In this episode of The Lifestyle Architects, I’m excited to have the sports psychology consultant for professional and olympic athletes, Todd Herman on the show to talk more about how to build a champions mindset and change your life.

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Todd Herman is the founder of The Peak Athlete, a global training company and he has been the mental game coach to professional and olympic athletes for many years. Todd helps athletes boost their performance and improve their confidence so they can achieve their goals.

Through The Peak Athlete and The Champions Challenge, Todd has helped over 12,383 athletes from 31 countries and 59 different sports earn scholarships, make professional teams, win gold medals and break records using the secrets of the mental game. How?  By simply removing the mental blocks that prevent your talent and skills from being executed.

In this very powerful and interesting conversation, Todd and I, talk more about building a champions mindset and change your life so you can achieve anything you want, both in business and life.

Interview With Todd Herman

(Click the play button and watch the video interview above)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Todd’s story and why he is very passionate about peak performance
  • Discover techniques you can use to build a champions mindset and achieve your biggest most audacious dreams
  • Common threads of high performing people, whether it’s in business, sports or life in general
  • How to achieve your highest potential in business and life
  • Todd’s powerful goalsetting technique
  • How to get into the zone and flow state (where we almost loose track of time)
  • How to develop laser focus and concentration
  • How to get over fear and what are some ways to conquer it
  • Things you can do today to build more confidence
  • How to develop mental toughness
  • How to create positive habits and make them stick
  • How to work through a tragedy and keep up your own performance at the same time… the art of turning adversity to your advantage
  • How to master and learn new skills quickly
  • And much much more…

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Where To Find More About Todd

Other Relevant Resources Mentioned

Now It’s Your Turn!

What action steps will you take TODAY to build a champions mindset and change your life? Please share freely in the comments section below!

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Thanks so much for checking out this interview with Todd Herman, I appreciate YOU!

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  1. Hey Navid and Todd,
    what an amazing interview!

    I love your 90-day challenge concept to get results, I’m working in similar systems and it works quite well. It’s just like you said, once we can see the goal on the horizon, it’s easier to become and stay focused.

    When I started my entrepreneurial career I was exploring many many business concepts to find the right fit for me – and I still explore new business models from time to time. I find it important to look for open doors leading your way to success (however you define it).

    The action steps I’ll implement is focusing on my current business concept as web designer even more, upskill myself and create some kind of SaaS business for being able to scale.


    1. Navid Moazzez says:

      Hey Jan,

      Thanks a lot for taking the time to check out this interview. I know you’re very busy with your projects, so it means a lot!

      The 90-day challenge concept, is something I love personally as well, and you’ll be seeing a lot more this on the blog and my social media updates in the future for sure.

      As with anything in business and life, it takes time to find your “one thing” you should be focusing most of your efforts on, I know it took some time for me, and I’m constantly working on improving in this area. Right now I’m obviously focusing on my podcast quite a lot to build valuable relationships with people and provide valuable content to my audience of course, but I actually also started working on outlining my book on personal branding, which is a project I’m very passionate about.

      I can’t wait to hear more about your projects and new business ventures. Your’e doing great things my friend, keep up the awesome work!

      It’s about time we catch up soon, too 😉

      – Navid

      1. I also liked the idea of “30-Day Challenge” – that’s something I will be implementing for sure!

        Man, this interview was SO GOOD!

  2. Rodrigo Flamenco says:

    I loved the idea of having themes for every day! will definitely implement this system 😀

  3. Mikael Mortsjo says:

    This was a great episode! Thanks Navid and Todd! I´m studying to become an mental trainer and today i got a lot of great value from this talk. I also love the idea to have daily themes 🙂

  4. Ryan Biddulph says:

    As within so within Navid and Todd. Power share! Athletes more than anyone need to work on their minds to get their body in order, and we can embrace this lesson as entrepreneurs. Thanks!

  5. Hi Navid, HUGE THANKS for this incredible interview! I was so fortunate to listen to Todd at some big live event and was swept off my feet with his wisdom. I was hoping Todd had some course I could purchase to follow but it appears that he is more into personal coaching instead. So I was searching for his videos. Then I found this great interview on YouTube that you did with him. Actually, this interview with him that you did may actually be the very best interview with Todd that is publicly available! This whole interview is fantastic! HUGE THANKS!

    In this interview you, Navid, mention that you were afraid or something to start these interview series. I just want to say: don’t hesitate or doubt even for a second. Continue your awesome work!

    I’ll be checking out what else you have on your site! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  6. Sana N Choudary says:

    Hi Navid, I love this interview. This is my favorite interview of yours of all time. What made it spectacular for me was your sharp questions around best ways to deal with low confidence/self esteem, negative feedback from toxic people, and dealing with inner resistance and negativity. And way to pick a guest who not only answers the question but consistently turns the premise underlying the mindset on it’s head!

    Thank you!

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