This is an in-depth ClickFunnels Platinum review. 

Keep reading as I walk you through the plan, what it’s about, the benefits, how you can use the upgraded tools to grow your leads and sales.

But first, let’s briefly discuss what went down… 

Russell Brunson and his product team didn’t just mark ClickFunnels’ 5th-year birthday celebration.

I’m sure you want to know what Russell said…

Well, first, he announced that ClickFunnels had chosen to refocus back on the basics of becoming the best sales funnel tool out there. The most popular and easy-to-use funnel builder in the marketplace.

Before this announcement, Russell kind of diversified and attempted to compete with other third-party lead generation and marketing automation tools. He launched another software inside ClickFunnels known as “Actionetics.”

Rather than focusing on the primary goal of creating the best sales funnel tool, Russell delved into other services like chatbots, desktop alerts, email autoresponders, and so on. 

The good news is that Russell has owned up to this “mistake”. He’s committed now more than ever to make ClickFunnels even better and more powerful. There’s no need trying to focus on things outside of the spectrum.

Russell announced that some existing features, namely Actionetics and Actionetics MD were being “sunsetted” (Actionetics is now called Follow-up Funnels which will be part of the new direction as well).  

But existing users on the Etison Suite plan don’t have to fret about this change. They’ll still have unlimited access to their accounts via the ClickFunnels Platinum plan. But new users can no longer access it.

What Is ClickFunnels Platinum?

ClickFunnels Platinum
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ClickFunnels Platinum is the rebranded version of the existing Etison suite plan which costs $297/month.

That means if you’re an existing Etison Suite user, you’ll now be able to access your account on the Platinum plan and enjoy all of the benefits that inspired you to upgrade to the Etison Suite plan.

I’m talking about being able to create unlimited funnels, access to advanced funnel tools, and a lot more.

You can still retain full access to Actionetics, even though the name has been rebranded to Follow-up Funnels.

And Backpack affiliate management is still included as usual and will be supported moving forward as well.

ClickFunnels Platinum comes with 3 exciting new benefits:

  • Daily Virtual Hackathons
  • FunnelFlix
  • The Funnel Hacker Forum

Note: We’ll go deeper into these benefits later when we unveil what’s included inside ClickFunnels Platinum.

CF Platinum Review: An In-Depth Look Inside

The truth be told, ClickFunnels Platinum offers tremendous benefits and pretty awesome features.

Let’s dive in and explore what you stand to gain.

The Funnel Hacker Forum

It’s amazing to know that the ClickFunnels Official FB group is now an active community of more than 220,000 members.

ClickFunnels Platinum - Facebook Group
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This is surprising because there are just a little over 100,000 paying ClickFunnels users.

So it’s obvious that most of the members aren’t paying or even using ClickFunnels. They’re just engaging with other members in the Facebook group — which isn’t a bad thing.

To serve paying customers better, Russell created a new forum called “The Funnel Hacker Forum” to engage and answer customers’ questions. You’ll find this forum as part of the 4th tab inside Funnel Flix.

Daily Virtual Hack-A-Thon

The Daily Virtual Hackathons is a brainchild of Russell’s high-end 2 Comma Club X training program.

It comprises hands-on virtual training where you learn the process of building specific types of funnels, to get your own funnel created, designed, and ready to launch. 

You’ll have access to 11 core sales funnels, where each virtual hackathon will revolve around a single type of funnel.

Some of the funnels include:


The idea is to create the Netflix of business training videos. Once you gain access to the member area, you can stream everything from the FunnelFlix site.

You can find FunnelFlix live inside of the CF dashboard, but it actually has its own official URL at

Once you’re logged in, there are 4 different tabs.

Look closely and you’ll see the 3rd tab, which reads “ClickFunnels Collective.”

ClickFunnels Platinum - ClickFunnels Collective Plan
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You’ll have access to a ton of training inside of FunnelFlix.

CF standard plan users can even take a peek at the FunnelFlix library of training and enjoy some of them.

They can jump on the Funnel Builder Secrets, which is awesome training!

But the CF Platinum plan opens the floodgates to the training library. Nothing is held back for users!

Standard Plan Trainings

  • 30 Days Summit Challenge
  • Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Operation Toussaint
  • Funnel Hacking Live
  • 10X Documentary
  • Funnel Builder Secrets
  • John Reese’s Money Mindset Training
  • Tony Robbins Private Collection
  • AdSkills by Justin Brooks
  • Product Secrets

CF Platinum Plan Trainings

1. One Funnel Away Challenge

This 30 Days Of Coaching is worth $1,997 in value but you get it for free with the ClickFunnels Platinum plan.

So what’s it about? 

One Funnel Away (OFA) Challenge is designed to enhance your mastery of funnels. You’ll be able to create your first sales funnel when you actively participate.

ClickFunnels Platinum - One Funnel Away Challenge
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OFA trains your mind for success, guides you on how to develop amazing sales offers and fine-tune them to your ideal customers.

You can engage fellow #funnelhackers in an individual (private) Facebook group, so that you can feel inspired to stick to the challenge.  

2. Funnel University

Russell Brunson shares everything he’s learned building businesses all over the United States in the Funnel University. It’s an experiential university that will leave improve your life and business.

Russell is the bestselling author of DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Traffic Secrets and the founder of ClickFunnels, so you can see that he walks the talk. He’s been in the trenches long enough to know what works and what falls flat. 

To help entrepreneurs develop a thick skin and weather any storm, Russell decided to expand his theories based on the success stories that gave birth to the DotCom Secrets — you can find everything inside Funnel University.

Funnel University is exactly what it says: It’s for entrepreneurs and small businesses that want to make a lot of money and impact.

So, what’s inside FunnelU, as it’s often called?

With Funnel University, you gain full access to all available course materials, which allows you to save big — since a third of all the courses you’ll find in Funnel University would cost up to 20X more than the monthly enrollment fee if they were individually priced and sold. 

You’ll find all kinds of training materials on FunnelU. So you’re flexible on what formats you’d want to learn with:

  • Video courses
  • PDFs
  • Audiobooks
  • Interviews
  • Webinars on a weekly basis
  • And much more

To further streamline the training experience of the students, Funnel University provides two awesome learning items at no extra cost, provided you can pay for the shipping charges:

  • The Funnel Stacking Book
  • The Funnel University Digital Pass Card.

4. 10X Secrets

ClickFunnels Platinum - 10X Secrets
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Russell himself always recommends 10X Secrets Masterclass. It’s an intensive training which is recommended to entrepreneurs who want to scale into the 7 and 8 figure income levels.

It’s not for everyone, I accept.

You’ll be required to do a lot of work during the training. This is where Russell Brunson shows the exact process of creating an irresistible offer, how to close like a pro and generate dramatic record sales from your live presentation.

As a bonus, you’re also given 16 of Russell’s most successful webinars. You just have to swipe and deploy to start generating traction, income, and influence. 

5. Traffic Secrets

Traffic Secrets is regarded as the Mother of All Traffic training. If you’ve been struggling to master cold traffic, this is your opportunity.

It’s a high-level traffic mastery program designed with you in mind. It’s created originally by John Reese. However, Russell bought the complete rights.

6. John Reese’s Outsource Force

As your business grows, you might be interested in hiring virtual assistants and outside help. Isn’t it the only proven way to grow, scale, and expand?

Online entrepreneurs agree that it is!

Through this program, you’ll uncover the secrets of investing in talented people the right way so that your business can grow faster.

7. Jay Abraham – The Anthology 

ClickFunnels Platinum - Jay Abraham
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Where are the hidden assets and profits in your business? How do you hack into this vault to finally break out? That’s where Jay Abraham’s “The Anthology” comes in. 

You can trust Jay for strategy, innovation, marketing, performance, and management. Whenever he’s out with a product, pay attention. 

8. The Warrior’s Way Doctrine

It’s not enough to build businesses, you also need to take control of your relationships, money, health, and mental state.

In the Warrior’s Way Doctrine, you’re going to be learning from Garrett J. White. He’ll guide you through the 4 pillars (The Foundation, The Code, The Stack, and The Core) to set you free from the mentality of scarcity, give you a stellar belief system — so that you can experience abundance.

Funnel Hackathon

This 3 day live recorded training will have you rolling up your sleeves for over-the-shoulder instruction with Russell himself to create your mass movement of raving fans and deliver your message to your audience.

This ain’t just watching…you’ll be DOING. Do what Russell shows you, step by step..and sell like crazy!

There are also several trainings and courses coming soon (at the time of writing this review):

  • YouTube Traffic Secrets
  • Course Secrets
  • OfferMind
  • High Ticket Secrets
  • Funnel Agency Secrets
  • And many more!

The Collective Trainings

Agora Financial Copywriting

You can learn sales copywriting from Agora Publishing, an organization that has generated $1 Billion in sales each year selling financial newsletters. Take this course if you want to create a ‘really’ big business.

Note: If you need even more help with writing high-converting copy, then Funnel Scripts can help you with that (it’s unfortunately not included in CF Platinum Plan, but it can be purchased separately).

Agora Financial Media Buying

Learn firsthand how to write converting ads, reporting, campaigns, research, execution, and scaling to grow your business.

Unlimited Funnels & Pages

ClickFunnels Standard Plan allows you to create 20 sales funnels with a maximum of 100 landing pages. If you’re a new entrepreneur (and you don’t need the extra features of the Platinum Plan), this is probably okay for you.

If your business is scaling quickly, you might get ClickFunnels Platinum plan to keep up with the unlimited capabilities it offers.

The good part of ClickFunnels Platinum plan is the ability to share funnels with your team members. 

These people can even use your customized funnels. So if you ever want to share funnels or collaborate with your team on this matter, it’s the Platinum that should work for you. 

Follow-Up Funnels

Follow-up Funnels is simply the previous email autoresponder named Actionetics.  

With the Platinum plan, there’s no need to invest in any third-party email autoresponders to keep in touch with your subscribers.

It’s quite easy to set up compared to other email autoresponders — since it’s integrated with your ClickFunnels Platinum account.

Following up with subscribers is important. And when you can automate the process, that’s even better. That’s exactly why you need Follow-up Funnels.

ClickFunnels Platinum - Follow-up Funnels
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Here are some of the common questions that people are asking before they buy or upgrade to ClickFunnels Platinum:

ClickFunnels Platinum is the upgraded monthly plan of $297 that comes with amazing features of FunnelFlix collections and other advanced features. 

Virtual Hackathons are daily live streams where you have the opportunity to learn the step-by-step process of building different types of funnels. 

A live coach will be available to answer questions and lead you through each step, from start to finish, so you can launch your funnel. This is a great feature that’s only available in the Platinum package.

This is an insider forum exclusively for all CF users, where they can share thoughts, contribute to threads, ask questions, and learn about topics such as lead generation, funnel building, copy, traffic, sales products technical stuff, and so on. With the Platinum Plan you do get VIP access though.

My Exclusive ClickFunnels Platinum Bonuses

Below you’ll find all the details about my bonus experience you’ll get when you sign up for CF Platinum Plan via my affiliate link.

My special CF Platinum Plan bonuses to be announced soon.

Review Summary: Is CF Platinum Plan Worth It?

I hope you enjoyed this ClickFunnels Platinum review.

I’ve been a paying user of CF Etison Suite Plan for many years, and I think this new announcement was a big step in the right direction for the software and platform as a whole.

Now the focus is to be the be the absolute best sales funnel tool out there, and nothing else…. not trying to compete with email marketing services and other things like that anymore.

I don’t personally use Backpack or Actionetics, so even if they remove that completely, I wouldn’t mind too much. Backpack affiliate system will still be supported (for now), and Actionetics is from now on called Follow-up Funnels, which you’ll get access to if you decide to become a CF Platinum user.

And not only that, Russell and his team are providing some amazing training with the new FunneFlix and other resources you get when you come a Platinum user.

I don’t think any other software out there that provides so much awesome education to its members…

I’m super excited to dive in and go through some new trainings I haven’t checked out yet…. I’ve heard that there’s a lot of amazing stuff to come.

Do you think ClickFunnels Platinum package is worth it for your business? Do you have questions that I didn’t answer? Feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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