Deadline Funnel Review: Pros, Cons & 30-Day Free Trial (2022)

by Navid Moazzez
Updated February 1, 2022

This is my ultimate Deadline Funnel review. At the beginning of this review you’ll find some quick information to figure out if Deadline Funnel is right…

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This is my ultimate Deadline Funnel review.

At the beginning of this review you’ll find some quick information to figure out if Deadline Funnel is right for you.

And YES, I highly recommend you give Deadline Funnel a try if you want to discover the impact that evergreen sales countdowns can have on your ROI. 

I wrote this ultimate Deadline Funnel review and guide to help you understand how it works and to see the exciting impact it can have on your online conversions and revenue.

Over the years I’ve tried several different tools for creating a sense of urgency to drive online sales. Deadline Funnel provides me and my team with a superior process for personalizing evergreen deadlines across all devices and pages. 

At the end of this review, you’ll have a chance to leave your opinion about this tool and any thoughts you have about this review, so stick around for that.

This is an in-depth ultimate Deadline Funnel review. You’ll find the table of contents below for easy navigation to the parts of the article that most interest you.

Let’s get the ball rolling!

What Is Deadline Funnel?

Deadline Funnel is an innovative piece of software that allows you to give each user a unique deadline for opting into your service.

What makes this so powerful?

Deadline Funnel lets you create a genuine sense of urgency with personalized deadlines to generate more sales and grow your business.

Scarcity is a digital marketer’s best friend!

Jack Born created Deadline Funnel to help people sell their products more effectively.

He abandoned his 9-5 job at Merrill Lynch in 2001 to start making functional software for internet entrepreneurs.

His first product, AW Pro Tool, became hugely popular within a year.

Jack’s latest creation is Deadline Funnel.

Not long ago, he wanted to create an automated evergreen marketing funnel but couldn’t find any software that suited his needs.

So…he put his coding skill back to work.

Viola! Deadline Funnel was born!

Deadline Funnel boosts sales revenue buy getting the most out of the leads you already have.

Some of the biggest names in marketing swear by Deadline Funnel to boosts sales, including Neil Patel (who used it for several virtual summits with great success), Amy Porterfield, James Wedmore and many more.

How Does Deadline Funnel Work?

Are you getting the best conversion rates possible from your email subscribers?

Having a ticking clock on your offer is one of the best ways to drive users to convert.

Deadline Funnel gives each user a unique deadline fingerprint.

The deadline fingerprint allows you to follow your prospects through each phase of the marketing funnel.

Use Deadline funnel to promote…

  • Product launches
  • Virtual summits
  • Webinars
  • Evergreen promotions
  • Special offers
  • And much more!

It works the same even if you use different software for your optin forms, order pages and sales pages.

You can even personalize follow-up emails with their own specific deadline date.

I used Deadline Funnel to get get 26,000 new email subscribers and 2,100 sales for my List Building School Summit.

Jack Born even interviewed about it:

Using Deadline Funnel’s personalized countdown timer, I gave visitors the opportunity to buy an all-access pass for only $67.

The catch?

The offer was only available to each user within the first 15 minutes of them navigating to the offer page.

After that the price jumped to $97.

If that same person navigated to the offer page 12 minutes later they’d have only 3 minutes left.

Tick tock, tick tock…

I was able to generate over 6-figures in sales before the summit even started thanks to Deadline Funnel.

It’s Easy to Get Started with Deadline Funnel

Set up your automated funnel fast with Deadline Funnel Quickstart.

Once you set up your campaign, just answer a series of questions and Deadline Funnel will do the rest (well…almost).

Deadline Funnel Review Easy Setup
  • Save

Deadline Funnel has some super helpful tutorial resources to guide you through installing the code on your landing page and and integrating with your email provider.

More on this later…

Why Deadline Funnel?

There’s nothing like a sense of urgency to drive people to take action.

Here are a few of the ways that you can use Deadline Funnel to create urgency:

  • Create product launch campaigns and evergreen campaigns.
  • Sync deadline timers across multiple pages in your funnel.
  • Add countdown timers to emails.
  • Track across devices.

When it comes to deadlines, timing is everything.

A one-time-fits-all deadline isn’t necessarily effective for all your leads.

Steph Gaudreau used the Virtual Summit Mastery program to gain 19,560 new email subscribers, over 600 paying customers, and generate over $50k in revenue with her first summit.  

It was a runaway success!

She was so pleased with the results that she decided to host The Women’s Strength Summit with the help of Deadline Funnel. 

She’s also using it now with her evergreen virtual events as part of her marketing strategy.

Deadline Funnel Virtual Summit Example
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Here’s what her funnel looked like in action:

Deadline Funnel Virtual Summit Example
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What was Life Like without Deadline Funnel?

Before the age of Deadline Funnel, you had to manually stop the countdown clock yourself.

Either that or hire a virtual assistant to dot it for you.


If the virtual assistant messes it up, you could lose the trust of your prospects by having a bogus countdown.

Nobody likes fake scarcity!

You don’t have to worry about that sort of thing anymore thanks to Deadline Funnel.

Is Deadline Funnel Right For Me?

Deadline Funnel can help anyone increase online sales. It doesn’t matter what type of product you sell.

As long as you do business online through a website or email list, you can leverage Deadline Funnel to urge customers to buy.

Yoga instructor Anna Kaivalya used this tool to 5x her growth in 5 months! 

She crushed it so hard that Ontraport awarded her with their “Ontrpreneur of the Year” award.

Author Nick Stephenson helps authors gain exposure and sell more books.

He experienced a 38% increase in sales after implementing Deadline Funnel into his marketing funnels. 

Deadline Funnel Is Right For You If:

  • You’d like to boost the conversions of an existing funnel.
  • You use a solution like ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign for automated marketing.
  • You want to create your first evergreen funnel.
  • You have a webinar you’d like to automate.
  • Turn visitors into email subscribers.
  • You sell online courses, physical products, subscriptions, memberships, digital products, ebooks or services.

Deadline Funnel Is NOT Right For You If:

  • You’ve already experienced a dramatic boost in revenue by implementing a similar countdown timer like Thrive Ultimatum and are happy with the results.
  • You don’t have a product or service to promote.

The Ultimate Deadline Funnel Review

Deadline Funnel is the most advanced software for creating personalized evergreen countdown timers and syncing them across all devices.

We’re about to explore all of its top features:

  • Evergreen funnel campaigns
  • Product launch campaigns
  • Integration with email service providers (ESPs)
  • Integration with Page Builders
  • Syncing across multiple pages
  • Tracking across all devices

My Personal Favorite Deadline Funnel Features

Deadline Funnel deeply integrates with all of the major email service providers and page builders.

They wanted to make sure nobody was left out of all the revenue-generating fun!

Some of my favorite features are Deadline Funnel’s ability to:

  • Sync their timers across multiple pages.
  • Track customers across all devices using IP addresses, cookies and email addresses.
  • Personalize sales copy based on how the customer navigated to your offer.

It’s time to put Deadline Funnel’s features under microscope.

Review Of Deadline Funnel Key Features & Benefits

The biggest concern that most first-time users have with a product like Deadline Funnel is how messy it will be to setup and optimize.

This in-depth demo of its features should put your worries at ease.

Deadline Funnel has an extensive Help Center full of step-by-step instructions and videos for literally every hurdle you might come across.

In this section of the review I show you how to get rolling with their core features.

Create Evergreen Funnel Campaigns

The most popular type of evergreen campaign is the “new subscriber discount.”

It goes something like this:

“Subscribe in the next eight hours and get 70% off your first month!”

“Evergreen” means that each lead gets their own countdown timer that starts when they first see the optin page.

You tell them that after eight hours the offer will no longer be available.

To effectively run an evergreen funnel, you need to stick to your guns when it comes to your deadline.

Deadline Funnel ensures that you do that.

You’d look like a fool if your “limited time offer” was still available the next day.

Here’s how to create an evergreen campaign in Deadline Funnel:

Go to “Create a new campaign” and click on the big, green “Evergreen” box.

Deadline Funnel Review Evergreen Campaign
  • Save

Choose what action will trigger the deadline to start.

Deadline Funnel Review Evergreen
  • Save

Finishing filling out the details of your campaign, including…

  1. The name of your countdown.
  2. When the countdown will expire.
  3. The URL of the sales page.
  4. The URL that people will be directed to if they miss the deadline.

Click the blue “Save and go to last step” button.

Deadline Funnel Review Evergreen
  • Save

Copy your tracking code and add it to the pages that will be tracked. Then hit the “Finish” button!

Notice in the image below that you have the option to skip the step of copying the code. If you do this, make sure to come back and take care of it before you complete your funnel. 

Deadline Funnel Review Evergreen
  • Save

Create Product Launch Campaigns

Sometimes a fixed product launch campaign is all you need.

Deadline Funnel can take care of that too.

When you have a scheduled product release date everyone has the same countdown.

You can always ignite the scarcity for new buyers later on with recurring evergreen campaigns.

For now, a classic deadline campaign may be perfect for what you’re doing.

Here’s how to set up a product launch campaign:

From your dashboard, click on the “Create a new campaign” button. Then select the big, blue “Product Launch box” to start building your product launch campaign.

Deadline Funnel Review Product Launch Deadline
  • Save

Add in the primary details of your campaign:

  1. Name your countdown.
  2. Give your countdown and expiration date.
  3. Put in the URL of your sales page.
  4. Select which landing page builder you use.
  5. What email provider do you use?
  6. Select the type of product you’re promoting.

Click the “Save & got to last step” button.

Deadline Funnel Review Product Launch Deadline
  • Save

Install the Deadline Funnel script in your website by copying and pasting the code into the header section of your website and click “Finish.”

Deadline Funnel Review Product Launch
  • Save

Your funnel will pre-populate based on the information you submitted earlier. Congrats! Your fixed calendar countdown is complete.

Deadline Funnel Review Product Launch
  • Save

To test your product launch deadline, temporarily set the deadline to a date in the past. Visit the “before” URL and make sure that it redirects to the correct page.

Easy Integration with Email Service Providers

Deadline Funnel integrates with a bunch of the biggest email service providers (It’s one of its strong suites).

Easily link with…

If your email provider isn’t covered by the integrations listed above, you’ll still be able to make it work by adding the Deadline Funnel tracking code to your optin page.

How To Integrate With ConvertKit

The easiest way to integrate Deadline Funnel with ConvertKit is through API integration.

Before you’re ready for API integration, you’ll need to do two things:

  1. Create the deadline funnel you want to use.
  2. Create the tag in ConvertKit that will trigger your webhook.

Here’s a quick video on how to connect ConvertKit with API integration:

Click on the “API Integrations” button on the left sidebar.

Deadline Funnel Review ConvertKit integration
  • Save

Name your funnel and input the API Key and the API Secret provided by ConvertKit.

You’ll find them in ConvertKit by going to the “Account” button in the top right corner of your ConvertKit dashboard and clicking on “Account Settings.”

Deadline Funnel Review ConvertKit integration
  • Save

Copy and paste the API key and API Secret into the appropriate boxes in Deadline Funnel.

Deadline Funnel Review ConvertKit integration
  • Save

Now you’re ready to setup the webhook for ConvertKit using the tag you already created in ConvertKit.

In the first dropdown box, select the name of the tag you created in ConvertKit that will trigger the deadline.

Deadline Funnel Review ConvertKit integration
  • Save

In the second dropdown box, select a custom field that you’ve already created or create a new one. You can always change this later. Then click “Create New Webhook.”

Deadline Funnel Review ConvertKit integration
  • Save

You’ll get a notification that looks like this:

Deadline Funnel Review ConvertKit integration
  • Save

Click to see the rule in ConvertKit that will trigger the deadline.

When the tag is applied to a subscriber, this rule will trigger the webhook.

So far you’ve…

  1. Created the webhook


  1. Created the rule that will trigger the webhook.

Now you just have to create the rule in ConvertKit that will attach all this stuff to a unique subscriber based on certain actions they take.

Set up this rule in ConvertKit by navigating to “Automations” in the main menu and the selecting “Rules” in the sub-menu.

Deadline Funnel Review ConvertKit integration
  • Save

Click “+ Add Rule”

Deadline Funnel Review ConvertKit integration