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First of all, thank you for your interest in connecting with me. It means everything to me, which is why I love hearing from people like you.

Each week I get a mountain of email. I love it and personally read every message. That said, me and my team try to respond to all of them, but sometimes it isn’t feasible due to the volume of emails I receive these days.

To make it even easier for you, here are 9 things to keep in mind before you use the form below.


Be Specific

I get a lot of email. Please keep your email short and specific.

Note: I’m much more likely to respond if you’re on my email list. You can grab my FREE Virtual Summit Mastery Cheat Sheet PDF here.


Customer Support

If you’re looking for customer support for one of my training programs, courses or virtual summits, the best (easiest) and fastest way to reach out to our customer support team is here:

You can learn more my trainings and programs here.

We are a team of lifestyle entrepreneurs and although we try our absolute best to respond to customer service requests within 24-48 hours, we do value time off on nights and weekends (so please keep that in mind).



If you’re a follower and supporter of my work and you’d love to share your inspiring story with me, please email me using the form below. Try to be concise, and specific. I’ll ask for more detail if needed.


“Can you quick do _ for me?”

I turn down 99% of consulting requests.

I only bring on a client every once in a while to support them in taking their online business to the next level. One of my most successful students had a low 6-figure business when we started working together, and now he has a multi-million dollar online education empire after hosting two very profitable virtual summits. I charge a premium for consulting like this, and considering my track record the price goes up for each client.

I only work with people I believe have what it takes, so you need to show me how committed you are (it’s not enough for me that you can pay me a good 5-figure amount – I only work with people I know I can get RESULTS).

If you want to be mentored/coached by me but you aren’t ready for that YET… then considering joining one of my premium training programs, like Virtual Summit Mastery.


Media, Press, Interviews

All major media outlets, please reach out here and we will get back to you about moving forward ASAP. Thanks for your ongoing support.

For more information, check out my media page here.

Note about virtual summit interview requests: Unless you are a Virtual Summit Mastery student, I’m not interested to be a guest speaker at any summits at this point. Why you may ask? Because I get so many interview requests for summits, and most of them are very crappy (both the outreach and the summit itself). I also prefer that the summits I speak at use the VSM Method, and that they are students in my program. I make exceptions for bigger summits where I get really good exposure like Teachable’s annual summit because it’s run in a very professional way and I get exposure from it too.

Note about other interview requests: I love doing interviews as it means my message is resonating with more people. If you’re a brand new podcast, I’d recommend you get at least a few episodes live first before you reach out. Then come back to me and I’m sure we can make it happen (if it works with my schedule). That said, if you’d like to have me on your show send me the details below and we’ll see if it’s a fit. Currently I get more requests that I can handle but I try and fit as many in as possible as long as your show is in alignment with what I stand for. If you are requesting to be on my “old” podcast show, The Lifestyle Architects, I’m not looking for any more guests right now. That said, I do regularly do interviews for my own YouTube channel and virtual events, as well as a new podcast coming soon. 


Guesting Posting on

The standard answer if you reach out for a guest post is NO.

If you can write the BEST guide on a particular topic (4,000-5,000 words minimum), then reach out to me with a really good pitch. If you don’t know how to pitch me for a guest post Google “Ramit Sethi Guest Post” to learn how to write an effective guest post pitch.



If you’d like me to speak at your event, workshop or mastermind etc., get in touch and we’ll talk more.

Keep your message VERY short and to the point. I’ll ask for more if I want backstory with anything else.


Product Reviews or Advertisement

I’m NOT currently looking to do any product reviews, join ad networks, or sell advertisements on this site. Thanks for your interest… and please don’t bother reaching out. Your email will not reach me anyway, and you waste your time.

Plus, I only promote and review products I can stand behind 100% and that I have some experience and results with myself (that's the reviews you can find over on my blog).

Check out my most recommended resources and tools here.


Content & Legal Stuff

Can I use your email content/blog posts/podcast episodes/webinars etc on my own site?

No, you may not reprint or republish any of my content without my written permission. Except where otherwise specified, all content is exclusive copyright of Navid Media Ltd and all rights are reserved.

Taking content without permission is not a very good thing to do – and it’s a really bad way to build a business and you certainly don’t build a relationship with me.

You can do much better — work hard like I did, and you’ll eventually get results if you don’t give up along the way. I believe in you, and we’re here to support you with valuable resources to help you start and grow your online business faster.

Can I translate your work into another language?

No, at this point I don’t have time for such a project, and I’m not interested. Please do not publish translations of my work without my written consent.

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