In this episode of The Lifestyle Architects, I’m excited to have affiliate marketing superstar, Charles Ngo on the show.

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Charles Ng an internet marketer from Atlanta, Georgia. He’s been in the internet marketing industry since 2007. Through relentless hard work, he has been able to earn millions of dollars in profit in internet marketing, which also allowed him to design a lifestyle of freedom and constant travel.

In this interview, Charles and I, cover many interesting topics, such as mastery, wealth, premium positioning and personal branding. Charles also shares his productivity secrets and goal setting system which is absolutely gold, you don’t want to miss this.

I’ve followed his very successful blog for a while since we have many mutual friends, and I must say that it’s one of my favorite blogs online. It’s very actionable, even if you’re not interested in affiliate marketing. I highly recommend that you check it out, but first take your time to listen or watch this episode with Charles Ngo, and be sure to take some notes. Charles drops so much of his knowledge in this interview!

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Interview With Charles Ngo

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Charles Ngo’s story and what made him successful at a very young age
  • Common traits of high performers and successful people
  • System based goal setting
  • How to get over the fear of failure
  • How to focus, and strategies for getting more work done in less time – productivity tips
  • How to master and learn new skills efficiently
  • The importance of having a morning routine
  • How to position yourself as an expert in your field (to charge premium prices)
  • Charles take on personal branding
  • The power of building your team
  • Most impactful books Charles read 
  • Favorite tools and resources
  • How Charles has designed his life and great tips for how you can do the same
  • And much, much, more!

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Where To Find More About Charles

Other Relevant Resources Mentioned

Best Tools Charles Recommends

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Now It’s Your Turn!

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Thanks so much for checking out this interview with Charles Ngo, I appreciate YOU!

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