Not so hard to tell why you’d be searching for Dean Graziosi net worth and how he built his fortune. 

Widely known for his contribution to the real estate industry, appearing on TV infomercials for 15 years. Dean Graziosi has become an internet sensation and guru. 

He’s built a fortune for himself through his real estate business and has also been involved in several online businesses including as a YouTuber.

Not just that, Dean Graziosi has also done joint businesses with the likes of Tony Robbins, Russel Brunson, and many others.

Besides, he’s a New York Times Best-selling Author with seven published books.

Dean Graziosi has one or two things to say when it comes to achieving success.

That said, this wasn’t an overnight success. There were days of endless toils and little beginnings.

And in this post, I’ll be diving into Dean Graziosi’s net worth, early life, career, and every other detail about him.

So let’s dive in.

What Is Dean Graziosi’s Net Worth in 2021?

Dean Graziosi has an estimated net worth of $45 million. And the majority of his wealth is from his real estate business.

According to Dean, he has made deals worth over $1 billion dollars through his real estate business.

NameDean Graziosi
BirthplaceMarlboro, New York.
Date of BirthNovember 20, 1968
Height170 cm
WifeLisa Palacious
ChildrenBreana, Brody, and Luca
Net Worth$45 Million

Who Is Dean Graziosi? Life Story and Wiki

Dean Graziosi is an American real estate investor, internet entrepreneur, author, and a leading trainer in the world of real estate. 

Dean Graziosi Net Worth - Dean Graziosi
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He is a TV personality, having been featured in a TV show (for 15 years) educating the world about real estate investment. As an author, his books have dominated real estate book sales.

Besides, Dean is the founder of Dean Enterprises LLC which is the production company for the TV shows that he was featured in.

Not to mention, Dean is a man of many hats. He has dedicated his time to educating people about finance, business, and real estate.

As one of the forerunners in real estate and a business expert, he has joined forces with Tony Robbins to host live events and educational programs.

Needless to say, things didn’t just fall into place for him, he had little beginnings. Once lived with his dad in a bathroom, relocated 20 times before he was 19, his early life has a lot of inspiration buried in there.

So, let’s start from the beginning.

Dean Graziosi Early Life

Born on the 20th of November of 1968, Dean Graziosi was born to parents; Paul Graziosi and Gloria Post in Marlboro, New York, USA.

His parents divorced when he was just three years old. He had to live with his mother and grandmother in Marlboro alongside his sister.

Things were tight for his family and relocating became a norm for them. Before he was 19 years old, they had already moved 20 times.

Although he was able to graduate from Marlboro High School, he had a hard time in school. Dean Graziosi revealed that he had dyslexia.

Though he was not diagnosed (until later), he couldn’t read. And when he did, he was confused about what he read.

That was an obvious challenge, he had to skip classes. Just like you guessed, after high school, Dean Graziosi didn’t go to college. 

As per the divorce agreement, when Dean was 13 years old, he went on to live with his father who was hardworking but poor.

Right after high school, Dean Graziosi started working at his Dad’s collision shop. He drove a tow truck at some point as he revealed on Project Life Mastery.

Luckily for him, he found mentors in his neighborhood who were into real estate business. Both mentors went from nothing to millionaires. 

Unlike many other entrepreneurs that started their entrepreneurship while they were a kid, Dean was different.

Dean Graziosi started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 20 years old. Instead of going to college, Dean started by flipping cars with the knowledge of cars he acquired while working for his Dad.

He bought cars at a low price, repaired them, and then flipped the cars for a better profit. 

Around this time also, Dean Graziosi got into the real estate business. Not so long, he made his first real estate deal.

And the interesting aspect was that he didn’t buy the apartment with his money because he doesn’t even have the capital investment.

He bought the apartment with no money down and sold the apartment making his profit. The majority of other real estate deals he did then followed the same pattern.

Dean Graziosi Career & Accomplishments

His career started with his interest in real estate after meeting two mentors in his hometown that were millionaire realtors. 

When he was 20 years old, he made his first real estate deal, during the same period he was flipping cars.

And since then, Dean Graziosi has done a lot of real estate investments. Besides, he also enrolled in different real estate training programs to obtain more knowledge of the industry.

At the age of 26, Dean already hit big in real estate. And at the age of 29, he had apartments, a collision shop, and was building houses.

Besides, he started his first infomercial during that period in 1998.

While the first commercial was aired on Tv in 1999, it went 17 years straight on to be aired on TV without missing a day.

As expected, this brought more fame to his business. One of his infomercials did 150 million in sales.

In 2003, he officially started Dean Enterprises LLC, the production company that handled his infomercials as well as shows for his clients.

After a series of real estate investments, Dean Graziosi made his entry into the real estate education industry. 

He created his first real estate training course around his personal experience, titled “Think a Little Different”.

The training course was a success. And soon after, Dean moved on to publish his first book based on his success with the training program.

His first book titled, Totally Fulfilled which was published in May 2006 by Vanguard Press, became a New York Best Seller promptly after.

In 2007, Dean Graziosi published his second book; “Be a Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today”.

Published by Vanguard Press, the second book was also a hit becoming a New York bestseller. Also included on the list of USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and Amazon, the second book was a big hit.

With some pacing, January 2009 saw the release of Dean’s third book titled “Profit from Real Estate Right Now”; a guide to take a novice from zero to making their first real estate deal.

Needless to say, this was a hit too. The third book surpassed the monthly earnings of his previous bestsellers.

Dean Graziosi went on to publish more books including two more real estate books.

In 2010, Dean decided to take his real estate education a step forward by diving into live events. 

However, because he lacked the knowledge on how to go about hosting live events, Dean Graziosi teamed up with Insider’s Financial, a company whose owners have 15 years’ experience in running live events.

With this partnership, Dean was able to host his first live event in 2011 which has grown to become one of the best real estate training events in America.

Dean still does some real estate transactions every year, however, he spends more time on his education programs.

Personal Life

Dean Graziosi was married to his long-time girlfriend, Jonelle Ward, and had two children before their divorce; Breana born in 2006, and Brody born in 2008.

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There was no stated reason for the divorce. And in August 2019, Dean tied the knot with Lisa Palacious, an entrepreneur, founder of Extension Bar (which offers custom hair extensions).

Their marriage is blessed with a baby boy (Luca), in march 2020.

Dean Graziosi’s Journey To Building His Wealth & Net Worth

It’s certain that the majority of Dean Graziosi’s wealth came from real estate and infomercials. 

Revealing in an interview with Lewis Howes; how one of his infomercials made him 150 million in sales, it’s certain this has been a big player in building his wealth.

However, aside from all these, Dean Graziosi has been heavily involved in online education since the early 2000s.

He started with his first training program which he did for several years before now publishing his first book which became a success.

In this section, I’ll be breaking the different ways Dean Graziosi makes money and how he has been able to amass his $45 million net worth.

1. Real Estate

To begin with, aside from the cars Dean Graziosi flipped, real estate was the major source of his wealth.

He got his first real estate deal thanks to his social studies teacher who referred him to some leads that have houses that were not selling.

Mrs. Laprezzti was the lead that led to his first sale. With no money down, Dean paid $2500 monthly for a period of three years to her.

At the end of the three years, he renovated the house and rented it for $4200. Later on, he sold the apartment.

That was his entry into the real estate industry. He has gone ahead to do many more deals.

Besides, Dean Graziosi personally does hundreds of real estate deals every year despite his other business ventures.

And as at the time of writing, Dean Graziosi has over 380 housing units averaging a total monthly revenue of $400,000 from his real estate properties.

And in his interview with Nathan Latka, Dean Graziosi revealed that the market value of his 380 housing units is around $20 million.

2. Infomercials

After his series of investments in real estate properties, Dean Graziosi started producing infomercials in 1998.

His first infomercial was aired on TV in 1999. And Dean did not miss a day in appearing on TV for 17 years straight on.

And just like you guessed, it was profitable for him. Infomercials as you know don’t make money on their own but are done to promote other products.

Dean Graziosi did different infomercials for his real estate and his car flipping business. 

Motor Millions was the first infomercial company Dean Graziosi ran. Through his infomercials, he ran ads for people who wanted to sell their cars.

He also used his infomercial to promote his automobile auctioning system program that teaches people how to become a car dealer.

Already, he was doing well with his own car flipping business. Launching this informational product made it possible to build a bigger network of car dealers.

Dean made millions ($10 million in annual revenue) from his first infomercial (Motor Millions) and later sold it. 

After selling his first infomercial, Dean continued to receive monthly payments from the company.

He used the monthly payment to launch his real estate education business.

Besides, he also started his second infomercial “Think a Little Different”. Think a Little Different, was an infomercial for his real estate education business.

Although infomercials have been one of his major sources of wealth, Dean no longer hosts infomercials.

And most probably because he already has a solid brand that does not need an advert to make sales.

Here’s an infomercial he did some years back:

And this too:

3 Online Courses & Information Products

Both real estate and infomercials have been Dean’s major concentration for years, however, he had automated most of those processes.

His major concentration now is his online courses and informational products. Dean Graziosi hosts online courses and informational products on real estate investing.

Some of his courses include the Real Estate Profit for Home, Millionaire Success Habits, and many others.

The Real Estate Profit for Home is an old course that teaches the breakdown strategy of buying real estate properties with no money down.

Needless to say, online courses have been one of the major ways Dean Graziosi makes money.

Some of his other courses include The Set for Life Blueprint, Millionaire Success Habits, Real Estate Millionaire, and many others. 

Together with his business partner Tony Robbins he also runs with their flagship online course called Knowledge Broker Blueprint, which is really good.

5. Masterminds & Membership Sites

As a full-time educationist, Dean Graziosi has also created a handful of masterminds and membership sites.

To be candid, he has a good number of them and it was a bit difficult tracking all of his mastermind and membership sites.

And that is because he gives some of his masterminds or membership sites away as a bonus to other courses.

However, below are some of the masterminds we found active:

  • Dean Graziosi’s Inner Circle
  • Underground Millionaire Mastermind

And some of his active membership sites include:

  • Millionaire Success Habits
  • Real Estate Millionaire

6. Books & Publications

As said earlier on, Dean Graziosi has published a number of books among which some have been listed on the New York Bestseller list.

Publishing his first book (Totally Fulfilled) in 2006, the book rose quite fast to become a New York bestseller.

His second book, Be a Real Estate Millionaire, was published in 2007, and also did well making it to the list of New York Bestseller, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and Amazon.

Profit from Real Estate Right Now was Dean Graziosi’s third published book. Just like you figured, it did quite well also.

Later on, he also published other books on real estate; “Your Town Your Profits” and “30 Days To Real Estate Cash”.

Besides his real estate books, Dean Graziosi published two business books; “Millionaire Success Habits and “The Underdog Advantage.

Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity
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His books have been the extension of his passion for educating others on the power of real estate and entrepreneurship.

But they’ve been a great add-up to his wealth as an educationist.

The Underdog Advantage - Rewrite Your Future By Turning Your Disadvantages Into Your Superpowers
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7. Speaking

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Dean Graziosi is a world-renowned and sought-after speaker in the real estate and business world.

With his brand, Dean has built a loyal audience and fans that are thrilled at seeing him present live. 

Besides, Dean Graziosi has hosted several live events that have led to huge sales of his courses and books.

Although there’s no data on the amount he has made via his speaking gigs, speaking at live events has contributed greatly to the sales of his courses and brand.

8. Investing

On his personal website, Dean disclosed that he has started or has been involved in 13 companies.

Involved in this context means investment. Finding any of the companies he invested in was difficult.

Aside from Dean Enterprises LLC which was founded in 2002, finding others was nearly impossible.

Below is an attempt to list all his companies and investments:

  • Dean Enterprises LLC
  • JBB Enterprises LLC
  • And many others that are not net known.

The JBB Enterprises is Dean’s company that handles his real estate properties, while the Dean Enterprises handles the production of his online courses and infomercials.

Dean Graziosi Courses & Programs

Dean Graziosi has a lot of online courses to get you started with real estate and investment.

As said earlier, listing all Dean’s courses and programs might not be possible because some of them are no longer active.

However, here are some of the best (he has a lot) courses and programs he offers:

Knowledge Broker Blueprint

Dean Graziosi Net Worth - Knowledge Broker Blueprint
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Known as KBB, Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a long-awaited course created by Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, and Russel Brunson.

This course is a little different from Dean’s other courses. It focuses on helping you tap into the education industry successfully.

Who Is This Course For?

Knowledge Broker Blueprint is meant for online creators, tutors, and entrepreneurs willing to share their knowledge with others.

This course shows you a blueprint on how to start your own knowledge-based business by leveraging what you already know.

What’s Included in KBB?

KBB isn’t just a long-awaited course, it is a course taught by three marketing experts. Russel Brunson is known as an expert in funnel hacking and he’s also the co-founder of ClickFunnels.

Tony Robbins is a famous and most sought-after motivational speaker. Having a net worth of $600 million, Tony Robbins generated a huge percentage of his wealth from his knowledge-based business.

Lastly, Dean Graziosi has also had a huge share of success with his knowledge-based business. He has average sales in multiple hundreds.

That’s the selling point of the course. And beyond the faces attached to the course, here are some of the things you’ll learn in the course:

  • Finding a lucrative area of expertise
  • Setting up and promoting your event to the right audience
  • How to run a successful event
  • How to organize events while experts do the teaching.

Besides, signing up for KBB also comes with other bonuses which include Dean’s Inner Circle, 1 free year of the MindShift Software, Private KBB Facebook group, KBB workbook, and many other bonuses to enjoy.

How Much is KBB?

KBB is sold for a one-time payment of $1997 or a 4 times payment of $597 totaling $2388.

Is It Worth It?

To be candid, the course is expensive. But it wouldn’t be if you’re ready to implement everything in the course on your own business.

To your best interest, I did a detailed review of Knowledge Broker Blueprint to help you make the best decision.

So you could check it out and make your decision.

Navid's Pick
Knowledge Broker Blueprint
1 Payment of $1790 or 6 Payments of $397

The Knowledge Business Blueprint by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, is a premium online course that shows you how to start your own knowledge-based business through masterminds, workshops and membership groups (online or in-person).

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Dean Graziosi’s Inner Circle

Dean Graziosi Net Worth - Dean Graziosi Inner Circle
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Inner Circle is one of Dean’s coaching program. Instead of a time-framed program, Inner Circle is a subscription program that gives you direct access to Dean.

Signing up for this program will give you access to monthly live training with Dean. You’ll get to learn the success habits and also get monthly live training with Dean on how to hack the next level.

This is a personal development course to help you achieve your goals.

Below are the things included in the program:

  • Live monthly training with Dean
  • Persuasion Mastery
  • Powerful Productivity Secrets
  • Hacking Fear

Alongside $1400 worth of bonuses:

  • Abundance Mastery
  • Best year ever training
  • Millionaire success software
  • I know I’m Successful When
  • Fast-action bonus

How Much Does the Inner Circle Costs?

Dean’s Inner Circle costs $297 per year. 

Real Estate Profit from Home

This is one of Dean’s earliest courses that he launched after hacking the secrets of successful real estate business.

Dean Graziosi shares the systems and strategies he used to find awesome properties and also acquire them with no money down.

Not just mere guesses, this is a system that Dean has used to grow his real estate empire to 380 housing units.

And not just him, a lot of his students have also recorded inspiring results by implementing the strategies taught in this course.

The course costs $497.

Dean Graziosi Journals

Dean Graziosi Net Worth - Dean Graziosi Journals
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Dean Journals isn’t another course, it’s a journal. Dean Graziosi disclosed that the ability to keep a journal has been a key to his success.

I’ve religiously been using a journal for over 25 years and I have no doubt it has been a truly unfair advantage to reducing the complexity life throws at us, prioritizing my thoughts and creating a culture of achievement

And it was in that view that he created The Better Life Journal. These journals are sold at $15.

Dean Graziosi Books: The Best Selling Author

It’s true Dean is a best-selling author, two of his books made it to the list of New York Times Bestsellers.

And as at the time of writing, Dean Graziosi has published seven (7) books.

Here are his books:

1. Totally Fulfilled

Dean Graziosi Net Worth - Dean Graziosi Totaly Fulfilled Book
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This is Dean’s first book. Published in 2006 by Vanguard Press, the book rose to the list of New York Times Best-selling book.

In Totally Fulfilled, Dean discussed the secrets of becoming more happy, healthy, and wealthy.

2. Be a Real Estate Millionaire

Dean Graziosi Net Worth - Dean Graziosi Be a Real State Millionaire Book
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This is Dean’s second book. Also published by Vanguard Press in 2007.

Be a Real Estate Millionaire was a hit and also rose to the list of New York Times Bestsellers, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and Amazon.

In this book, Dean shares his strategies for finding lucrative real estate deals.

Most especially, you’ll learn how to buy apartments with no money down in the book.

3. Profit from Real Estate Right Now!

Ever since it has been published, this book remains one of the best real estate books to read.

Although it was published in 2008, most of the information remains relevant to today’s changing real estate industry.

In the book, he shares relevant strategies in profiting from real estate without prior knowledge of the industry.

Aside from this book, Dean Graziosi also published two other real estate books which are; “Your Town Your Profits” and “30 Days To Real Estate Cash”.

Both books also cover similar things on how to make money from real estate.

4. Millionaire Success Habits

Dean Graziosi Net Worth - Dean Graziosi Millionaire Success Habits Book
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Millionaires Success Habits is a different book. 

Not another real estate book, Dean teaches how to change your life by incorporating some millionaire habits.

Millionaire Success Habits is your gateway to wealth and success.

This book teaches the laws of attraction and persuasion, the foundation of success, happiness hacks, and achieving your goals.

Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity
Buy from Amazon
I earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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5. Underdog Advantage

Dean Graziosi Net Worth - Dean Graziosi The Underdog Advantage Book