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With average attendance rates ranging from 35-45%, statistics and studies show that webinars offer potential for significant revenue gains and for building relationships that generate leads and conversions. In this WebinarJam review, we want to figure out if the WebinarJam software supports your efforts to increase conversions and make significant returns like those studies mentioned.

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Around 36% of marketers state that webinars are effective in creating leads that eventually convert to sales.

Conversion rates by marketing channel
Source: Marketing Charts

Therefore, we’re interested in figuring out if WebinarJam lives up to that potential. Does it make it easy for marketers to capture leads and sell offerings within the webinar? Is it affordable enough so as not to minimize profits?

Keep reading as we explain who should consider WebinarJam and which features stand out the most.

Who Should Consider WebinarJam?

WebinarJam makes sense for those who crave high-resolution online video calls and webinars. It focuses on presenting your content, whether that’s a PowerPoint, images, or video, with perfect resolution, instead of having to worry about whether your viewers can read a statistic or see the expression on your face. It also works on all devices, and supports up to 5,000 attendees and 6 presenters. That makes it an excellent webinar tool for large online events, training seminars, and online courses where you know the users may end up on a mobile device.

Overall, WebinarJam looks like a winner for any organization that wants to expand its content creation outside of blog posts, infographics, and video content.

Webinars are often considered one of the most valuable content offerings by B2B buyers, so we like WebinarJam for those types of situations, especially to create uninterrupted webinars with flexible scheduling, replays, and intuitive communication tools.

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