJam Is Not Right For Me If:

  • I don’t have an offer to make or content to share
  • If I only want to create live webinar broadcasts all the time
  • If I don’t have a funnel where I can re-engage attendees who didn’t take action after participating in the webinar.
  • I haven’t done live webinars before. Live webinars provide a learning field for businesses that want to offer evergreen-automated webinars.

EverWebinar Review: An In-Depth Look Inside (Features & Demo)

Why is EverWebinar the market leader when it comes to turning pre-recorded webinars into an automated ‘live’ webinar?

Of course, the features!

So let’s take an in-depth look inside EverWebinar to highlight the features and demo. This is going to be visually-appealing, so let’s get started.

Flexible Scheduling

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EverWebinar has one of the best scheduling systems for creating automated webinar presentations. 

You can select specific days of the week and time zones. This should be done after you have gained some insights as to what works best for your audience.

If you’ve hosted a live webinar before via WebinarJam or any other webinar platform, then you already know when your attendees are most engaged. 

Now, use the flexible scheduling tools to make the pre-recorded webinar available to users — at the exact time they want it. 

Just-in-Time Webinars

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Not every registered user ends up attending webinars. Imagine running Facebook ads that resulted in 100 registrations, but only 20 persons showed up for the webinar.

Increase your attendance rate via the EasyWebinar “Just-in-Time” features. 

With the EverWebinar software, automated webinars are easy to set up. Simply set the dynamic “just in time” webinar feature. 

This is interesting because it gives attendees the opportunity to access the webinar within minutes after registration.

Yes, registered users can quickly watch and participate in the webinar on demand as they register.

There’s no need to keep users waiting or delayed. They could be distracted if the webinar room isn’t accessible after they signed up. That’s why this feature is really important.

Pre-designed landing pages

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EverWebinar has a collection of pre-made landing pages. You can choose a professionally-looking template that will boost your registration. 

There’s no coding or designing skills required. In fact, once you choose the landing page, you can customize it and see how it looks in real-time. Change colors and text, layout, etc.

If you need help with choosing a landing page design for your webinar, EverWebinar’s system can take care of that for you. 

It’ll rotate two designs — with real-time tracking to help you determine which one results in more registrations into your event. 

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EverWebinar also provides a cloud-based server where you can host your landing page and webinars for free. 

However, you can also plug the registration form directly to your website by copying and pasting a snippet of code.

Automated Email Communications

Don’t let your email subscribers sit idle without effectively communicating with them. 

With EverWebinar’s automated email communications feature, you can send the most-engaging messages via email to your contact list.

This feature supports a full Email and SMS communication system. 

It doesn’t matter when you want to send the email (before or after the webinar), it’s easy to accomplish. Just a few clicks of the button and you’re ready to fly.

High-Definition Presentation Quality

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It doesn’t matter the device used in streaming the automated webinars, you can expect High-Definition, 30 FPS, fast video and audio broadcasting. 

This feature is ideal when you want to deliver screen sharing tutorials or PowerPoint presentations that need to be of pixel-perfect quality.

There’s no need to juggle with pixelated images. 

Avoid the choppy frame rates, simply use a reliable internet connection and your typical desktop computer — EverWebinar will take care of the complex technology at the backend. 

Your attendees only see a silky smooth audio and video experience.

Active Offers

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Making money from your automated webinars is one metric for measuring the success of your webinars. That’s why highlighting ‘Active Offers’ is important.

Whenever you’re ready to make an offer, your ultimate goal is to persuade your audience to take Instant Action. That action needs to be captivating and easy.

Thanks to EverWebinar. It’s as simple as pop a visually-irresistible offer in front of your audience.

There’s no need to use a quirky web address that confuses the audience or non-clickable displays in your webinar. 

You can even infuse urgency or scarcity (two powerful sales techniques) to increase conversions. All of these and more can be accomplished through the EverWebinar dashboard.

Live Chat Simulator

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Simulated interactions can boost your conversions.

You can easily write or import your own chat history if that’s what you want to achieve. Then relax and watch EverWebinar transform it “live” — your audience will love the smoothness of the entire process. 

Simply download and import the chat history you have on another webinar, better yet, leverage pre-configured chat lines via the time stamp through the event.

Your attendees will engage with those chat lines in real time, making your webinar event feel real, interactive, interesting, and alive.

Dynamic Attendee Display

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This feature on EverWebinar forms the core foundation of the software. It’s what makes your webinar to feel live and interactive — as though you’re recording it live.

EverWebinar has some AI capabilities, which enables the system to study and understand natural behaviors — as people join and leave the webinar.

These behaviors can be replicated during a live event. 

It’s your responsibility to choose your desired attendance peak and the software will scale up attendance count to match that peak. Then the curve goes down progressively as the event goes on. 

If, on the other hand, you want your attendance level to remain hidden, you can simply disable your audience count with a click.

Automated Integrations

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To get more from your evergreen webinars, you need to connect the EverWebinar tool to third-party CRM and autoresponders. 

Most people manage their email lists via ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, and the rest, these email autoresponders can easily be integrated. 

If you’re managing your eCommerce transactions through Kartra, you can also integrate with that quickly.

Just utilize the smart API connections and configure different rules depending on your registrants’ behavior.

For example, if you’d like to subscribe registered users of your webinars to a segmented email list, or assign a unique tag that will help you identify them better, you need some integrations to seamlessly handle that.

EasyWebinar has redefined mailing list segmentation, with the laser-level accuracy that it offers.

Now, it’s easier to craft follow-up marketing messages based on where attendees dropped off while watching your webinar presentations, etc. 

Track Performance Stats in Real Time

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Tracking performance stats is important for decision making. When you run paid ads, for example, you want to know your registration ratio and show-up ratio.

Are your attendees leaving the room early or they’re staying till the end? Those are some of the numbers you need to monitor. 

What about your financial metrics? I’m talking about dollar-per-registrant and dollar-per-attendee. 

With EverWebinar, This would help you to determine how much money you’re expected to make for each registered attendee. 

Polls & Surveys

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EverWebinar makes it exceptionally easy to poll and survey your webinar attendees. 

Simulating live interaction is the beauty of it all — especially if you’re a consultant or coach and want to know what your audience needs.

If you’re a trainer or teach, leveraging quiz can help you test your attendee’s skills.

It doesn’t matter your profession, as long as you’re leveraging webinars, it’s always important to interact with your audience.

Hybrid Webinars

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Do you want to enjoy the convenience of an automated webinar while still offering the interaction of live chat? 

It’s doable with the EverWebinar system.

Through the Webinar central dashboard, it’s easy for a staff member or yourself to read messages, chat, and moderate all the events in real-time.

This will ensure a stress-free event, while helping the attendees to get clarity on questions they may have. 

Note: Also included when you register with EverWebinar are free trainings, community, and unlimited support.

EverWebinar Customer Support

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EverWebinar has one of the best supports. There are two ways the company gets your questions answered: 

i). Support Team: It doesn’t matter the technical issues you may encounter when using EverWebinar, you should trust the support team to help you.

Simply fill out a form with your first and last time, email address, phone number, department you want to contact, subject line, and your message. 

You’ll get feedback within a few hours.

ii). Facebook Community: EverWebinar has an active ‘Private’ Facebook group of 39,000+ members (as I review this software).

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Here you can connect with other businesses and entrepreneurs who are fascinated about webinars (in general), and love to use WebinarJam & EverWebinar.

iii). Documentation Wiki: EverWebinar addresses common questions regarding automated and evergreen webinars. 

You may be new to webinars, or perhaps you’re an expert when it comes to hosting webinars and presentations, the Knowledge Base & Training resource — also known as Documentation Wiki is your best resource. 

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The Documentation Wiki gives you straightforward information on how to configure your webinars, run the live events, seamlessly integrate third-party tools, and how to start using the custom API.

Every topic you need answers to can be found on the left panel of the page. Just navigate to the section you want, click the “drop-down” arrow, and find the exact topic.

EverWebinar Pros and Cons

EverWebinar is the trusted and reliable software platform for hosting your automated or pre-recorded webinars. 

There’s nothing to download and install. It’s a browser-based automated webinar solution that gives users an experience of a ‘live’ event.

Let’s consider the pros and cons of EverWebinar.


  • It’s easy to use (beginner-friendly)
  • Easily integrates with Kartra, ConvertKit, and other 3rd party CRM tools.
  • Use tracking pixels to re-engage attendees who bounced off.
  • It’s quite easy to set up.
  • Automated and lively chat feature.
  • Easy to switch a WebinarJam webinar to EverWebinar
  • Automated chat feature
  • Easy to split test to get the best results.


  • Data reporting should be improved upon
  • Mobile compatibility may be an issue. 

EverWebinar Pricing: How Much Does EverWebinar Cost In 2022?

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